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The evolution of Halloween costumes have made it the sexiest holiday of the year | Nightline

Yandy, a lingerie company, is the maker behind Sexy Bob Ross, Sexy Mr. Rogers and other viral Halloween costumes that experts say are fueled by social media.



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  1. They oversexualize themselves take responsibility🙄.

  2. Whores dress like whores and should be treated like whores 😎👍

  3. Don't you mean the sluttiest holiday of the year?

  4. Halloween satanic masonic shit…

  5. The Psych Profs need to learn a basic human/sales lesson: people aren't that smart, they don't need or want lots of options! Give 'em three, after that they get confused. This is what happens when biology meets ideology–people have to work to rectify them and everyone ends up unhappy.

  6. this holiday used to be fun

  7. “But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:36‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  8. #metoo right lol woman have become completely whores while claiming to be victims such a joke so sad for society

  9. All the woke people are saying that “fast fashion” is bad for the environment, but buying a stupid white claw skimp outfit that they will immediately throw away

  10. The evolution of THOTS did this.

  11. Exploiting women?
    Geez and I thought abc was a liberal media

  12. Making Harvey Weinsteins one at a time .

  13. This woman must be a whore at heart.

  14. It started from I wonder what's under that ? to know need to wonder.

  15. Tits n feet, all I wanna see

  16. Is that chick really an outlaw! If not I don’t appreciate her appropriating my culture.

    My culture is not your Halloween costume!

  17. According to liberals, a halloween costume is racist.

  18. Replace God with Satan and there you go.
    Big surprise everyone.

  19. Katelyn Jenner liked this video lol click like to un see

  20. Halloween is just a holiday for hoes to dress slutty 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Too fat in the us for that no ? Just saying…

  22. halloween is not a Holiday!!!

  23. Women now dress up as slutty nurses or slutty cops or slutty mr rogers or slutty firemen or slutty homeless people.Thats a whole bunch of sluts.I wonder is theres a slutty #( pound)metoo movement costume?

  24. Don't do my nigga Mr. Rogers like that, leave him out of this.

  25. I'm British. Halloween is just a stupid American tradition.

  26. Women don't know what Halloween is, is about spooky, groosome image, and gore, save the sexy look for valentine's please.

  27. Sfw costumes are usually self made high quality ones…or expensive.

  28. I don’t approve of the Sexy Mr. Rogers costume since Mr. Rogers was a promoter of love, kindness, tolerance, and empathy towards others, but I’m sure Mr. Rogers would have let this slide.

  29. I love Halloween, I love sex, I like sluts. Win win win.

  30. I was going to be my teacher, but a sexy one.

  31. Sexy? You mean slutty, these are the women men that will take you to court after good sex..

  32. A days for hoes to look like hoes without being judged

  33. Just an excuse to dress like a skank lol…

  34. Shame on you ABC for showing this smut. Some much for family broadcasting, would you want your little children watching this filth?

  35. "Fake News" that's fucking edgy.

  36. Moral depravity and the breaking away of god is what’s wrong with this country.

  37. I only see Hispanic kids wearing that shit.. no morals.

  38. I'm sure you're going to tell me why Halloween is racist and how Russia is somehow involved.

  39. 1972 Landmark decision gave women equal rights. 2019 women dressing like whores. And complaining about me too bullshit

  40. Men who cant get dates like hookers.

  41. So this is what's become of ALL Hall0ws Eve. And with this change, Another 0ld Paegan Rite is killed.

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