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“The Fat Doctor” Says Weight Loss Is Bad For Your Health

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  2. OK, I was alright she's makes some good points here and there. Maybe she could have a minute point….. then she mentioned that health is…. SPIRITUAL….. then any hope I even had for her was fucking shattered

  3. I’m a overweight, diabetic, white male and I wish my fitness privilege would kick in.

  4. I think she just does that so she never runs out of patients

  5. You know what else is moist? (Insert Lenny face here)

    I’m sorry ;-:

  6. Yes I'm very healthy being a White Straight Male… I'm pretty overweight (I do manage to keep my wait where it is though tbh, not gaining but not losing either 🤷) and a Heavy Smoker… Yeah totally born healthy by default 🤣

  7. Holy shit…. I need that F*ck You To The Moon shirt hahaha I’m dying over here. Think ima get the manspreader shirt as well.

  8. I love how the weight loss guru was muted and losing his shit as the “doctor” said wight loss was bad for your health, LOL

  9. don't get me wrong, genetics definitely play a major part in weight gain. but unfortunately life is unfair. just because you have a disadvantage doesn't mean you shouldn't try to maintain a healthy weight. yes you have to try harder than someone who has 'skinny legend' genetics, but still. someone with 'skinny legend' genetics can still become obese, and someone with 'chubby' genetics can still be a healthy weight. you think if someone's genetics gave them a disease (such as myself) they should stop trying to improve their health? absolutely the fuck not. I have cystic fibrosis, should i just normalize having cf? nah bc i would be dead. stop normalizing sickness as a personal characteristic. some people just have to try harder than others in different areas, and its unfair, but that's life 🙂

  10. I would sue that woman for future heart failure.

  11. In case you're wondering, it took her about three minutes before she started blaming white men.

  12. My mom whent from like pounds i donk know she was big to 200 and she feels way better it is the healthiest she's been

  13. I dont know why i have to look up to fat people because my size

  14. But the thing is loosing weight is quite easy! Just cut out junk food, eat less to no sugar and get in some exercise everyday 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s literally not that hard you don’t even need to “diet”

  15. Does she even know what health is?

  16. Shit… being gay had more reprocusions than I thought, I better become straight before u get diabetes

  17. So if if they can't get a job how are they getting bigger

  18. The thing that pissed me off the most was when the “doctor” started listing people who are “born healthy”. White, male, rich, straight. What the heck does bing ANY of those have to do with being healthy? This woman concerns me deeply and frustrates me on a whole other level

  19. God damn .Where’s dr Now when we need him

  20. She is mixing truth with incorrect things to confuse people. The diet thing at the start is true. Which is why you shouldn't "diet" you should consistently eat healthy

  21. The only inspirational fat person I can think of is Tim Dillon. One of the funniest guys I’ve ever heard 😂

  22. Better analogy for the diet instead of the smoking one would be i was good at chess (or doing something like that) but i stoped playing so im rusty now but ill get better as i start playing again, the smoking one wasn’t on point i dunno why i wanted to correct it but i felt compelled to its 4am

  23. None of those things determine whether a person is born healthy or not. My father is a white cisgender male and none of those factors stopped him from having massive head aches when he was a child that lead to hearing loss. It had nothing to do with how skinny he is. When he noticed his depression was causing his weight gain, he took the steps to stop this overeating and start losing that extra weight. My father also had bad teeth since a kid, despite having regular dentist visits and good oral hygiene habits. His tests were just weaker. This had nothing to do with all that nonsense she spouted. Some things just happen that are out of your control, but things like weight and diet and exercise are choices we make to either improve or diminish our health.

  24. She just picks out random facts and presents them as she wants to make it seem like she has a legitimate argument, but doesn’t realize that most people know she’s full of shit. Dieting can have the opposite effect and cause weight gain, it depends on many factors. But if you have a good diet and stick to it, it will help in either reducing your weight or even keeping it at a steady and healthy rate. Normally you cannot just diet. You need to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine for dieting to have the effect you desire. Losing weight can be dangerous for health, but that’s if you are suffering from things like anorexia or other underlying disease where weight loss negatively effects your body. If you wanna live like a pig then so be it. But don’t try and force other people to accept your lifestyle because you feel bad about how your body is. No body is perfect and we all have flaws. Learn to love yourself and do what it is you want to make yourself better in your own eyes. Not society.

  25. What is going on here. The Dr is trying to say those who are privileged eat more healthily and are less likely to get obese. Then why is she obese? Her accent sounds like one you’d get from going to private school, articles that have interviewed her said she gained weight during pregnancy. Being a dr generally means a good standard of pay, hence more privileged, more able to afford quality ingredients and food. By her own logic of being in a privileged position, she should not be obese

  26. This whole "fat pride" thing made me go from overthinking my hate of fat people (I always just
    imagined teleporting them into the middle of some remote starving
    african village and watch the outcome.) Right back to agreeing with my
    late grandmother after all: It is revolting, it is puke inducing, I
    wouldnt even go so far as to call these minus discipline having blobs
    human being. All thanks to these idiots patting themselves on the back,
    when I was at a point once where I would encourage any fat person to
    work on themselves in a friendly manner, hardswallowing my disgust.

  27. Isaac please stop doing such long promos and merch drops. I just skip all of them anyway. I shouldn't have to skip almost 4 minutes into the video for it to start.

  28. Well if you lose 50 kg in a month, yeah that might mess you up, if that is not what she means shes lying

  29. There was some overweight women doing seminars on fat was healthy – she died of a heart attack – legit.

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