The fate of social security trust fund in the spotlight amid massive spending

Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Penn., discusses the GOP pushing for spending cuts as Democrats argues against, arguing extensive spending is ‘the root of many evils.’

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  1. The Republicans want to privatize it, which would turn into another revenue stream for them by way of campaign donations, which they'll give to faux news to continue brainwashing seniors who won't be affected by their changes because they vote.

  2. They need your social Security to give to Ukraine.

  3. Does it also include the retirement money of the deep state, retired former employee of the govt. And etc?

  4. Hi guys I guess the reality kicks in now. Our retirement money is toast now. How do you feel about joe Biden and crew now. Nice people right? I just hope that the new congress would freeze and seize allof their assets, why? They have committed a crime and got a lot of assets for it! It has to be a far reaching freezing of assets, they were conniving and helping joe and group of people to cheat Americans of their own future funds. I am really ashamed to be voting for them in those past years. I even donated to the united way and I heard that they just divide the money amongst themselves. Enough by bring bitter,we will move on and avoid those people at all cost.

  5. No more new committees for extra corriclar projects such as gender studies on other countries when we dont want it here. repetitive studies that only turn into a money grab for someone. We've studied enough for now.

  6. Hopefully they dont run it into the ground like they had planned under obummer. Its our money for our use. Its not to be used on pet projects as they done for so long

  7. Our children and grandchildren and their children will be paying forever

  8. I'm sure the Ukraine will never pay us back

  9. Why are we giving billions to the Ukraine plus m1 tanks worth millions we should be helping those at home

  10. As far as I am concerned the Defense Dept. shouldn't be getting any money until they can account for the 1 Trillion dollars they have "lost".

  11. "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." _Vidal Sassoon

  12. You will raise the debt ceiling and continue to do so. Republicans and democrats are only there to keep the debt train going while pointing fingers at each other, lol. Keep the people divided by 50 50 so the people never become united against this bankrupt corrupt company we call the federal government.

  13. <The rich stays rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stays poor by spending like the rich yet not investiing like the rich

  14. US Budget seems to be nothing if not a Giant Ponzi Scheme – Makes Madoff look like Chump Change ? 🤔

  15. Democrats need to exceed the debt ceiling just to cover the skim!

  16. "Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them." _Vaibhav Shah

  17. The US debt clock is totally manipulated

  18. Social security getting cut shouldn't be an issue for the boomers. After all, they were the generation who supposedly made the best financial decisions. If they relied on social security (i.e., government handouts) they're just being too entitled. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!

  19. thru the life of SS they have taken the surplus every year and replaced that balance with a gov IOU. lol

  20. so they worry about a SS balance of our contributions, but not about taking from that balance to throw money all over our country and the world

  21. So tired of the biden money laundering!

  22. And there is also a demographic reality that must be faced… Smaller families and no child families means a serious drop in the ratio of tax payers and benefit recipients coming very soon. Japan is the canary in the coal mine.

  23. Is it time for a massive zero based budgeting review department by department to really see , or more accurately uncover, where all the money is actually spent?

  24. CUT BABBY CUT! This is what you get for 40 of miss treatment of you Grand kid! cut baby cut !

  25. If America won't pay it's debt I won't pay mines, debt strike

  26. If you are dependent on the government, you are a fool.

  27. This country is such a joke now.

  28. Quit wasting money in Ukraine which is yet just another losing cause like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. We should NEVER enter a War that we are not prepared to win at all cost.

  29. There is a common denominator… educated elite thinking they know how to spend money better than poor people….. my wife raised two boys on minimum wage. Put her in charge! Flagrant abuse of American generosity and ignorant college graduates thinking they deserve grotesque sums of money for doing a job no more important than the man cleaning gun off a sidewalk.

  30. How about stop giving our money to other countries and bullS things like LGBT and other crap!! FJB

  31. Greed is heavy st the white house

  32. Fire biden get him out hes got to go

  33. Fjb….he has spend us in to oblivion. EVERY year, like last year, we come to this same point from overspending on absolute GARBAGE…then they ALWAYS SAY: "this is a one-time increase in the debt limit." Screw Adolf bidens DICTATE that Congress WILL increase the debt limit. Are they planning to spend another $20m on heated sidewalks in nh? Hundreds of thousands to encourage LGBT in other countries? Millions to study rat fighting?

  34. democrats cant wait to put more money in their pockets biden wants more and more money for him and his son to pocket money

  35. Strange, there is no shortage of money for Ukraine….Oh, I forgot, the defense contractors contribute heavily to politicians re-election campaigns but senior citizens don't.

  36. Hurry! Hurry! Throw another few billion dollars at Ukraine!

  37. So is there anything going on right now that doesn't suck ???

  38. That's My money Not a handout

  39. Biden can pay it back He's got several million and more. Biden does not know how to run the country When are you going to impeach him.?