The FBI is ‘stonewalling’ the American people: Rep. Nancy Mace

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C. and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., discuss how lawmakers are pressing the FBI for answers in Biden probe on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. The evidence is overwhelming now we know exactly what Joe Biden is a corrupt backstabber of the American people and it's time now to impeach!!!!

  2. Man oh man Joe Biden is just a corrupt the worst corrupt president we've ever had and he is definitely compromised it's time to impeach him right now we have more proof and evidence that we need he has actually committed treason!!!!!!!

  3. Who the hell hired Christopher Wray!!!!!

  4. We the people know that Biden sold out America.!!!!

  5. Don’t forget that the US government (congress, executive, justice, fbi) exist to serve the American people. We the People have a duty to hold our government to its constitutional responsibilities. We cannot afford to sit back and do nothing while biden and company wreck the US.

  6. This sounds like a movie? Ok! So, Tom cruise can play hunter biden!

  7. This sounds like a movie? Ok! Have Tom Cruise be president biden! So, who should be that woman vice president 🤔!

  8. No way to clean up the FBI, time to bounce. Give those powers to local sheriff departments.

  9. You should have filed charges already so shut up and do it !

  10. All this evidence and yet nothing is going to happen

  11. Is there anything too hard for GOD? Justice shall prevail… Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive…we the people..🤫

  12. When do the TREASON TRIALS commence? Who is first up? Will NBC cover the TREASON Trials? CBS? CNN? etc., etc..

  13. And money laundrying by giving africia $1B and does he gets bribery fee when they get the money!!!??!!??!!

  14. Has anyone ever thought about the reason the FBI has hidden this information is b/c there are too many other politicians in on this racket and they fear a tsunami of the same?? I hope not!

  15. The FBI is corrupt to the core. Dismantle it and the DOJ. Arrest the officials from both and throw all the Bidens in prison. and the Obamas too.

  16. I also believe and I think many would agree Nancy pelosi needs to be investigated

  17. Heads need to roll the people who covered this up to help get Joe Biden have ruined many Americans lives this is truly outrageous

  18. Don't you people at FOX ever get tired of looking at that unamerican, putrid face of Wray? It actually makes me sick to look at that punk.

  19. Big tech media are as well to be blamed for there outrageous behavior they stand for the Democrats because they have All the money to buy out whoever they want … scam after scam

  20. They had it for five years do you think it says the same thing it did 5 years ago

  21. uh-oh, ive heard this "in plain sight" thing before

  22. Romania huh? lol now we know why they arrested the tates on false charges and imprisoned them for no reason what so ever other than the fact the DNC hated the message they were sending out



  25. Why can't congress go into fbi headquarters and get the form it's a government building congress over sees it they are legally able to enter. Fbi does not own the building and contents Americans do. Our reps have a right to enter

  26. Should change it to FIB

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  29. After watching a Chinese spy ballon slowly drift across the entire country, only to be shot down after completing it's mission, you can't help but wonder what he did for all that money China gave him.

  30. Parasite china abinader bote mundial prm monetario

  31. There's more than enough circumstantial evidence to charge Joe Biden!!! Why hasn't he been charged??? The American people are tired of accountability and are seeking JUSTICE….NOT "JUST US"!!!

  32. If anyone expects that a-hole to pay for any of his treason, I wouldn't hold your breath.

  33. It's one thing MSM ignore wrong doings by the Bidens but now they are actively protecting Biden.

  34. The Bidens are traitors.

  35. This is just insulting the public had had this info but it was suppressed by the news now they make it a major story