The Fed is throwing out guarantees like confetti: Steve Forbes

‘Inflation’ author Steve Forbes and ‘Breitbart Business Digest’ co-author John Carney respond to recent banking failures on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. I blame the FEDs for this, because in the end they benefit by either buying off the failed banks cheaper or something. The fed can print credit as long as someone will borrow it into existence, but they cannot print product (or production).

  2. Malcolm's "slow" child speaks.

  3. Yeah they are so stupid they screwed their own plans up

  4. They cannot replicate the 80's rates of 20% because the debt is so high now.

  5. We just keep talking.Where is the action?

  6. When the congress does nothing about bailing out bank billionaires, Republicans and Democrats are one and the same!

  7. The FDIC has prevented a run, and if the GOP was in power these same clowns would be cheerleading. Dishonest to the core.

  8. Mr. Forbes has a great ragg..he's brilliant and sharp and works great in tandem with you mr.kudlow and fox business..and your other guest is interesting..Irish Joe is going to have to let up on taxing the wealthy..their taxes aren't collected to fund ideas that only work in parallel dimensions where dumb ideas actually work..the wealthy can't pay those kinds of taxes without laying off AND enduring inflation..why are Americans being punished for having a good idea that made them rich?..capitalism is becoming taboo..

  9. I love socialism, let us tax bank deposits at 40% to forgive student loans

  10. Kudlow we did it in the 80s……Just kick the can harder this time!

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  12. Gold was $2000 when BTC was created back in 2008. The first ledgered transaction for BTC was like 30,000 for a 🍕 pizza.
    Gold is still $2000. And you can buy 30,000 pizzas with one BTC today.

  13. It is a government inspired crisis this time. The Treasury have to sell Bonds to cover the trade imbalance and the government spending imbalance. In order to sell them they have to raise interest rates and the old long-term, low risk, low interest, AAA investments (including Treasury Bonds), held by the banks (often due to government regulatory policy), become next to worthless. The next milestone is the 15th when the government issue a new batch of Bonds. I have approximately $350k stagnant in my port_folio that needs growth. What is the best way to take advantage of this downturn?



  15. american people are all du@@ for even voting for democrats so i hope you americans wake up , pennsylvania , california , new york , chicago, alaska, georgia , arizona, nevada , FBI , DHS , DNI , and all those woke states are the dum@@@@ people i have ever seen wow liars , cheaters , dishonest people just to get what they want

  16. It’s time to Marx home on Washington

  17. Biden is not fit for office

  18. Mr. Forbes could you send a couple of people over to California and take a look and see if our food sources are in peril. Thank you.

  19. This admination is not fit for office

  20. This is what we get with a checklist approval for the job ! They would have danced in the streets if it were oil ! This failure shows their failure!!!
    One week in Trump will have it on track ! 🎉

  21. Steve Forbes and Jim Jordan are gatekeepers that prevent change

  22. Powell is intentionally destroying our economy

  23. Like freshly printed money !

  24. Can I get a billion dollar bailout too?
    IPO is estimated at about 5 billion over the next 20 years.

    That's assuming inflation continues at the pace Democrats want.

  25. Wow, who would have known?

  26. Simple fact. The USA will be managed by digital govt. currency. All other issues, from firearms and ammo becoming unobtainable to mandating of EVs, elimination of fossil fuel and resource management will be enforced. 2035 coming fast.

  27. Last few seconds are the best 👍 Waiting for good politicians like in the 1980s. Where are they ? None I can see 🙄

  28. Deep respect for Steve Forbes. He takes any complicated subject and puts them into clear and simple nutshells and analogies. Steve never filibusters like the weak, woke, and corrupted politicians.

  29. BRICS takes control now. The petrodollar is being dumped.

  30. Another day..another
    Bitter burden building
    Crisis! How many before we say enough and cry.. woke Joe has to go!

  31. get Yellen out of the reserve mess shes making with our money!

  32. <Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week.>

  33. End the Fed. Remove money in political campaigns. Create term limits. These are the only ways to turn the country around. The boomers are bootlickers, kissing the very foot that kicks us in the teeth

  34. Our government is needing a change of the guard.

  35. In the end the American people are screwed WOW

  36. Bitcoin fixes this. If btc were the reserve currency, then inflation would by virtually zero.

  37. Poor working taxpayer!! Never win!

  38. Our lives are A-typical; no longer normal but ABnormal.
    Excessive Wasgington DC: excessive spending, excessive waste, excessive turbulence, excessive crime, excessive inflation, excessive low-life characters, excessive corruption, excessive wreckage, excessive abuses of power. Joe Biden has failed his duty to America. There is something wrong with him.

  39. Nice video as always but here is my problem I have been making losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market… can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do

  40. What you are trying to describe is Lawlessness.

  41. Larry Question / Exactly what has / Yellen ever done in the real world / to make money.

  42. It’s sounding more and more like the banks DO NOT want to deal with the hassle of holding our money for us anymore?

  43. Stock market crashed today down 1.6%. How dramatic Kudlow.