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The Federal Reserve won’t consistently raise rates in 2019: Ray Dalio

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio says that the Federal Reserve won’t consistently raise interest rates next year.


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  1. She is nodding as if she understands Ray Dalio… Honestly, I don't understand 1/3 or more of what he is saying.

  2. I thought the fed fixed the problem and economy is great so why the populism. Idiots don’t you know they fixed the crisis.

  3. There are many different kinds of bubbles.. Maria must have been living in one to be so shocked at Ray's "prediction"..

  4. 3:49 – no tighttening!!! ! ! ! ! !

  5. When it happens again they can't just fire up the presses. Not a recession a depression. Watch for states filing for fed bankruptcy protection due to inability to meet pension obligations.

  6. Damn he was right. mufuckin oracle mayn!

  7. Mr. Powell just said “no more rates” AND “bringing back QE.” Get ready to see the dollar collapse.

  8. Fast forward to today and Ray was correct.

  9. Free?!? You bet it should be FREE if you have billions stashed. At least hes not that greedy. I aprove

  10. Dalio: When interest rate hit zero the CB has to print money and buy financial assets. Why?? The ECB has zero interest rate and stop the QE program. Zero interest will boost private debt, but there is not need for QE or printing money, which mainly increases public debt through swaps of cash for government bods between the department of the Treasury and the CB. Ray left me thinking about that statement because I can't make sense out of it

  11. Doesn't she always look like she just got done crying?

  12. navigating big "dick" crisis lol

  13. maria looks like shes smelling her own puss…..stinkface

  14. Of course, Ray doesn't want the Fed to raise rates, it will take money out of his stock investments.

  15. And its been proven that Ray is right about it. Fed just announced that they will probably only raise rates twice next year.

  16. china and russia will run the world after this is over, fed put europe japan usa into roach motel.

  17. I dont get the part, why the conflict of left and right is rising in that stage of the cycle. Can some one explain this to me?

  18. Where's the rest of the interview? It just ended abruptly…

  19. Where's the rest of the interview? It just ended abruptly…

  20. The monetary policy over the last 30 years and particularly the last 10 has taken away the American Dream. Assets are out of reach. That is why populism has taken off. No left no right. It is rich and poor. No in between. "The buying power of the proleteriat is down money shallow and weak" Bob Dylan Modern Times

  21. We'd be in a lot better situation if Yellen would've snuck in two/three small rate hikes from 2015-2017.

  22. Ray is great, one of the best!

  23. The scary reality: With debt increasing crazily, Fed is going to run out of Ammo (interest rate) to stimulate economy and save it from the recession. With 2.5% consider to be the new normal, the next recession, the new normal will be at ZERO or 0.5% , after that shit has to hit the fan, no way around it.

  24. Maria hasn't aged a day in 30 years. Still very beautiful!

  25. Yeah hedge fund managers are known to be very trustworthy😆

  26. OMG! I just realized that Ray Dalio is a genius mr. Roper

  27. Nice to have a great book from one of humanities smartest. Ain’t no good if the policy makers are not likely to read it.

  28. He really us sweeping this under the carpet. Liar.


  30. Close the federal reserve. What a disaster.

  31. The fed has found itself in a small pocket of air in a sunken ship. Enjoy it while it last.

  32. Why is it the most talented people to run our finances decided to become factory workers and McDonald's workers?

  33. China bans: tokenized securities – forbiddance

  34. Never believe a word this man says in public. You can go back and watch his interview in Davos the day before the January meltdown of 2018. The market went down 10% in 9 days right after this man said everything looks great.

  35. Am I the only one who heard Big Dick Crises?

  36. What an amazing story and concept! God bless you guys!

  37. This depends on tariffs with China

  38. He doesn't believe the Fed will be able to raise much because he knows we're already going into a recession. Real estate is leading the way again.

  39. hahahaha 6:10 Dalio just realized he's talking to Fox… and not Bloomberg. This person runs a Wall Street show and it sounded like this was the first time she heard interest rates effect the net present value of all assets.

  40. Globe addicted to cheap money! If Fed raises it will make it impossible for USA to roll the debt forward! Also foreign governments that issued tons of dollar-denominated debt will fall like dominoes when they can't repay their principle nor roll their debt forward!

  41. When the collapse happens during the 2nd term he wont have anyone to blame! NOBODY!

  42. Trump has made the fed stall the rates, which will only cause the debt bubble to keep growing. Trumps 2nd term will take the hit. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

  43. Federal Reserve is a private company run by The Mafia, a Mafia that legitimized themselves, they're a private company intent on bankrupting currencies, shut them down. They're crooks.

  44. 21 trillion in debt. Omg America good luck

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