Friday , January 15 2021


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La Mer Foundation –

By Terry Powder –

Hourglass Brush –

NARS Bronzer –

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette –

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara –

bareMinerals Lipsitick –

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Living Proof Dry Shampoo –

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  1. love u both guys <3 i am totally enjoying ur vlogs 🙂

  2. 💖💖💖6 pair of slippers😂👞👞👞✨✨✨

  3. Instead of door knobs or handles which will ruin the look, do a Magnetic Push-door.

  4. I love that window w seat! Creates a nice mood to look at and see what the weather forecast for the day.

  5. Farmers work full time all year round, summer is the busiest time in the arable (farmers who farm crops like wheat, barley, oilseed rape, potatoes, peas etc) industry.
    Often they get extra help in from people who what extra work to help lead all the grain/produce from the fields to the farm to be stored to then be sold onto either millers or brewers etc or supermarkets.

    Livestock farmers are also busy all year round, particularly in spring for spring calving cows, lambing sheep etc. Pig farmers are busy all year round as pigs farrow all year round, unlike sheep and cows which are seasonal.

  6. God Charlie seems so controlling about everything he would do my head in……seems like he takes everything so seriously.

  7. Please let Charlie make a perfume Video!!!

  8. Are they the Ikea wardrobe doors boxed in? Such a great hack isn’t it… 🎀

  9. Lol Josie your excitement about the combine makes me think of Kenny Chesney. “She thinks my tractor’s sexy!” 😂🤠🚜

  10. We invested in Christy towels in the January sales they are such good quality. We always purchased from dunelm before but they’re next level!

  11. Girlfriend, the logic of not having a clothes dryer escapes me. It's not for the lack of space or money. Yet you choose to have your clean laundry strewn all over the kitchen.

  12. I think it looks very chic without the handles for cupboards. but that's just my opinion

  13. Definitely no handles, too distracting from the lovely panelling. Looks fab!

  14. As someone who suffers from serious OCD Id just like to say thank you to Charlie for always not wanting to use the term "being OCD" which many use without even having a thought to those who suffer from it. So if you could tell him how much it means to people, Love x

  15. I think Charlie's closet needs some contrast. To make that wall the dark colour would make the entry way to narrow and give that impreasion/illusion.

    A brighter colour like white or some variant would be perfect to keep an open entry feel and contrast the dark cabinetry perfectly. Just my two cents.

    Excellent video

  16. Can’t wait to see the finished result of the wardrobe 😍 it looks so amazing! Please do videos like how I fill my wardrobe or how I organize my wardrobe. Also can’t wait to see your autumn content 🙏🏻

  17. Farmers work everday ,if the harvest is ready and the weather is good you harvest may have some partime people in for extra help .Harvest is every day if🚜 ready not just weekends 😂

  18. Loving the panelled walls. It keeps with the style of the rest of the house.

  19. I love your makeup I’m the same I much prefer a quick natural look. Loving the idea of leaving the wardrobe doors as secret panels! The only thing is they may pick up finger marks but they look fab as they are! Very in keeping with the house.

  20. Yes always set your makeup with powder it will make it last so much longer

  21. you need a much smoother lawn for that game. is uneven right now.

  22. ooo…love Charlie's wardrobe. my color. the glasses drawer does need some lining. the glasses may need to be wrapped, if the ear pieces touch the lens. otherwise it will scratch terribly.

  23. A little un-related to this video, but I have to let you know I am so so excited to be ordering the Phi Phi dress in white very soon! And purchasing the Hourglass powered brush on your recommendation too!
    If there's one thing 2020 has taught me, it's that life is too short to not buy what makes you happy! (Even if it is just momentarily) xx

  24. WHAT A TRANFORMATION. This is like Adele loosing weight. Im ready for the comeback!

  25. I’m confuse I thought you were cooking dinner but you are eating out?
    Charlie’s dressing room look great as well as your. Can’t wait to see all of your beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags all organized.

  26. Love both wardrobes! Gorgeous.
    Thank you to Charlie for being so thoughtful and rephrasing his OCD comment. My daughter suffers and so many people say, “ I’m soooo OCD!” You are both so careful to consider others’ feelings. XX

  27. Amazing dressing rooms. Impressive quality workmanship. Amazed how the construction is so appropriate for your home. So glad it’s your forever home. You and Charlie have wonderful taste.

  28. I LOVE how the dressing room / walk-in wardrobe is looking! I find open wardrobes and seeing everything come together really exciting! I mean I’m not usually excited by building and shelves, I’m just obsessed when it’s dressing rooms because you’re visualising how everything is going to look! And it’s like an outward expression of your personality because you’re laying out all your things! 😄❤️🌟

  29. The dressing room looks wonderful! Loving it! 💕Thanks for the update!

  30. Josie I love the lights in Charlie's shoe section. Spot on. Funny your drawer pulls I have in gold out here in California!

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  32. Hi Josie, I did watch your video yesterday. The wardrobes are looking emense ! Here is a treat for you and Charlie. Btw I made my first frittata over the weekend, pretty good too ! Xx 😋

  33. I can’t waaaaait until the closet is full😍😍😍😍🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀gorgeous!!! And I want to try the Charlotte tilbury mascara bc the packaging is so cuuuute😍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🌸🌸🌸🌸

  34. Are you saying your builders were at your bathroom window?😱. Not quite I hope.

    Can’t wait to see your completed dressing room. I think the panelling with no handles would be best. Charlie’s dressing room is fabulous.

    I really like the dress you were wearing. I don’t like spending much time putting makeup on either. In fact I hardly ever wear it but probably should. I would like a powder that’s very light and doesn’t look cakey so I might try the one you used. Yes I put blush on after powder. I usually wear a cream blush now though. It works better for my dry skin. Don’t know how you can bear to use an eyelash curler. Lots of people do seem to. I’ve never had to I suppose because my lashes curl anyway but they look like they’d pull out your lashes. Thanks for the demo. You make it look so effortless and it looks very natural.

  35. Lmao Charlie was dancing as he walked towards you.

  36. I really love the plain panelled wall look in Your gorgeous dressing room, no handles or knobs, then the architecture & your mirrored decor will really pop xx

  37. could not resist watching that silly song . they didn't even play the instruments …… ooooarar ooooarar .One has to laugh .

  38. No columns Josie… Nothing looks worse and more tacky than a fake column. The real thing or nothing! Refrain from attempting to turn your entire house into Versailles

  39. lovely dressing …Omg ……When you said combine harvester I just broke down . you won't even know the song , but brings back so many memories of my school days . it was a silly song on top of the pops .i must listen to it again .xo

  40. Leave wardrobe doors handle free it looks lovely just plain ! It’ll be gorgeous once it’s all finished be interesting to see what it looks like with the island in ! x

  41. You can actually get away with no make-up! The old saying is less is more😍

  42. The new wardrobe looks absolutely stunning . Unfortunately imho , with all the new built- in shelves , the original shape of this amazing room is completely gone. Such a pity :/

  43. Love your silk scrunchie, where is it from? X

  44. I have to save, I have missed your face so much!! So happy to see you & hear from you.. and lastly, your dressing room…. WOW 😍 it is so enchanting with the antiqueness and the wooden triangular beams!! + really excited for the Autumn content coming ☺️

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