Tuesday , August 3 2021
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The Future Is Zao: How A Chinese Deepfake App Went Viral | NBC News Now

Zao, an app that lets users swap faces with celebrities, is the latest peek at a future where everyone has the ability to create deepfake videos.
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The Future Is Zao: How A Chinese Deepfake App Went Viral | NBC News Now


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  1. you managed to basically not cover the app at all… impressive!

  2. What they did was Nancy Pelosi is just slow down her voice and made you actually listen to what she's saying, making you realize how crazy she really is.

  3. errorrrrrr,.Now in seconds you can do this and more and better. On Android is the Snapchat program, which has released a version that you can use any photo face you have in yours and it looks animated as in the movies and very good. and it takes seconds. If you want to know which one of all those who have this program is one that has a blue face divided into two (one white and blue).

  4. ehm the stuff you are worried that might happen….already did happen… you are like the news from 2016

  5. I am here because of Lucas (Nct) lmao

  6. I Found ZAO deepfake App english version , i tried it works well , you can download from https://playstoreappsfree.com/zao-app/

  7. You look like die rooie van dumpert reeten

  8. I'm here because of Lucas 😆

  9. How can i download the App Zao?

  10. Is anyone here because of Lucas lol

  11. Privacy!! It just a picture compared to tons of our information and our life going through google or Facebook, and what about Instagram.

  12. So what? NBC has been using DeepFake news stories for years.

  13. 3years later : Donald Trump is in reality….Barack Obama

  14. China is leading AI revolution. This is what I read from this crappy news

  15. This vid literally wasted 3 mins of my life. The reporter has no informative content.

  16. how democratic it was in China, When the users complained they listened.

  17. So you mean its bad to give power to ordinary people using the app. wasted society

  18. A bit like Facebook and Google ha?

  19. Please tell me they are going to add Scarface clips 🙏😜

  20. 1:25

    The timing was slowed down on this video. Anyone could have done this on a basic movie editor.

  21. Nancy does in fact slurs. Fake video or not.

  22. We don’t need a deep fake to show that Trump is on a mental decline

  23. this is some garbage journalism.

  24. This is not the worst deepfake.

  25. The alegation about Nancy Pelosi is 'conpiracy theory'. A more mundane explanation is transmission error. Manytimes I get unsynchronized audio due to bad digitization.

  26. Deepfakes are bad… Evidence: shows a video thats not a deepfake.

    Politian's entire campaigns are deep fakes.

  27. Shud be banned in China and used by orange Trump

  28. How about siri who recorded you all the time, NSA+CIA.

  29. The Nancy video was a bad example.

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