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The Healthcare System of France

We’ve covered the United States and Canada. today, we cross the Atlantic to discuss the healthcare System in France. Their system is a combination of universal social insurance with some optional private overlays. It’s expensive (relative to most), but it’s arguably the best in the world. Watch and learn why.

Those of you who want to read more and see references can go here: http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/?p=55033

John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen — Graphics


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  1. You had me sold, till you mentioned homeopathy. Any system that covers a non treatment needs work.

  2. "Medical school is free, and pay nothing for malpractise insurance" so you mean they actually earn more lol

  3. Homeopathy is an ineffective scam and I respect the French system less for covering it. They might as well cover palm reading and fortune tellers.

  4. Wish we had this in the U.S. If your poor with no health insurance they let u die.

  5. it also covers abortion, 100% free

  6. Wow! Thank you for this video.

  7. Top 25 countries with the best healthcare systems the world in 2017:

    1. Luxembourg

    2. Singapore

    3. Switzerland

    4. Japan

    5. Austria

    6. Sweden

    7. Norway

    8. Netherlands

    9. Hong Kong

    10. Australia

    11. Belgium

    12. Germany

    13. Qatar

    14. Finland

    15. South Korea

    16. Spain

    17. New Zealand

    18. France

    19. United Kingdom

    20. Iceland

    21. Denmark

    22. Israel

    23. Malta

    24. Canada

    25. United Arab Emirates

  8. I'm an American woman and married to a French man, and even though we currently live in the States, I've been thinking about having our ( currently just an idea) child in France. It seems like it would be both cheaper and safer.

  9. Best senior care
    1 kaiser 1 866 973 4584
    2 bluecross 1 877 486 2048
    3 easychoice 1 866 999 3945
    4 healthnet 1 800 675 6110
    Forget united health care
    No good Horrible !

  10. Pourquoi est France plus cher que la Corée du Sud, selon lui?

  11. This is considered the best healthcare in the world.

  12. I just wanted to say, for all those who say "it's gonna take a long time to establish". Our health care system was created in just over 6 months by motivated deputes 😉

  13. I love our health care system. You go to the hospital for free if you can not pay and you pay a little if you can. Good. But the USA should be more socialist or they won't get this system….

  14. What about seniors? Are you saying that someone can relocate to france at senior age and tap into the worlds greatest healthcare system? At what cost?

  15. American citizens! I'll let you in on a little secret. All the systems in Western Europe and around the world from New Zealand to Japan are superior to the USA. No lie, just a fact. This is the truth that the insurance industry desperately wants to keep a secret from you.

  16. I suggest the USA translate the French system into English and adopt it in its entirety. Only the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry will lose out. And fuck them.

  17. My mom has cancer, she goes to different specialists and appointments every other week, a nurse comes to our house to test her blood levels and inject her meds that cost around 1000 euros each every month. All 100% free. I cannot imagine living in the us, i would be terrified to get hurt or sick and be in such debt all because something unfortunate and unplanned happened to me.

  18. I have a feeling the left is really going to like this system. I would be all for a French system in the US if we the government could pay as little as they do. I guess I am sorta skeptical that that could ever happen

  19. its harsh to hear that im very poor.

  20. My friend had a leukemia. He never had to pay anything for his chemotherapy, his bone narrow transplant and his treatment of rejection. The whole thing costed a five zeros figure for the healthcare system. He survived thanks to top level doctors, and would have died in another context.

    Also, my wife and I have two lovely daughters which are the fruits of our love, yes, but also of a medically-assisted procreation. It's a long process, but you probably guess how it ended : happily, and free of charge.

    So yes, we are very commited to keep our healthcare system at this kind of standards, because we are also talking about life or death issues. Money cannot decide who may live and who may not.

  21. Those who never lived through it would never know, the French healthcare system is pretty shit for foreigners who go and study or stay there for a short amount of time. I had a pretty bad experience at a French hospital once, the employees are horrible and I had to pay loads. It's really an awful experience. It's a shame that everyone agrees on how it is the best healthcare system in the world – because compared to NHS in the UK, which is free for everyone who's not an illegal immigrant.

  22. It is funny. I have a French friend here in Georgia, with a pretty good insurance, who preferred to pay for a plane travel to get hospitalized in France even if it was a standard operation to the elbow.

  23. I get so tired of this false advertising about the fantastic French health care system!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grew up in France and lived there for 24 years until I moved to the US. I have first-hand experience with both systems and I can guarantee that the French system is a BAD socialized medicine system. My French family and I lived it and I can tell you about many terrible situations with doctors, hospitals and treatments. Please stop glorifying the French health system which is rather mediocre at best! I am more than happy to share some of the horrifying stories my family, friends and people I knew had to go through!!! There is a reason why doctors don't have to pay high insurance for malpractice…no one is able to sue bad doctors and surgeons and there are plenty of them there! The health care system as bad as it may be in the US is so much better in every respect (except the cost!)
    This video is so ridiculous and done by someone who has no personal experience with the French health care system.

  24. can you make one for China ?

  25. This video sounds like propaganda and is dishonest. The US has always led the world with free market innovation and should do that with health care. Create a good mostly free market system and the world will want to imitate that.

  26. Covering homeopathy shouldn't even be listed as an advantage, not anymore than therapeutic voodoo or lucky charms.

  27. People say that if Breaking Bad took place in France Walter White would have handed his carte vitale and end of story.

  28. As a french doctor, I really find myself lucky of working in France. We do not have to care about how our patient is gonna pay for the expenses. We are actually trying to eradicate type C Hepatitis, the treatment costs 40000€ per person and we have no problem treating unemployed patient for free. Same for any cancer, everything is free (for the patient). It has happened to me more than once to have a stranger begging me to accept a least a 10€ tip after medical care in the emergency ward and going out without paying anything lol.
    But yeah i only make about 4000 to 5000€ a month but it's already more than enough to provide all the confort anyone could need.

  29. I am embarrassed by sayings on "costly" european healthcare systems. By comparing studies, no healthcare system is more expensive in the world, but that of the U.S. At least, if viewed on a per-capita base.
    Maybe the perception of "costly" european social insurance systems is mislead by the neocon idea that equals "social = costly".

  30. A French lady recently told me that while visiting San Francisco she had a tooth pulled out; it cost her $1000. The same procedure in France costs € 36.50.

  31. Thanks for this educational video. You might also like to have a look at this article https://www.expatica.com/fr/healthcare/french-healthcare-france-health-care-system_101166.html which gives some additional information on the topic.

  32. The U.S. should follow this model not Canada nor the UK's. France obviously surpasses both of those places by a country mile

  33. USA does not care about their people. USA is just business…

  34. You guys literally just watched one video and are sucking Frances dick. Read more about the pros and cons. Not just from this video. Look at their tax rate. It's nearly 50% of your income. Healthcare better be fucking free. Also, they almost going bankrupt that they are making money off of selling prescription for fake disease, such as "jambes lourdes." So great isn't it!
    Only the honest hardworking people would be paying for everyone's healthcare but unfortunately there are more shitty people in America who don't contribute to the system. That's why this can't work.

  35. Okay, I'm proud to be french 😂

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