Thursday , August 11 2022

The history of abortion laws in America

A brief review of key legislation and court decisions on pregnancy termination in the U.S.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Disgusting selfish child killers. Murderers. Subhuman monsters.

  2. Onlyfans, instagram, ticktock, twiter "" models "" and cheating wifes are not longer able to hide their irresponsible acts aborting innocent lives. What a shame… They cant keep selling their bodies on social media or hide their affairs to their husbands.. Not they have to be very very carefully.
    We finally coming to sense in earth with what we doing. I am happy this has happened 👌🏼👍🏼

  3. El Salvator's abortion ban: "I was sent to prison for suffering a miscarriage" by Will Grant, BBC News

  4. abortion has not been banned. so why are people saying it has been banned. what is next is what each state plan to do about it's current abortion laws since none exist. or if the do they are wildly out dated. stop waisting time complaint about missinformation and look at you state law and who/how it will be passed. all this panic don't people have condoms.

  5. Magicians an Government…been the same since the Bible was scribbled out…Top rule ,To keep the level of control, an slow the bottom from catching up..drown with lies an deceit …to control power. Always stay on top. No Matter what. Always have a lie or a war in back pocket. Or…oh let's say a virus. What's next..? Wake up people…government runs u…runs us.

  6. It's a cover up to hide the money spent on war…

  7. We can't be this stupid

  8. Again…cmon guys…left hand dosent see what the right hand is doing…seriously..cmon. Tens of billions.. billions being abortion front page..cmon. that's what they do!

  9. Well you did not raise an eyebrow when people who were pro choice for what gets injected in to your body, then why raise an eyebrow now.

  10. I dont want to talk about this.if there eas abortion law if it now changed it may bad.but although it changed it is very shame to behave like this.if there is unexpected one will give birth,one will go to is her choice,but before that you have to prevent from unexpected preganancy there so many methods before and after sex.are these women,s victim of rapes,having downsyndrome kids in womb,or teens who preganant unexpeted.if some one think you have to do abortion for pooor, in most countries they may less popolation .because normaly poor s are greter than rich.and then i want to say who are telling fetus clump of cells,did you ever see a how a fetus grow in a women s womb.there are so many videos in you tube.he get nutritious from mother,mother breath for him.because he is in a water bag. but he also feels hungry,pain,happy,sad and when a mother thinks good things it may also good to your baby,and although mum is sleep he may play.and we can see although mum died six months fetus survive for little he can live without mother.i dont think these women are not mother,and peole who comment have children because mother who love kids dont agree for this.

  11. Just because Biden is now the President, doesn’t mean the Supreme Court should overturn the decision. The Executive Branch is in charge of the Judicial Branch.

  12. Ok number ☝🏼 There is plenty cowards out there! Women deserve all respect! They decided what to do when the idiot doesn’t want to take care of the baby! Number two! We have plenty homeless children in the World 🌍! So what do we do ! We can’t dictate how and when women should give birth! More education! People! More education less fu$@$@ ups ! In the mid time! If the government wants more babies! They should pay for everything the women needs! Seriously! You don’t need a brain 🧠 to run this country! I can do it myself.

  13. The US is such a backwards ass country, No Better than the backwards ass sharia law countries.

  14. Women will take care of themselves regardless, they did it before they'll do it again..The support will be enormous!

  15. I never get political but I'm just saying it as a 19-year-old male this just makes me fucking sick to my stomach, thinking about what miners what the children and what the teenagers and women have to go through with this law, rape is a huge gap in this law and it's making me so sick of what trauma it can leave on a woman or a minor. Saying that an unborn child has the right to live, there's just so many gaps and so many issues and problems that can cause. Laws shouldn't tell us how to treat our own bodies like this, it just makes me really sick and I get it this is a human life. But we are a human life and we choose when we want to give life not the law, next thing you know they're going to control males with their sperm because they should have a right to live as well. I don't mean for males to take the spotlight but I'm just saying this as an example. The government of lies just digging their own grave and they are taking us down with them. We have so many foster homes and so many unadopted children and yeah I want to become a father of my own child but I also want to adopt one because no child should live without a parent. And because of this law that is going to happen more, giving them a right to live it's just going to give them a life with no home. The rape gap is what sickens me the most knowing that women and children and teens have to go through men with you what desires. This is just a opinion to me and for those of you who don't agree I hope you can understand the struggles what this can cause to the population and to the future of the U.s

  16. Smh… what if u have a miscarriage? Do u have to show proof it was not intentional/an abortion?

  17. Is it the women's fault for getting raped? Plus what if a woman got pregnant by her choice but got severe health issues because of her pregnancy that she can't live anymore so she should have abortion? Is it her fault? This is so unfair fr! Their bodies their choice! Women should take the actions that fit them only!
    Rape penalty is 5 years of prison only but abortion 15??? Maybe prevent rape to prevent abortion. Wouldn't that be more fair?? Unbelievable.

  18. Congratulations USA! Welcome back to the civilized world! The United States has made progress in civilizing by changing legislation, and now you are one of the people. Only primitives kill unborn children. Thank God! God is great! Glory Jesus Christ!

  19. What protesters should do is educate themselves on how to prevent a pregnancy and stop killing defenseless human beings. Life begins in the womb and those lives matter and should be protected.

  20. Just a thought! I think we should reverse the issue on fetal murder and give women the unconditional right and privilege of murdering their spawn at any age. Why limit it to being connected to their offspring by an umbilical cord . We'd certainly have a whole lot fewer "undesirable" humans running around shooting up the churches and gueer hangouts and borrowing money they can't possibly pay back and spending it on people who don't give a flip. Any age I say! Is Joe Biden's mom still alive?

  21. I am thankful I am not a woman. Imagine forcing another human being to suffer in this trash world. I wish I was aborted. Just cause your own miscarriage. Problem solved you can get past these stupid abortion bans. I am thankful women still have abortions because every abortion saves a child from this trash world. If I was a woman and got pregnant I would just cause my own miscarriage. NO WAY would I bring a child into this trash world no matter what the government says…

  22. Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, learned about abortion from the Nazi's. Her goal was to put abortion clinics in every and all Black communities because she said that they need to "control the fast growing weeds of society (black people)" and "get rid of the unwanted (black people and Jews)" since slavery was illegal. The party (Democrats) that demanded that slavery was mad law and rioted when slavery ended are now doing the same thing when they feel that the murdering of black babies is ending. This is the Democrat party. They never changed, they just found a way to get you to agree to slaughter your people.

  23. why DO people want to kill little kids !!!!
    as they say, do the crime DO the time !!!!!

  24. God bless Donald J Trump

  25. These idiot judges know everything about medicine😂.

  26. In the same time the court rule in two cases

    First case you do not have control over my Gun

    Second case I have control over your body (you do not have control over your body)

    This is why the Christian democrats don't want Christian hypocrite to rule this country, so we do not go to the Stone Age like Iran, Afghanistan….etc.


  27. looks at the Western part of the globe and all the political turmoil in the US and Europe the past decade

    Welp there goes the neighborhood! That's it, I'm moving to Kepler-452b.

  28. Can you imagine the increase of foster care that these unwanted births will go into. Most teenagers having children , don't have the means to provide for a child , whether it is financially or mentally. Children may suffer if in fact these children never get adopted and go thru the foster care route. Will the government then help with the surge of children in a foster care situation?