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The House deposes 1st witness in impeachment inquiry l ABC News

Kurt Volker, former special U.S. envoy to Ukraine answered questions from lawmakers during a closed session.

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  1. American politics are like television shows" nothing is done!

  2. 5 years of bullshit.. Democrats suck at everything except giving democrat voters ( Welfare turds) money that working people earned. They suck every day. People that need daddy to support them should not vote. They are not competent.

  3. demonrats wasting our money,instead of spending it on improvements of infrastructure

  4. Glen Beck has audio evidence of Ukraine helping Hillary in the 2016 election. The gloves are about to come off!

  5. Jim Jordan denies knowledge about molesting young Wrestlers

  6. First witness. MrSchiff did you manufacture this crisis? Yes . Did you write the report? Yes. OK MrSchiff you need to just go home. Don’t come back.

  7. Sharpie said it on world wide tv how the hell are you still denying it wow the lies stupidity is mind blowing the constitution really doesn’t mean anything to you republicans does it

  8. Keep grasping at them straws libtards. This is fun to watch


  10. Let’s give Trump a 2nd term
    ( he promises no more shenanigans )

  11. Lol lol lol Fox News best comedy show ever!! Better than watching SNL

  12. Lmao! There goes Rudy's legacy, from America's mayor (after 9/11) to America's most corrupted criminal lawyer, great job Rudy, a life time building his legacy only to give it up for 30 pieces of silver

  13. Hyping the fake news for ratings and dollars. Remember Stephanopoulos was Clinton's poodle.

  14. Untrustworthy information? Are you kidding me there’s a video of Joe Biden threatening not to give them $1 billion if they did not get rid of that prosecutor start telling the true news fake news

  15. Text messages have zero, nothing, nada to do with what did or did not happen. Especially after the fact. It's not even evidence!

  16. Which of tje politicians own property in Russia and have their dad lobbying and put them as exec in charge …oh its biden … that sounds legit …morons if any Dem cant call that crooked asmove out

  17. Impeachment 2020. . Hillary Clinton2020

  18. Abc news, watch your bias. Your credibility goes out the window when your ability to report only facts is scewed. I can't respect when you lean to the side, any side. Americans rely on fair reports that don't jump to assumptions.

  19. Fake news stirring the pot for Controlled Chaos and brainwashing the fake news fools.

  20. Jordan is a traitor and needs to dance for the hangman right next to Trump.

  21. How did Hunter Biden become CEO of ukranian oil company , oh its cuz his dad is corrupt and put him there.. thx Dems waste our taxes like the clowns the democrats are a bunch of trash can bozos !!!!

  22. 1st witness is Biden admitting he paid a billion dollars to out ukranian prosecutor to help his son hunter biden. Biden admits he wasted tax dollats to help hunter biden…

  23. Fake Fake Fake after few days clear there nothing issue With Mr President Trump

  24. We expect a U.S. President to enquire and have investigated any country interfering in our elections. Obama should have stopped Russian interference. It's important to have the truth about Joe Biden and son. Best, we don't elect a man that hasn't any ethics and integrity.
    Joe needs cleared.

  25. This is just how batshit crazy the Dems & AOC really are.

  26. Republican, Jim Jordan is a liar. It comes with the territory of supporting Trump.

  27. I smell lies. Lots and lots of lies.

  28. Keep TRYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's entertaining

  29. Impeachment is what they call it…???  what a Circus Show this is… Boring and nothing to see here..  What's next?  Who's the Baby Daddy?   People get to work and I mean REAL WORK..

  30. If anyone should be jailed or impeached is 90% of Democrats. Fuck the crooked demorats!!!bunch of law breaking scum bags.

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