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The impact of a guilty verdict in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial

The sister of Botham Jean, Allisa Findley, speaks on the verdict of the three defendants in the death of Ahmaud Arbery and how it may affect race relations throughout the country moving forward.

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  1. These three are last of their kind.
    Jury of their peers (Comunity) condemned them all, didn't agree with their vigilante actions. Two previous prosecuters prevented/delayed justice.

    "One Black juror" 👍

  2. Yes Verdict comes True but I Fear White Mans System.

    I will wait to Celebrate.
    Only when set in Stone all Appeals Refused

    Denied Denied Denied

    Will I Celebrate that Guilty Verdict Xs 3.

  3. Whilst justice is seen to be done in the Arbery verdict there was no immediate justice in the Rittenhouse case but Karma will not be denied, it will catch up with him in the future, because of his infamy nobody will share employment with him, in every workplace where he seeks employment the other workers will refuse to accept him, afraid that he'll turn up for work one day toting his AR-15 to settle some workplace grudge.
    He will receive a small amount of money from the sensationalist media outlets for a little while then he will be forgotten, everybody knows and will remember his name and if he changes it then he'll be found out as he's recognized.
    A lifetime of living in trailer parks, crime, trouble and incarceration will be the sentence from Judge Karma.

  4. Why did the guy who took the video, get charged and convicted of felony murder?! Can anyone explain what he did wrong?

  5. He ain't dooo nufffan wrong he be da good black mehn loook 4 jezuz in 🏠 he just like 👟 jog and be 👀 look

  6. Democrats have a history of using Black People (BP) as Human Shields in their dealings with the republicans and republicans like the Defense Attorney in Ahmaud Arbery's Trial have a history of using BP as the Scary Boogeyman in their dealings with White People, however the Scary Boogeyman Tactic did not work on the Predominately White Jury in the Ahmaud Arbery Trial.

  7. 0:02 – This guy looks like a fudge dark bald-headed black woman with a shaved face and head in a suit. LMFAO! He's one of the weirdest black male reporters I have ever seen.

  8. What kind of idiot records their crime? Lol these fools should’ve knew what was coming.

  9. The person comparing the media coverage about the black perp mowing down innocents in the red SUV with arbery trial coverage is stupid. Lots of tragedies, unfortunately are happening ng all the time, every day. There is only 24 hours I'm a day. Every horror can't be covered at once. You can zero in on story's that interest you through all kinds of news outlets, but private media chose what they want to focus on. So what are you saying? Here's a black man doing something horrific and it's being covered up by the evil media? Please, get a life.

  10. If the they were found not guilty, it would spark a war that would see AmeriKKKa burn for decades. There will be riots that will devastate every major city in the country. Prepare for Armageddon.

  11. Intension is to Spirit like marrow is to bone. There is no escape from yourSelf.

    "Shame clings to murderers; it claws in their backs. It'll suck your blood until your guilt cries out." ~ Jonas Young, HARLOTS S3E5

  12. '…guilty verdict in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial" reminds us that acts of gun violence are the terrible consequence of #TerriblyHungry people misbehaving terribly like #Jan621 Insurrectionist #HangryDJT and motivates us to redouble our efforts to #ConvinceItForward to stop being #Hangry in hopes of stopping the #MourningInAmerica

  13. This trail is Fake news all Hollywood production

  14. Just hanging around empty construction sites jogging

  15. Over 400 PATHETIC RACISTS disliked this video…. you will surely REAP what you SOW with all that hate in your heart………………..

  16. When does America grasp what it is? A despicable, systemically racist, religiously bigoted, hate filled open cesspit. How is Mr Arbery dead? It defies belief. He was not in a central African war zone, he was jogging in suburbia ….. In my professional opinion Trump will be re-elected in 2024 and if not, it will be a Trump clone …. Th e last few years is the resurgence a the sick twisted, racist USA which never really left, just slightly hid. Myself I am European Caucasian and white America disgusts me to the very foot of my soul, as it should any right minded person of any colour of ethnicity. 😠

  17. Listen to this the days in 1999 it was old he got killled

  18. That news anchor face is shine free. What face powder is he using 🥴

  19. A racist murder in Georgia? What a surprise! Who would have thought it?

  20. GUILTY !

    American Pinky Power Racists held to account.

    You can't blame China and Russia for American Pinky Power Domestic Terrorists.


  21. Wow the witch attorney says he had no socks and “dirty toenails” WTF
    while they have dry poop stuck between buns is the real irony

  22. ok, but he was still a criminal, he didn't deserve to die, but he sure as hell deserved a large fine or jail time.

  23. Black lives matter threatened the jury, that's why the Travis and Greg McMichael, along with William Roddick Bryan were convicted .

  24. A hypocrite jury who found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty in the killing of two unarmed protesters. Yet Travis McMichael did the same thing. When he felt his life was threatened when Ahumnund Arbery attacked him. Bullshit justice system .

  25. Everytime I think that the man was jogging I wanna cry.. Rest in peace. Kudos the jury. Stay strong family.

  26. 🎶 Travis, George and Roddieboy drivin’ through Brunswick,
    laughin’ back-n-forth while they’re loadin’ up their guns..
    Thinkin’ that they’re all about to get away with murder,
    oo-da-lolly oo-da-lolly, look at what you’ve done.. 🎶

  27. Its not good enough this case had an obvious conclusion to come. This wasn't a chance case. So the media thought, "oh no, there goes our viewership, let's keep trying to stir the pot"

    The fact is headlines to videos like this one ALONE do a racial injustice. It ignites irritation in others. The media is clearly the bad guy in all these cases.

  28. Then media is a domestic enemy, and big tech needs to pay for their crimes against this nation.
    Blood is on their hands

  29. Now let’s convict the guy that just ran over 80 people killing 6 of them including a child for the hate crime mass murder he committed!!

  30. Shout out to Ahmaud Arbery for twenty one months of criminal free activity. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name!

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