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The Inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President of the US

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn in as President and Vice President during Inauguration Day Ceremony in Washington, D.C.

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  1. I think its all a movie not live and all actors
    Look closely!

  2. Fake, illegitimate President installed by Big Tech, MSM, and the Democratic Party via fraud and censorship. Did the "big guy" give the orders to the five battleground states to stop counting on election night while they came up with the votes they needed?

  3. The election was stolen from President Trump. It was a peaceful transition isn’t it.. YES.. with all the BS with the fake news media.

  4. The US broke glass ceilings today. We inaugurated the first President with full blown dementia!


  6. How many people where there 125

  7. Pathetic. Tries to "unify", only divides more. Every minute this fraud is in office just pisses me off even more.

  8. What a waste of time and money , the people could give two shites about joe biden .why didn’t they just do this in the Oval Office no one is watching what a joke these people have made of America , it looks like a funeral

  9. Lol biden was a joke during this seemed out there lol and people voted him and and they cheated lol 47 years triin to be president he shouldn't be hes an idiot like all dem are

  10. You did NOT win Biden, you stole this elections

  11. A nation of 375million people not even a quarter million in agreement- whats wrong with this picture?

  12. While they're causing all the confusion In mexico with migrants comming to try to overwhelm the United States why dont we send some of those troops down to help out

  13. The only woman holding her husbands arm was president Bush's wife lol

  14. The only people i see there are mostly security and gov personnel

  15. Looks like the american people are turning their backs to this MESS

  16. All i see is a waste of tax payers money

  17. Where's all the supporters???

  18. Remember folks, underneath all those smiling faces, all the "heartfelt" words, and all the "I swears", are the biggest bunch of traitors to America, the biggest liars, and the most evil and corrupt people, this country has ever seen!!

  19. A bit of advice to parents outside the US it is now no go area for anyone under the age of 18

  20. How stupid are they and how wrong they're on thinking we are going to be stupid enough to believe anything they say is for the best?

  21. The crowd has an applaud prompter. He quoted a republicans word. Like the whole world doesn't know that the democrats are the party of the heartless


  23. Not my president… Not my rule of law, mask is off and hello constitutional law!

  24. chinajoe names hunter – “head” of his “staff”

  25. I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun, and the kids used to come up and reach in the
    pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again.
    They'd look at it. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping on my lap.
    And I love kids jumping on my lap.
    –Joe Biden

  26. Байден: "Кукушка сколько мне осталось жить?"

    "А почему так ма…"

  27. Байден: "Кукушка сколько мне осталось жить?"

    "А почему так ма…"

  28. Sad day for America and the American people

  29. Biden's not the president.

  30. Cheaters have taken power of our government, such a sad day!

  31. When’s his funeral? He won’t make full term. Like JFK, the CIA will end his term.

  32. Can’t wait till they invite our chinese overlords over to check on how things are going

  33. Congratulations Mr. Biden on making the people of Mexico very happy. Americans will never forget you ……… and never vote for you again.

  34. Today is the saddest day for America

  35. First mandate – daily 8 hour naps while Antifa burns the rest of America

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