The journey of the former museum guard to find solace in the beauty and solitude of art

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips profiles Patrick Bringley, author of “All the Beauty in the World,” a former guard who turned his life around inside one of the world’s most famous museums. ABC News Live Prime, Monday through Friday at 7 EST and 9 EST WATCH ABC News Livestream: SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: SEE MORE at http: //abcnews. LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #ABCNL #museum #AlltheBeautyintheWorld #author #PatrickBringley

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Beauty is understood as an attribute of God. The Lord is beautiful, and He gives image-bearers (man) the capacity to perceive His beauty in nature, as well as reflect in art. The key to beauty, particularly perceivable to Christians, is God Himself. All beauty in the created world is from Him. Beauty generally is revealing God and His attributes emanating bliss, truth, justice beauty love. God is all the things we desire that fill the empty void of the heart. Truth reveals beauty because it is both replete and symmetrical. When man searches for truth, he pursues the divinely real. Truth is coherent, beautifully attractive, good and stabilizing.

  2. I always try to make a point to thank the guard watching the gallery when I leave it.

  3. As someone who lost a sibling to cancer at a young age, this story made me weep. I'm so happy for the sweet solace Patrick found at the Met — the perfect antidote to any pain, IMHO. I look forward to reading your book, Patrick.

  4. What a beautiful story I’m crying because loosing someone you love is very painful there is nothing we can do about it, this is the mystery of life.
    Life must go on till the end???

    CONSCIUSNESS {.Sorry Caps. Old fingers } THANK YOU 🙋💗


  6. Losing my two brothers in nine weeks, was a nightmare…But losing my son to suicide was a monster. All within a year…. I'm an artist, and painting butterflies seemed to be a consolation…I don't have to talk or listen to noise…I am in solitude and it too, is a comfort…The pain is like having your heart squeezed out and the blood dripping on the inside of your being along with part of you on the other side of the realm waiting here, hopefully doing your mission even if it's just the presence of your life to please God…

  7. Some people would go on a date to a bar or club or resto or whatever. Me?
    I'd take her on a date to The Met or MoMA. If she says "yeah, let's go" its looking good!

  8. Heart braking to die so young and the grief of the brother is so sad

  9. Love that the lens are on these heroes

  10. Patrick is a spiritual gent. The MET is one of the loveliest museums in the world.

  11. The "guards" at The Met, most of them have post secondary educations and solid backgrounds in visual art. And music and dance and performance. Think of them
    more as walking curators. Not simply some dude slumming it for minimum wage.
    Among them the American artist Eric Fishl. He did exactly this as a young man
    in New York and he has said the many hours he spent on shift with the work really
    gave him a deeper insight into it. Rather than a quick visit in and out for a few hours.

  12. The Met is the most blissful gateway to another world and time!

  13. संग्रहालय में रखी हर वस्तु कुछ न कुछ कहती हैं बशर्ते आप देखने का नजरिया बदलें हर तस्वीर में आपको तत्कालिक जीवन को उजागर करती नजर आएंगी

  14. This has resonated with me tonight…I struggle with the heaviness of my grief. I’m going to the gallery tomorrow. I need to be in quietude with the art.

  15. Never knew a musemn guard to look at paintings without losing his job.

  16. I will be in quietude for life ❤😊

  17. Did the Sackler family give MONEY from the MONEY they MADED from DOPING up victims.