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The Last Days of Phil Hartman l PART 4


Phil Hartman becomes a star on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Hartman started with the show in 1986 and played iconic characters like Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Jesus and Bill Clinton. He and his third wife Brynn welcomed their first child Sean.

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  1. Phil always reminds me of Jack Benny. Dont know if that was purposeful on his part or just a coincidence

  2. Both are narcissists and i believe Phil had Dissociative Disorder. Phil was a genius.

  3. Hartman just fell hook, line and sinker for a train wreck disguised as his ideal beautiful sexy woman. Maybe he should have spent more energy on the woman behind the good looks before he fell so hard for her.

  4. An irrational move that brought deadly consequences..

  5. the greatest of the greats of SNL…no one, ever, was better than Phil. Such a horrible, terrible loss. Choose your partner carefully guys (and girls)….

  6. I wonder if he's gonna mock the Lord when he's standing in front of him on judgement day? Cuz I really don't think so!What a coward!All those mockers will look for a place to hide! They'll be all too happy to go to hell.Where there will be weeping, wailing,and knashing of teeth.I know that blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is unforgivable which for example is taking the Mark of the beast RFID chip which as far as I can tell is selling your soul.And murder u can't repent of either.U have to make restutuition as part of the repentance process .And once u shed innocent blood u can't bring that life back.Only Jesus is the way to salvation! He and Heavenly Father are the true and living God! None else! Not like sellouts are concerned about their salvation.I just know the Lord and Heavenly Father can offer infinity more than the devil can! Not smart to sellout or to mock God who loves his children enough to die for their sins so they could make it back to heaven! Nobody else on this Earth but the Lord would do that especially because he is perfect, always has been always will be! He was part mortal and part God while he was on the earth! That's how he was able to do it! And out of love for us and for the Father/God!

  7. Can we get Mr. Phil Hartman's video in 1 full video instead of 50 parts

  8. What a nut case she was, omg. I would have rid of that bitch.

  9. ℂ𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟
    There are six parts to this program .. and the uploader only posts 5/6 meaning the murder & most important parts aren’t posted. Don’t waste your time!!

  10. The letter to the ex wife sounds about right.

  11. Phil did the BEST Bill Clinton. That McDonalds skit, I still laugh just as much now as I did then

  12. Dear Men,
    Looks aren't everything…

  13. Brynn was definitely mentally ill to react that way to Lisa. It's puzzling why Phil allowed Brynn to behave in that manner, just because she was good arm candy??? Disappointing and very contrary to my perception of what kind of person he was…

  14. Yikes. He sounds like a nightmare. Wish I didn't watch this.

  15. He wasn’t that funny lol

  16. I’ve never even heard of this guy? Was he like the worst guy on snl?

  17. Brynn was definitely a psycho. Don't know what else to say. The red flags were there. Just sad they brought kids into it & this went down with them in the house. Phil & Brynn only suffered a split second that night, if that. The kids will have to deal with the fallout for their entire lives.

  18. bleached blonde insecure coke addict😒

  19. Was there a main reason Brynn was hooked on cokecaine just asking

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