The legalities of the Supreme Court's most striking down Roe v. Wade

Columbia University law professor Olatunde Johnson discusses the legal impacts of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

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  1. Morality lecturing from Catholics is a bit rich.

  2. Honestly, all this ruling did was put the power back in the peoples hands, it allows for democracy, where ass before the supreme court was passing laws that no one voted on. their job is not to make laws just rule on them as constitutional. Everyone that is out raged just need to pressure there states to add abortion to the ballets, and then let the people decide.

  3. Clarence needs to overturn mixed race marriage's. Also he needs to take away the rights of oreo's & zebras too.

  4. Abortion in Ukraine is legal. America is spending trillion in Ukraine for democracy.

  5. As a pregnant man im horrified….now I can't b a slut anymore

  6. Bravo Supreme Court, carnal eyes may not see but spiritual eyes can see you supreme Court did the right thing!

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  8. Perhaps these same Judges should pass a law which states that ALL men/boys have a vasectomy unless they are legally married. You can bet that those same Judges would NEVER pass this as a law. You can also bet there would be hundreds of thousands of men who would loudly protest. The laws should be equal for women & men. Plus what are these same Judges going to ensure that American men take care of the children they have already created? How many single women are out there financially taking care of their children but the men of those same children are not forced to actually pay the child
    support they are required to pay

  9. Since RVW was overturned and abortions are illegal in some states; why hasn't a much more practical and simpler approach been pushed….boys/men/males should be abstinent until marriage and/or practice celibacy? Seems like so many are quick to punish the mother's going through the procedure, but there is absolute silence when it comes to holding the males accountable.
    Men, we are supposed to be leaders, right? Set the example? Why are we letting the women take the punishment so we can have our cake and eat it, too? Why do we high-five our promiscuous dudes, but shame promiscuous females? Ask yourself, "why am I not being held accountable, while the girl I just slept with may go to jail?"
    It's a silent privilege most guys don't want to acknowledge or give up.

  10. What! I'm not allowed to kill babies anymore, this is outrageous.

  11. so is this an education thing,why people, women in particular, are struggling with preventing pregnancies. are we saying most people engaging in consensual exchanges aren’t using preventative measures (I use we very loosely). I definitely feel people who are pregnant as a result of nonconsenual forced exchange should have the ability to effectively handle an unwanted pregnancy. Like who doesn’t know the risks of intercourse. Maybe I’m not sex crazed enough or maybe I’m too sex deprived. Are condoms(male&female), male and female bc measures also being banned. Will you need a license aka permission to engage in sexual intercourse going forward and routine sex Ed classes to make sure everyone understand the rules. are they going to start enforcing biblical law thou shall not fornicAte or commit adultery to police unwanted pregnancies. Are we saying full functioning adults need governing because they don’t know how to not get pregnant.

  12. I’m not paying for your bad decisions. Use a condom or birth control.

  13. In my 55 years I have experienced very little of this "human" world that I relate to or identify with. I only identify with goodness /enlightenment, and I couldn't point you toward it, except that I know it isn't in your direction. Knowing I share DNA with your kind makes me feel like I stepped barefoot in dogshit; but I stepped on it inside of me. It's a gross feeling and I want it off.

  14. another win for the good guys.

  15. Democrats 2020 :

    "Your body, Tony Fauci's choice!"

    Democrats 2021 :

    "Your body, Tony Fauci's choice!!"

    Democrats 2022 :

    "My body, my choice!!!!!!" 🤣🤣

  16. This is better than Trump winning reelection and it is going to keep on giving,,,!!! Fuk the progressive socialist antichrist mthr fkrs…! 😆

  17. Calm down, Liberals. No one is coming for your abortions. We just want common sense abortion control. Complete background checks, including a mental health evaluation. The person seeking an abortion must be recorded in the National Abortion Registry, accompanied with their payment of a $200 tax stamp, and a mandatory wait-period. Assault abortions after the 1st trimester or when a heartbeat is detected, will be outlawed. Abortion seekers will face a limit on how many abortions they can have, after all, no one needs more than one abortion.

  18. We no longer have The United States. This country is now divided and it will only get worse. I would not be surprised to see the United States split up to separate countries and our military prowess dismantled.

  19. "Consistency is more important than always getting it right"


  20. theory about the true Jan 6 Conspiracy: Suppose there was an individual that was angry about the Jan 6 hearing, and that person had the ability to just make a phone call to certain Supreme court individuals and talk them into creating a BIG distraction in our country such as "Roe v Wade" in order to get that on the TV instead of the Jan 6 hearing. Is there anyone we can think of that could do that?

  21. The Republican utopia:
    lets be honest we all saw this coming.

  22. I just woke up from a coma, wondering if the Republican fever broke yet? Was Joe able to work with them, like he said he would? How's that going by the way? Mitch is such a great guy, well according to Joe that is, I figure everything must be going great.

  23. There is no right to murder. Ruling is simple and follows law of natural justice.

  24. I really don't understand why Democrats are suddenly so against Democracy. This decision doesn't make a single abortion illegal anywhere, not one, all it does is acknowledge that this is an issue upon which there is no consensus and should be left to the people and their elected lawmakers to decide. If the majority of the country is anywhere near as overwhelmingly pro-abortion as they claim, why would they be worried at all? Even RBG admitted that Roe vs. Wade was bad juris prudence.

    Also, for the women, all women should have a choice, absolutely… and they absolutely do. Every woman can make the choice NOT to engage in the ONE and ONLY physical act who's sole biological purpose is to create a pregnancy. USE that choice and then OWN the consequences of it. And this isn't a debate about rape and incest, that accounts for maybe 1% of all abortions and that is NOT what people are out on the streets protesting right now, so let's not fall back on that tired strawman.

    Finally, those on the Left really need to learn what a 'right' is. Here's a hint – it's not a privilege to be arbitrarily granted or taken away by the government. It's something you are born with that the Constitution specifically prohibits the government from infringing upon.

    “The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision, including the one on which the defenders of Roe and Casey now chiefly rely — the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” This is indisputable fact.

  25. Libs are always worried about the best way to kill babies….

  26. It's not the end they are going to strike down more human rights. When they say they are not going after anything else I can garentee you they are lying through their teeth.

  27. The constitution also does not say anything about how many Justices are to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Should Biden choose, he could appoint a few more liberal leaning judges.

  28. Awake you who sleep, Arise from the dead and Christ will give you Light!

    Your right, roe vs wade being overturned doesn't save anyone. It's a good think and I'm gonna give all glory to God! But just because we stop some from getting an abortion, if they aren't saved, reborn and walking in the spirit they are still going to the lake of fire. We do them a disservice if we don't Preach them the gospel. They aren't saved. We can't be sure that child will is even saved. Preach the gospel and the kingdom! No flesh and blood will invite the kingdom of heaven.
    6:24:2022= 666
    6 6 6
    Expect chaos.
    7 days of creation
    Then the fall of man
    Genesis 6 incursion
    Lot and his family saved
    Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed
    Noah and the Flood all flesh was corrupted on the earth
    Earth destroyed with flood
    Only Noah and his family that wasn't corrupted in the flesh saved.
    This was called chaos.
    The devil mimics, mocks, perverts, twists, turns everything of God's upside down etc. satan and the occult have their 7 ages of man, order out of chaos doctrine. Their order out of chaos will be the beast system and antichrist.
    We must repent and follow Jesus, saved by Faith in Jesus Christ, receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. Not the letter of the law, the Spirit (Holy Spirit) of the law. No one walking in.the flesh in the days of Lot nor as in the Days of Noah was saved. Maranatha! Our Lord comes. Hell wasn't meant for humans, it was meant for the devil and the fallen angels. Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ is coming back.
    He is coming back to take back the nations and no one walking in the flesh will inherit eternal life just as in the days of Noah.
    Repent and follow Jesus. Preach the gospel. Maranatha

  29. She's an idiot, did Jane Roe lie? Google that you fact-checkers!

  30. I've become a hater of left extremists. Conceptions are available. Killing unborn shouldn't be an option.

  31. Getting rid of abortion will now allow the blk population to grow

  32. Funny how many women voted against Hillary in 2016. That decision to let Trump in the back door will now haunt them well past his eventual fade into irrelevancy.

  33. Diversity hire has no business commenting

  34. What is everybody fighting about, you're letting the babies grow up to join gangs anyway so both sides win, and everybody should be happy. …………….GRIM

  35. Since when is it legal to sick protesters on federal judges?
    Pro abortion activists are mad because they have less babies to sacrifice!!

  36. Stopping the life of your unborn child is fine, unless they are on a school grounds? Liberal logic. Where are their cries to protect the children?

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  39. The big benefit of this is the black community can finally start growing.

  40. How happy do you think Biden and the democrats are over the Supreme Court decision? The democrats will use this to divert attention away from the miserable job they are doing. Surprise. We still know and will not forget. How you are destroying America.

  41. Yes this horrible. These babies will now be birthed and immediately start carrying guns provided by the SCOTUS ruling! Theses babies will be wanting payback because the Birthing Persons wanted to abort them but SCOTUS has put a worldwide ban on abortions. Gangs of newborn babies will be roaming the streets of America armed with with AK-47,s and AR-15,s looking for the new Chest Feeders that reluctantly brought them in to this lawless world!