‘The Marvels’ Zawe Ashton on the ‘all female empowerment story’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis spoke with actress Zawe Ashton about her Marvel debut as Dar-Benn in “The Marvel’s” as the new all-female film makes history.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Disclaimer: This is a Puff piece, because Disney owns Marvel and ABC. They didn't say that.

  2. Fun fact about this actress: her fiancé is none other than Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston.

  3. She’s fabulous, just like Hela from Thor

  4. This is the best they could come up with for a major role? If I was in a strip club and this gap toothed creature approached me I'd cringe. Of course she's Australian or something because there either aren't any good looking US born actresses or they don't give roles to US born actresses anymore unless they are super average looking. Usually Australian actresses are good looking but they missed on this one. I'll give Linsey Davis second place at the dog show today.

  5. She really says “highly anticipated” about the biggest marvel bomb yet 🤣

  6. Y'all really think Kevin Feige hit gold with Infinity War and the Russo Brothers and then he's going to throw all that away and go this woke route intentionally? No one on earth is that stupid. All this lgbtq woke crap is being forced onto pop culture makers by the BlackRock Group. They own trillions so Marvel making a loss doesn't really bother them. Look at Gillettte, Victoria Secret and Bud beer. These people's hands are tied.

  7. It is such a great movie. Its my favorite marvel movie so far. It's infuriating that people who didn't even watch the movie are hating on it.

  8. 😂 yeah so why did the show flop and WOMEN didnt support it?? 😂 just another case of WNBA and then blame men for this trash movie 😂 this movie target audience is women yet they blame men for not watching it 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡

  9. I am glad this woke thrash flopped at the box office! Awful writing, corny jokes, bad CGI and no memorable actor

  10. It's heartwarming that the news anchor with an IQ hovering around 80 found the time to promote her parent company's failed movie in between pro-,Israel, pro-Ukrsine, anti-middle American worker puff pieces

  11. The numbers are in … box office flop.


  12. I can only shake my head about some of the comments. It's a SciFi movie, which deals in space, and aliens, so the fact, that there are female heroes, who do not rival, as men do, but work together and communicate, and the group is put together from all over the world, asian, african and caucasian (btw. Asia itself makes about 60%of the world population, and Afrika is next. And then at some point follows europe and north america…. )… I would not call that Woke, I would call it educated. If you do not like the movie because it is not to your taste, that is another matter. I liked it, not a masterpiece but entertaining enough.

  13. The lack of embarrassment over the obsession with hating is so pitiful.
    Scorsese's movie cost as much and is also underperforming but no "woke" people, your sad cowardly code for people of color or people who aren't straight, aren't crowding their comments to hate.

    Like you must actually like it, otherwise why are you here? Why not just enjoy the things that are good to you?
    It's just so weird.

  14. Dude, your movie was bad and it bombed. Stop making excuses.

  15. That Southpark episode “put a gay woman in it and make it suck” really hits home 😂

  16. Really?…highly anticipated?😅

  17. Make a female super hero movie with an on-purpose Hispanic,Caucasian, and Afro-American woman. Even for free I wouldn’t want to see it.