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The Most Fun 15 Minute Cardio Dance Fitness Workout EVER

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  2. Am i the only one who think, i Need a slowmo version of this.. I cannot pick up the move,but i love it😍😜

  3. I got confused with the move😅such an u coordinated body i have😂 i just stuck with the trainers words, just keep moving😆 1st day here. So much fun

  4. Not me vaping while watching this wondering why I was out of breath

  5. Can anyone tell me how many calories this thing burns
    Felt like a 1000

  6. Her: Are you ready
    Me: No
    Also me: time to watch tiktok

  7. After this ,I was sweating like I had taken a shower..for a sec I thought were is this water coming from,then I was like ohh!! it's sweat😅..silly me😂😂p.s-amazing workout I couldn't match ur pace but yeah did it in a go..🔥

  8. Do you guys know how many calories we just burnt? This was a killer

  9. How the hell is she speaking out loud continuously while doing a heavy-duty workout? Hats off girlll!!!

  10. ouch chiwawa, you know it's a good workout if you can't feel your face afterwards… Thank you Jamie, you are such an inspiration

  11. I keep pausing it to catch my breath…anyone else??? I’m hoping I can get better and better with practice!

  12. so proud of my self that i finesed this workout GOOD LUCK everyone ! it was really fun tho

  13. this is making me sweat just watching it! i love it

  14. How many calories do u burn with this? 🤔
    I'll make this workout for 2 weeks and tell results. I'm currently 65 kg

  15. This is amazing …thank you so much … I enjoyed it from start to end… Now I m famished …😭

  16. Im trying to lose weight. I signed a contract with a gym for 6 months just to be disappointed at the end to only losing 10 pounds and have less body fat. Fat turned into muscle. My thighs are too big, my tummy and back fat. I have shitty endurance but will i lose fat with this?

  17. I would not fight either of you in a mortal combat scenario.

  18. This is longest 15 minutes of my life 😂🔥

  19. I put my led lights on and started to dance and now I’m sweating so much wow

  20. This exercise is so much fun 🌹🌹🌹

  21. This is really amazing 🔥🔥

  22. So i was feeling really lazy and decided to workout… and honestly, i don't regret it

  23. This was awesome🤙🤙🤙🥳😆🥳🥳❤🤣

  24. Guess this isn’t for boys

  25. Reading cmt and wonder if i could die after this exercise ??

  26. DAMN!! AWESOME MUSIC. What is the name of background music plzzz????

  27. I am a boy and I am triggered.

  28. Such an amazing work.😍😍😍

  29. Me when AMC squeezes. Apes RISE!

  30. not me putting tape on my computers camera so it doesn't secretly spy on my when i look like a dead potato wiggling its hands and legs with sweat pouring out of it
    btw i love this definitely doing it again

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