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The National Hurricane Center looks at latest Hurricane Dorian track | USA TODAY

National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham provides an update on Hurricane Dorian.


Hurricane Dorian blasted across the Bahamas in a record-setting way on Sunday, tying an 84-year-old record for the most powerful Atlantic hurricane to come ashore as it continued its unrelenting march toward the U.S. East Coast. The National Hurricane Center said the storm was driving sustained winds of 185 mph, with gusts exceeding 220 mph. Dorian’s slow crawl, estimated at about 5 mph on Sunday afternoon, placed it within 175 miles of West Palm Beach, Florida. Millions of people from South Florida to North Carolina were on alert and preparing for the worst. Even if Dorian does not make landfall in Florida, the effects will be felt beginning around Monday evening when Florida’s Melbourne and Palm Bay areas can expect tropical storm winds, said Ed Rappaport, deputy director at the National Hurricane Center.

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  1. OH damn! The global warming nuts are going to fall out of their trees over this one.

  2. God bless and be safe everywhere this hurricane is to effect

  3. Come check out my eulogy on piano for the damage Hurricane Dorian caused to pay your respects.

  4. Everyone in the Bahamas :Bitches get your rifles, and licenses for lolis.

  5. Good thoughts from New Orleans, we remember Katrina, in 2005..Please y'all stay safe, keep the faith and be strong.

  6. Time to go surfing up in Maine

  7. I'm praying for my family in Bahamas.

  8. Alligators and snakes are escaping too! Watch out!

  9. Volusia county FL..out of propane and gas already..everyone is prepared

  10. My thoughts go out to florida. Florida the rest of America knows your weird and stupid, but don't be so weird and stupid you don't evacuate.

  11. Hurricane: Is going straight to Florida
    People who live in Florida: lmao

  12. Have these guy's been to bed yet?? Thank you for the constant reporting, to keep people up-to-date. RESPECT!!

  13. Hopefully Dorian destroying only Mar-a-Lago but that place totally.


  15. ever wonder what these people do when there is no storm? – exactly

  16. let me summarize: basic preparation- go about your business – periodically check in with approximate path and timing from one source of these clueless so-called experts

  17. I hope it takes all the ugly evil wicked people away

  18. these clowns are considered experts? – nobody can predict mother nature's path – pathetic indeed

  19. ohh i thought it was turning? what happend? someone wrong again?

  20. I just watched active video cams of Port of Prince and others and there are some clouds in the distance but calm, small waves, beautiful. What the heck? And it is current time and matches our time where we live. Just saying.

  21. 200 mph gusts? I think that would literally blow me away.

  22. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Bahamas 🇧🇸 this storm is moving super slow most of Bahamas going to be covered in water 😩🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  23. This is another geoenginerred storm using HAARP. Go to mike morales above ground news and get the real facts.

  24. Lots of prayers from INDIA❤️… Hope it will vanish soon

  25. Extremely helpful info, compared to others who merely repeat warnings, but you desperately need a better microphone, please!

  26. My prayers to all the people of Florida. Keep safe everyone 🙏🙏🙏

  27. Where is my favorite weather reporter Alan Seals

  28. Dorian September 2, 2019 Monday 11:28 AM EST
    NOAA Hurricane center Hurricane Dorian (AL052019)
    Advisory #36A
    Advisory Information
    Valid at: 8:00 AM EDT September 02, 2019
    Location: 26.7 N, -78.2 W
    Maximum Wind: 145 knots (165 mph) { CAT 5 }
    Wind Gusts: 175 knots (200 mph)
    Motion: W
    Minimum Pressure: 916 mb

    NOAA Buoy SPGF1
    NDBC Location: 26.704N 78.995W, NNW 340 degrees 42,9 kt (49 MPH) gusting to 55 kt (63 MPH).
    Buoy location from eye of Dorian East 48 miles.

    Ventusky dot com
    Maximum sustained wind 89 MPH, gusting to 123 MPH {CAT 1}

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