Monday , August 2 2021
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The Next War: How The U.S. Armed Forces Are Evolving | Meet The Press

As the United States looks beyond war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the military is preparing for conflict in new domains, from outer space to cyberspace.
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  1. The broad hardware orally transport because tomato proportionately gaze by a confused plane. handsome, adorable badger

  2. I as a foreigner be quite astonished by these comments down here.Feared there will be a lot of people
    cheering for these type of violent amerian dream.Changed my view on Americans a bit.
    So thank you folks!

  3. Total nonsense!
    One guy with an usb- stick or small bottle of viruses can do much more harm than a nuclear bomb.
    Time of the empire army is over.One hit to San Francisco,Boston and New York and America is done.
    And thats exactly what will happen.Save your money for better life for your children.

  4. Ours leader and politicians should be working to make this a better world.. because to follow war confrontation will make us extinct!

  5. Today, the strategy is to start in-fight in ur opponent country. Cn soft spot? Population. Usa soft spot? Race.

  6. I remember when this pandemic began and how scared the world was. We need a war with another virus, one that will threaten the very existence of humanity. Not just the elderly but where every single human will be threatened with extinction. A virus where there would be no vaccine. Let's talk about war with each other then.

  7. A war with China and or Russia will quickly escalate to nuclear war. There is no way China and or Russia will win a conventional war with the US and Allies. They will be smothered.

  8. The war we need to focus on is racism humanity and everything that's coming with it Dickens can fix anything we sending soldiers to different countries cannot fix anything killing other people's indigenous rights or taking their resources or doing anything to harm them and their natural culture we can't do anything about it it's the government's that are responsible for this and take it should take accountability besides the poor people you don't send the rich people you send the poor people the people that have needs America needs to wake up I mean the United States we need to take part in healing in confronting racist movements and helping each other out as I can say different words so you can't say them at all speaking from all languages

  9. Look like Chuck is disappointed of the answer from Mike Moland

  10. Lol astroturfing galore

  11. Sound like the military Industrial complex want more profit

  12. What a deep deep shame. I remember when space was virgin. Man had just walked on the moon and the first global communication satellites were just coming on line. Now we are in full swing to weaponize space for the next war.

  13. Well said soldier. He gets the big picture and names the problems. Truth is important.

  14. We can't seem to maintain a minimum standard of living. This means one bedroom apartment local commute need 4 times the rent to live. Minimum wage minimum disability minimum pension. We hold this as the wage price spital settles the balance. Public health policy would improve the response to Agent Orange sensitivity.

  15. Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty obligations and chemical weapon manufacture treaty enforcement is the single most important effort needed and neglected.

  16. Nucleotide ratio is the battlefield. Ozone concentration is the battlefield. Global Atmosphere depth is the battlefield. Sperm count is the battlefield. E coli is the battlefield. The sun is the battlefield. Catch up.

  17. no wonder, warmonger nation.
    it sounds like a FAKE Iraq's WMD scenario in the repeat mode.

  18. Where is the WMD in Iraq ?
    USA racist war machine is spreading lies as new WMD.

  19. US always pursuing opportunities for war. A good business where quick money can be made.

  20. "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

    (1 Samuel 15:3)

  21. The military-industrial complex wants the people to think that the US is threatened from all quarters. In reality, it's the warmongering US that is threatening everyone.

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