Tuesday , November 24 2020
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The NY Times chose Mulvaney as the cover, not Turkey ceasefire: Grisham

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham defends President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, discusses the 2020 presidential election and the impeachment inquiry.

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  1. Taxpayers need to fund the trump organization not the American troops Please help and donate to the keep republicans out of jail fund

  2. carvanna ….what a joke, Ithey offered me $295 for my car 2008 G6. I actually sold it for $2600. Check your car value thru autotrader or car gurus, someone else before throwing your car away.

  3. Haha, Trump REALLY wants a Nobel peace prize!! He and his teams have designed this ceasefire but still not getting the cover story!!


  5. Mitch? Probably compromised because of his Chinese wife with China..

  6. She’s another stunner …..

  7. I think it's funny the anti war Democrats are all of a sudden war hawks. The left are hypocrites. Mitt Romney is leading the charge to be Benedict Arnold for the rhinos. Bring the troops home sick of the endless wars and being the police of the world. Trump 2020

  8. take the dems guns and send em to syria

  9. Time to end the sacrifice of American soldiers in proxy wars to the god of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael.

  10. Stephani Grisham costumes like playing games on top of church bells in Spanish/Italian catholic movie's. Lou Dobbs and gang's played well, and their apprentice played well making millennials from satellites and townships.

    Two space women just made woman walk top over ISS watching satellite's.

  11. What does this woman do every day? Twiddle her thumbs? Not a single press briefing from this hag. Unheard of. Does she blow Trump every morning to keep her job?

  12. All the Government officials are making big money off these continuous regime change wars and both parties are involved and that's why this continues and like Viet Nam, the people are going to have to step up and demand it is stoped and we must remove the ancient has-beens must go all of them and the very reason they (Demorats) gone after Tulsi Gabbard and don't want her near the WH and Trump must go another way because Barr is not going to do a thing all that is a smokescrean they have mountains of evidence to take down Obama and Hillary to Rothchilds and Soros and Hundreds down and they have done nothing

  13. The New young Turks live in la la land

  14. Carlos slim owns the NYT, he sponsored Hillary


  16. SNOWFLAKES?We may have to Find another WORD!With Climate Change an ALL!Shortly WE won't Have SNOW or Polar Ice caps or Monkees with Glue Guns and Bananas!

  17. Mulvaney literally admitted to a quid quo pro, and when asked again, clearly affirmed. Reporter: Let's be clear – what you just described is a Quid Pro Quo. It is funding will not flow unless the investigation into the Democrat server happens as well.
    Mulvaney: We do that all the time with foreign policy.

    Of course the Democrats had to impeach. They could have impeached earlier, when Trump's own Department of Justice implicated him along with Cohen. "Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1.” [Individual 1 was identified as the president]. But, the Democrats wanted to avoid impeachment and did not impeach until a Trump appointed inspector general came forward with another impeachable offense.

    Then, if all of that wasn't enough, Mulvaney announced that Trump awarded the G7 contract to his own resort, which most argue is a clear violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution. That is major news. There is no other way to spin this. Mulvaney admitted to the quid quo pro and then stated that Trump had awarded his own resort the G7 contract. It is clearly unconstitutional. It is all clearly impeachable. The Republicans were ready to remove Clinton from office for lying about a consensual affair, but they are okay with all of the above? It's mind boggling.

  18. ARE you kidding putting whats really important to the American people and What means the most to us first. Bite your tongue Its lies spins and propaganda first The truth second, third, and us last

  19. Stephanie Grisham. Hmmm. Oh isn't she Sarah Sanders' replacement? What a joke. Trumpsky allowed her out of her hole.

  20. Lou, what ever happened to Lou Dobbs the news anchor?

    You have become a campaign manager for the Republican Party.


  22. I’m so proud of our President, he’s not always on vacation like the left

  23. Oblama funded and armed isis. All of Europe’s leaders marched against oblama isis/isil terrorism. He fooled the deamoncrats and rhino republicans by simply calling them isil. This was while he practiced ethnic cleansing of caged Hispanic children and pardoned epstein.

  24. The worst most corrupt president and administration ever!! Habitually lying about everything. My children are watching as he lies every day. Commits crimes and Republicans spin and spin to cover him…I am ashamed of the kind of Americans that support him.

  25. When the Debate is lost, Slander becomes the Tool of the Loses.

  26. The RINOS R getting a piece of the WAR PIE making millions of $$ thats why they R resisting the POTUS and many of them may C GITMO. Its Called Scarred S–t L-ss., as well they should B.

  27. The ceasefire has already broken. Stop covering up facts. Leave propaganda for CNN, you should be better than them.

  28. Wow he work Twelve hours A-day nobody can keep up with him incredible

  29. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 this entire take

  30. if people want us to support the Kurds, let those people buy a AR-15 and travel to Syria . Otherwise STFU

  31. Taking a vote on impeachment allows it to stop sucking all the oxygen out the room. That's why they don't do it (let alone the fact that the house Dems are short a few votes and it it might fail)

  32. Shaking up the career politicians on both sides. Our President is doing exactly what he said he would and part of draining the swamp means having to find out which Republicans are with him and which are against him. It is a shame the way the MSM reported on what Mulvaney said to meet their narrative by taking it out of context but then that's what they always do. They set you up and then pounce on anything they can twist to meet their biased narrative without actually listening to the context of the answers and the rest of them will parrot it in headlines. DESPICABLE!

  33. Where do veterans want Trump?? …………We want the traitor behind bars

  34. Nick Mulvaney is absolutely right!

    "GET OVER IT" democRATS, you lostt in 2016, and you going to lose again in 2020.

    Trump TSUNAMI in 2020!

  35. It doesn't matter DEM or REP.. a lot of these people have corruption skeletons in their closet that's why they're supporting DEMs impeachment craziness….the devil is ramping up on all sides. But he's going to be exposed.

  36. As a Canadian with no skin in the game Tucker laid it out perfect tonight. The politicians are so corrupt their more concerned about the Syrian border and the kurds than the southern border where drugs and gangsters are causing a thousand times more harm to your country.

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