The president lied to the American people about this, tax watchdog warns

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist argues the Republican Party has the ‘power of the purse’ now. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Biden has only helped us become more poor … thanks!

  2. The demonic Democrats will always lair to you so you would vote for them. That's because Democrats look at you as subjects to them.

  3. All these rail track workers deserve to get not a good contract but; a GREAT contract. Happy Thanksgiving to all the hard workers and all the great people at FOX NEWS.

  4. Anytime he opens his mouth he lies. No one is surprised. Next.

  5. Biden doesn't care!!! HES ON VACATION again

  6. TheLiar(45) NormalizedLYING. Lying is what the 45th did several times a day out the both sides of his mouth at the same times. A book of lies would be great

  7. There was an agreement! Biden didn’t lie.
    That some Unions didn’t accepted is a different thing. Most unions did acc it but it has to be all not some.
    Anyway, The Deplorable Rat, Donald Trump never lied, right?

  8. The President lies? Noooooooo😂

  9. The GOP should begin now with a truth campaign focused on young and middle-aged White people. Ask them if they want a country run by minorities or a country run by people that are intellectually capable of managing a complex corporate entity like America. The GOP should ask them what kind of country and life they want for themselves and their children. It won't be racist. It will be what everyone in this country and the world is thinking. All this diversity and equality is BS.

  10. If his mouth is moving he’s lieing he would not know the truth if he was standing in it I hope he enjoys where he’s going one thing about it it will be warm for him and his friends

  11. Come on man, Joe didn't lie to us he just misrepresented the truth.

  12. The rail unions are in bed with the corporations. Follow the money

  13. More lies,biden a f-ing lier

  14. Whoever wrote bydens lying script!! Needs to be locked up!!..Mr Norquist right on the bullseye!!.Maria we ❤ you!!It's all LIES n the railroad workers will do what will benefit them and their families..including Strike!

  15. imagine walking around all day with a filled diaper??????????? Thats why bidens face looks like that


  17. Oh my God it's true, I knew it!
    Biden is a Liar and a Fat Mouth!
    What a Maroooooooooooon!

  18. Proud Dem lying moment!
    NO tax and spend! Trump 2024🇺🇸


  20. Biden lies to the American people and our country everytime he opens his mouth

  21. You know I don't think we're ever going to get back to the place where news is actually news. All it is right now is playing the blame game and sensationalism.
    No facts, no actual news so why does anybody even watch these people?

  22. The president lied to us about this ??? Really?? Y’all should know by now, Democrats, ALL OF THEM, LIE CONSTANTLY. GET WITH IT.


  24. A great deal of blame also rests with the CEO's of those rail companies for massive lay off's of employees over the last several years. The people left standing, especially train crews were then forced to work on average at least six days a week to fill the void, so the CEO's and share holders could still make huge bonuses. Dementia brain, just lied about the deal. There was never any deal in place.

  25. Biden lies is no surprise at all. Remove him from office and carryout punishment for treason against the American citizens.

  26. Redirect all of Biden policies, there just distractions for his hidden agenda. How much more failed policies can this country deal with. Meanwhile the administration is moving billions of dollars away from much needed programs in this country . Lord help help this country rid itself of these fool’s

  27. the real heroes are not the railroad people they are The Welcome to America greeters in New York who help people who cannot speak English as they navigate a $ 400-a-night room, how to use a telephone for room service among a bazillion more roadblocks to enjoy the free ride….

  28. Did we expect any more from the president that lies to the American people my God what does it take for everybody to not trust him look at what kind of record he runs lies lies lies lies lies nothing but lies

  29. What about the dignity of all workers and their pensions

  30. He lies every time he speaks! Just another puppet picked for his weak stupidity!

  31. Bwahahaha, the Bidenphile

  32. Railroad unions backed Biden during the election. What makes them think Biden will do anything for them? Especially with BNSF making money hand over fist! Railroad carriers have been trying to pay less for labor, cut crews to 1 man, and force an attendance policy that is neither safe, nor adequate for railroad safety. Railroad unions and workers can't strike for long. It is eesential to keep America moving, and the government will find a way to bridge the labor gap, or order people back to work.

  33. Who voted for him every one I know and they know didn't

  34. Trump lied but at least he didn't smile in your face while he was stabbing you in your chest. At least he plunged the knife in while facing you and smiling in your face. Everything is political now. Politics is the same as racism.

  35. I wish she would stop yelling all the time. You have a microphone.