The race for control of the Senate narrows to Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin | ABCNL

ABC News Washington senior reporter Devin Dwyer breaks down the latest results from tight Senate races that could tip the balance of the Senate. WATCH the live stream of ABC News here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #SenateControl #Election #Senate #ABCNLUpdate

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. If this election ended the same day he would of won

  2. Fucking cheater. Stall out counting of votes long enough to cheat

  3. My message to all these MSM people is your f**** worthless

  4. Magically new ballots being found

  5. We need more botder crosser votes send moreover we will win its working

  6. It’s one of the biggest cheats ever for. Retard to be a Dr. Oz. That’s a mocking from democrats showing Patriots how well they have control of the ballot box”s to Patriots time to call for a Civ war

  7. 46 Democrats 2 independents and 49 republicans

  8. These people are Pathetic!! It was the liberal media that started all the red wave bullshit to begin with. Looking back, it was there way to make sure the donkeys went out and voted!.

  9. Since the delay or past election night, Laxalt lead has been shrinking while Masto going up. How does this make sense? All of a sudden, the margin of votes received by Masto is almost 100:1 ratio, just all of a sudden.

  10. How many people in PA have a high school diploma? Why did they Vote a Tree ???

  11. I like that Masters is young and ready to take on politics, we need more young candidates

  12. They did it again, just like 2020.

  13. System is corrupt. We are the United States of America in name only. Feels like we lost a war to the communist's and no one told us.

  14. I call bs when a county in Arizona 24 hours later has only 72% counted with 6000 votes combined.

  15. like the last time, in the end, someone will do something to win. and the dead people not going to vote yes. we need to wait for them.

  16. Voting literally has became a joke. Does anyone actually trust these results taking weeks to count votes?! all these mail in ballots ?! Seriously we the people have lost our country it’s nothin more then a illusion of voting at this point and we’re just about to get took for a ride we never wanted

  17. Arizona plagued with election FRAUD. We need to stop mail in ballots and use computer voting on site. Why do people vote for bad economy and high crime candidates.

  18. election day, not election month…

  19. fake news reps have 49 now

  20. Wondering who and how many calls from republicans have gone out to those states asking them to find more votes so republicans will win? Is trump making calls again? I wouldn't doubt Doug Ducey would come up with a game plan for R wins. Dems better be ready to call for a recount because I do Not believe more people voted for the midterms THAN the 2020 election. There's something wrong with those numbers.

  21. Does Hobbs participate in fishing tournaments by chance?

  22. This guy has lost his memory, but he can also be the president of the United States

  23. Rumor has it that Lake is ready to cry foul in AZ in case she loses. What a surprise. If this Trump-stolen-election drama were to be made into a movie it would be rated MI: made for idiots.

  24. Gee, the same 4 states we had issues with in 2020. What a coincidence…

  25. The Republican party despite some initial gestures at being horrified by the events of J 6 is almost completely unrepentant over its role in fomenting the historic attack on the United States Capitol. The GOP is Evil. They are Liars. Liars to the people that support them.

  26. Something’s wrong with the picture again! Why is it taking weeks to know? They can have governor results in & for congress & senat may take weeks,”Awe Come On!”
    Why is it with the technology of today we can’t have voting by Face ID, Fingerprint , Drivers License , Social Security number! These are so easy to get there could be O cheating.
    This paper ballot voting needs to go big time!
    We seem to pride ourselves in technology & have means of a full proof iron clad honest election.
    Venezuela & most of South America has collapsed just like this! Brazil just had a huge beyond a doubt election & the people are screaming. The last Democracy left in South America!
    We are being truly stupid & gullible to a corrupt system. No more paperwork, electronic & vote at home , my word if you have to buy the cheapest IPad can do these things.

  27. weeks after the election to determine the winner is the most ridiculous thing I ever imagined.

  28. better than expected day for dems what a shocker

  29. weeks to count votes that tells everything

  30. Here we go again😑