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The salute mom and son will remember forever | Militarykind

She put her Air Force career on hold for her son. Then in one brief moment, they honored their sacrifices for country and family, together.
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  1. These things make me proud to watch (as a kiwi living in Holland). It truly inspires me

  2. to all of the brave men and women of the armed forces in event that all of you get this this is Nathaniel Thomas Ferguson and I send this message to any surviving soldiers remaining those who threaten America leave America alone cause I'm coming for your asses😠

  3. Damn it. You made me cry a little

  4. Disgusting army. Hugging in uniform 🤮

  5. I am so very proud and honored to know that her and her son are willing to serve militarily for us and our country. Thanks

  6. NO….no I'm not crying!!! 🙂

  7. I'm crying my eyes out it's just a blessing to know that we have two wonderful Warriors serving in our military God bless. I encourage everyone that reads this comment to pray with me every day for our military and their families

  8. I’m not a military person but i say thanks for your service for all each one GOD AND JESUS bless you and best your entire family, also who died GOD AND JESUS stay with them

  9. If it was in Texas and it was January that happened I was there and my brother was there he's in the military

  10. Brought tears to my eyes! Thank you both! God Bless AMERICA!

  11. Deep. The level of Respect, love and loyalty 🤗🤗🤗💜🙏

  12. Beautiful, can’t describe it any better!

  13. Yet so proud to be a part of a system that cares less of you here on US soil🤦🏽‍♂️damn shame 🤣

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