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The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen

Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s health and wellness community Discouraged by the broken, patriarchal health care system, she left her medical practice in 2007 only to realize that you can quit your job, but you can’t quit your calling. This epiphany launched her on a journey of discovery that led her to become a leader in the field of mind/body medicine, which she blogs about at and is writing about in her third book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013).

She teaches both patients and health care professionals how to make the body ripe for miracles by healing the mind and being healthy in all aspects of life, not just by promoting healthy behaviors like good nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep, but by encouraging health and authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances, and living environment. She is leading a revolution to feminize how health care is received and delivered by encouraging collaboration, fostering self-healing, reconnecting health care and spirituality, empowering patients to tap into the mind’s power to heal the body, and encouraging women not to settle for being merely well, but to strive for living vital, joyful, authentic lives full of “mojo.”

When not spreading the word, she chills out, paints, does yoga, and hikes in Marin County, CA with her husband and daughter.

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  1. This was hate at first sight for me

  2. I bet she’s bought by someone from above – and I don’t mean any gods, that’s for sure

  3. I don’t trust her at all lmao

  4. Fabulous. Looking at the big picture rather than superficial things will bring no harm to you.

  5. 7 1/2 minutes for each patient… ridiculous! Society is broken, that's why we're really sick… we live like robots that can go on forever without fail…. NO… we're humans, we get tired-we need to rest, hungry- we need to eat, fatigued- we need to sleep. It's not rocket science… it should just be common sense. We need to get back to health… true and overall health… who's with me?!

  6. It may be obvious to some of us but it certainly is not obvious to the medical establishment unfortunately including functional medicine folks. They are as dogmatic about supplements and healthy foods being the path to wellness-as the western trained docs are to treating symptoms with drugs without exploring the source of the problem.
    Their premise It is only part of the healing process
    the mind has the most impact on our health weather we are releasing positive neurotransmitters ie dopamine endorphins etc which are the most powerful healing chemicals we have.
    Or stress hormones adrenaline cortisol which creates illnesses and impedes healing.
    I experienced this when dealing with cfs. 50 supplements daily and healthy diet minus $15,000 didn’t do anything to help me except deplete my retirement fund and add to my stress. Only when I changed my environment and started to enjoy life again did I notice an increase in my energy and my vitality even without taking my 50 daily supplements.
    It’s a no brainer.
    The good news is Our thoughts influence our neurotransmitters and we have control over our thoughts with awareness and practice therefore we have the innate ability to feel good and be healthy ‼️what Dr has ever used this wisdom as a treatment plan including functional medicine drs. ? They are as rigid and entrenched in their beliefs and protocol as Allopathic drs are with their medieval approach to medicine. Unfortunately Drs’s have lost their courage curiosity commitment to healing and humbleness. Instead ego arrogance and righteousness gets in the way of practicing medicine in its purist form. That is why I salute Dr Rankin it took curiosity courage humbleness and integrity to take an honest look at the results of her patients progress and she delved into researching the chemicals involve d in the healing process and what the placebo affect was all about she was courageous enough to challenge their protocol and theories. I am a great admirer of hers She was the voice of my personal experience and whenever I tried to discuss this with my functional medicine dRs I was immediately discounted as if I was at fault. These Drs’s missed out on a great opportunity to learn from their patients. To get feedback and anecdotal information that could add to their repository of knowledge instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Dr Rankin was committed enough to the practice of medicine to be willing to look at the failures and explore what that was about therefore advancing the knowledge of the most powerful healing powers we have. Plus we know how powerful the mind is so why doesn’t this information make headlines. Of course the cost of treatment would dramatically decrease I spent 15,000 on quality supplements and extremely expensive foods. That was enough to release the stress hormones and I wondered why I wasn’t feeling better. Not to devalue the importance of eating healthy foods and omitting sugars and simple carbs etc but their theory is heal the body and the body will heal itself is just one slice of the pie. And maybe the case for some people but what about the rest of us that are still not well. What other options do you offer if any?
    I pray that Dr Rankin and other practitioners who are willing to question the status quo and practice medicine with truth and integrity as the primary intention can be strong role models for other practitioners who still are too intent in keeping their heads in the sand and diminish those of us who are not feeling satisfied with the results making us wrong. My functional medicine dr took me off his patient list when I attempted to discuss this with him.
    It’s sad when ego trumps progress and learning especially when it comes to our health and quality of life One step forward and two steps back. History is again repeating itself. Thank you Dr Rankin for standing tall and true to yourself and to your profession you have the heart and integrity of a great healer. God bless you.

  7. Everybody will find his way to be happy in life but the answer is not the same for everybody.

  8. Summary: Mental health affects physical. Nothing more.

  9. Thank you, amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. ' Stop doing what you should, and start doing what you feel.' PREACH, woman!

  11. Nice .pls for some who says this speech is useless.Try to watch this video a couple of times to fully understand its true content.only when we trully connect with our body mind and soul will we appreciate life .

  12. Sure keep stress out, but that not it. Its a whole package.

  13. I just have seen this in the right moment.

  14. Great. As a surgeon myself I do sincerely agree with her. The body needs more than medications to heal.Superb.

  15. She on spot
    Just think her talk was above the average persons head

  16. Could have not said it better, amen to that my friend:)

  17. It’s really the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the whology.

  18. There is a field to adress these problems: psychosomatic medicine
    And in Germany you learn it in medscool 🙂

  19. painful to watch and listen. Too much about herself, had to skim it. Naturally, towards the end she brings up a slide about her next book. In terms of caring for your body, it depends where you live in the world. In the western world you must care for your body as opposed to living on ( ie) the island of Sardinia where it comes natural.

  20. It is so strange that the autonomic nervous system is the only body system we love to hear about only when not called by its name! This is the true inner wise and web of access to spirituality though!

  21. Write my own prescriptions eh???

  22. I have been where she is talking about. It took me 2 knee replacement surgeries to get me to slow down and realize what was going on. My body was telling me to stop and listen… so I did. I retired, go over the knee surgeries and I got over "me'". I been getting healthier ever since.

  23. On behalf of Independent Research, Interactive, Exchangeable Social Cultural Education, worldwide (Eastern and Western Health Care), I do appreciate Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D for Valuable mindful lecture to Public Consumers.

  24. Just eat your ancestral foods. I was an emotional, over-thinking vegetarian for 35 years, learning everything I could, looking for answers everywhere, like this lady. Once you calm down with ancestral foods, you're just happy and healthy-problem solved.

  25. What do animals drink there whole life? Water! Except humans pop coffee milk shakes beer wine and on and on

  26. the body is autually a mirror of how we live our lives

  27. These ideas have been obvious to many of us for decades, I'm glad "intelligent" and "educated" people are finally starting to catch up.

  28. While I believe her advice of authenticity and healing is extremely beneficial for our health, I find this a little disingenuine. We cannot control every disease (or misfortune) that we get. Sometimes we get sick and it's beyond our control, e.g. birth defects, Cancer genes, Down's Syndrom, etc.

  29. This actually brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful person with a powerful prescription for health.

  30. Has she been sectioned yet ?

  31. A total waste of time listening to you Lissa. Congratulations for finding yourself! But why don't you stop talking about yourself which is not really related to your main theme and take off the mask and just be more down to earth. It is not really about you, and no one really wants to hear everything in detail when you are going in a circle! You are a waste of time, you still ear a mask I feel.

  32. She must create one religion

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