Sunday , January 24 2021
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The Size of Joe Biden's Win Depends On How You Count | Meet The Press | NBC News

A closer looks at this year’s election and past races show why the Electoral College/popular vote divide is increasingly worrying in a nation with a sharply divided political scene.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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The Size of Joe Biden’s Win Depends On How You Count | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Democrat voters wish to be ruled, Republicans prefer to be governed. Huge difference.

  2. The State legislatures will make the decision for President when the Legislature Electors cast their votes on January 6th in the House Of Representative, and the decision for Vice President will be made by the Senate, this is the normal process. We have to be patient until then.

  3. Clearly the left understands most people understand biden and democrats stole this election when they put out articles like this trying to convince people biden won honestly.

  4. What is he talking about? Biden won Michigan by 155,000. He also won Pennsylvania by more than 81,000 votes.

  5. Just so everyone knows this is the real Joe Biden and not what CNN makes him out to be.

    Kamala Harris doesn't care about anyone, but herself. She sent over 1,500 black men in prison for marijuana possession and laughed about it when she was asked if she smoked it.

    On Vice a black witness said that he was wrongfully convicted and this is from Vice not Fox News, Oann or Newsmax.

    If you're still not convinced look at her prosecution record rather than on Fact Checker, Politico, Google, etc.

    This is from the NY Post and look on Duck Go to find her prosecution record.

    P.S She's not African American. Her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican.

  6. Thank you president trump for getting the vaccine out to everyone so fast.

  7. It’s great that Creepy Joe thinks the “poor kids are just as capable as the white ones” that’s so progressive of him to bring that to our attention. The only question now is does it feel the same when those black kids tickle the hairs on his legs? Only uncle Joe can answer that tough question. Well…Hunter could probably answer that one too.

  8. Trumpism’s dead
    ‘cause we all voted blue.
    After the landslide
    what will you do?

  9. Hail Joe Biden, the head of the Biden crime family. The White House will certainly live up to its name when Hunter visits. Or maybe it will be renamed the 'White Clouds' House. The entire family deserve the Big House.

  10. CCP came into tibet 60 years ago, bribed all the govt official then took the gun away, took the freedom of speech then took over the whole country I feel like it’s happening all over again but in America.

  11. Joe Biden is a CCP proxy.

  12. A broken democracy and our msm is covering it up with double speak and lies. I hope you all hang for this

  13. If Democrats win the Senate the should vote the electoral vote out

  14. The 3 state comparison was kinda dumb. Biden won Pennsylvania by 80,000 votes, that’s more then Trump won the rust belt combined in 2016. He also won Michigan by 150,000 votes. It’s also impressive when you consider Georgia hasn’t gone blue in almost 40 years, and Arizona hasn’t gone blue in 50.

  15. Trump lost 2 wars pandemic
    Cyber t rump has ka ka diapar

  16. The oldest whitest president in history got way more votes than Obama! White supremacists rejoice!

  17. Can't we just move on ? Please

  18. 2+2=3 for Trump. 2+2=6 for Biden. That sums up the vote. It was rigged by the government, for the government. Now it's almost time for the Great Marxist Reset.

  19. if people say joe Biden cheated in this election: can I say that trump cheated in 2016?

  20. "by any means" is why no let up in MSM psy ops pushing fake Biden win when Trump won.
    Obama School of Saul Alinskey 😈

  21. If this poll was true then why did the dems have to sneak in thousands & thousands of votes to turn the election?(we have viewed the evidence) ….The president got 12 million more votes than he did in 2016….People don't want Biden as a president…… this poll is crap.

  22. I agree with NPC News here for once, if you can't count then you'd probably see Biden winning.
    Count the extra million voters that don't exist.

  23. It’s fairly easy to see that the lead contamination problems we have are not limited to Flint, MI. Conspiracy theories and wild imaginations keep their hopes high that Trump has won the election and some say, even Trump, that he won by a landslide. Yet, all state election officials have certified Biden’s win, and over 50 court rulings, including the Supreme Court, have shown that Trumps legal team has failed to show that there is any evidence for fraud. Even the president’s AG has said the same thing. And yet, these people see the world upside down from all the evidence that proves Biden won.

  24. False. Take AZ, WI and GA from Biden and it’s a tie, 269-269, not a Biden loss.

  25. When you say "Russia" We hear China.
    Russia doesn't give a fook about America
    And what goes on here.
    But China cares because they own America.

  26. Hey Chuck, can you tell us how many fraudulent votes were cast for biden? Just curious how much he had to cheat in order to 'win' wink wink the election.

  27. So Californians need to move from their state and go into Texas! And fellow New Yorkers need to go to Florida.

  28. The 2020 election was a fraudulent deceitful sham!!!! Concede Biden-Harris swindler deceiver liars!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎🤡

  29. What's the point of this? Like Dave Chappelle says, you gets "👎🏻TWO THUMBS DOWN👎🏻" 😂

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