Saturday , October 16 2021
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'The Social Dilemma' director calls social media platforms 'digital Frankenstein'

Filmmaker Jeff Orlowski, who directed ‘The Social Dilemma,’ a documentary showing ‘the real implications’ that social media companies have on society, argues the leaked Facebook documents substantiates ‘criticisms’ people had for years.

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  1. the cell phone is good for emergency and searching for things but taking video while driving for social media and texting while driving needs to go.

  2. More like digital vampires. As they seem to desire to suck you dry then turn you into one of their familiars ghouls or Igor.

  3. These leaks are too coincidental with the Dems' current desire to control the flow of information/propaganda/suppression…here comes the establishment of a ridiculous regulatory agency for this purpose, aka Big Brother.

  4. CEO of Face Book and CEO of Twitter should be but in Jail for interfering in the 2021 Presidential Election.

  5. No more "my data my privacy my choice (my rights)". 😂

  6. I can contest with him too! I have NOT had insta, FB, twitter, etc for almost a year. Didn’t miss it at all. I have become extremely intelligent in my free time. I go to news across the world, and find myself more up to date than politicians. Love my life more too. Learning piano, spanish, etc. Reading books, journals, etc. You realize the longer you’re away from it, how stupid social media is/was. GET RID OF IT. DISCOVER YOURSELF. BUILD YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH REAL PEOPLE.

  7. We have people in this country who are all mad sure don't know anything about America. Social media should be shut down but it's just my opinion to each its own.

  8. MSM needs to just go away. You became mercenaries when you took CIA money to mislead. What you imagined as patriotic was despotic in that you helped a small number of men control your readership with fake news. Shame.

  9. Investing in Bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this season. Because Bitcoin investment has made alot of people millionaires.

  10. FB whistleblower was a double agent,Dem donated, has same lawyer as Eric chiremella the other fake whistle blower! And all the disinformation and misinformation is coming from the commie FARLEFT because they have nothing to fall back on!

  11. The idea behind Facebook was good too allow people to connect with family and friends. But Facebook became an authoritarian dictatorship censoring people's opinions with fact checks and removing posts which they regarded as misinformation. People that remain on Facebook are just enabling the problem.

  12. I dont go on FB much anymore. Its the same everyday.

  13. Cavuto get your throat/larynx checked. It could be cancer. Your a good dude who ain't a teenager. Your voice shouldn't be cracking..

  14. Right wing loves censorship

  15. When you know Cavuto's sons are "woke" leftards – -the kind of stupid that a father like Cavuto would ensure to indoctrinate his kids with.

  16. The only way for traditional news/media outlets to get back in good graces with consumers, is to stop promoting social media. Just how MSM unfortunately bashed trump, you guys need to bash social media.

  17. Stock market continuing to plunge as usual at the end of the day.

  18. Because, in your mind,
    In your mind, zombie Facebook
    Zombie , tweeter, zombie, Instagram , zombie,zombie in your mind in your mind… generation Z for zombies

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