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  1. The linen is probably equal quality – just a different weave or a different type of linen fibre. The blue spread looks like a coarser more natural look linen with aesthetically pleasing slubs, whereas the white is a finer fibre and has less slubbing. They are just different types of fibre for different aesthetic results/ finishes but equally as good.

  2. The bed is amazing 👏 💚

  3. I think you need a floor to ceiling glass sculpture suspended in your stairwell, or something that’s decorative all the way down. 😂
    Forgoing that, the Soho Home light is lovely.

  4. ooh, that's a small chandelier. it's better used as a corner lamp for a nook or something. I'm on the Charlie bandwagon, you need a massive one in the stairwell, a statement piece.

  5. These masks are so gorgeous, I am impressed with all the DIY that you are doing 🙂

  6. I am subed on my hubby's account already, heck I was subed there first. I love the little light but I too think that Char is right about it being too small and his idea for a light with candle-like lights is more like it would have been back in the past. It would be fine if you find one that is older looking more historic. I love a lot of your color pallet that fab swatch you showed was amazingly lovely, would make a great how pillow on your bed as well as a chair or the sofa

  7. I agree with Charlie about the lamp. I would put a candle chandelier in gold in front of the window. It won't block the light and be gorgeous from outside!

  8. I love your vlogs!! You decorate and reuse everything so beautifully. Your rose garden reminds me of my dad as he loved tending to his roses.

  9. Josie, I don't want to be a party pooper but I think that light is too small for your staircase, and an antique gold one would look better, sorry. And it would look nice lower down so you can see it through the window. But don't fall out with Charlie over it and do a War of the Roses! 😁 x 😊

  10. 💖💖💖🌻🌻🌻✨✨✨

  11. Love your vlogs and their content. Could you please tell me the brand of the floral fabric you would like to use for some sofa cushions and the window bench in the family room?

  12. Hi Josie, could you link to the mask tutorial you were referring to please? I’d love to get that pattern as well.

  13. I love watching properties in England and France! LOL xo

  14. I love how creative you are and awesome that you are finding ways to recycle and repurpose items like the ones you are using to make masks. I wish more you tubers were like you! Truly Authentic you are.

  15. The ostrich lamp would go great in the corner next to the green bed.

  16. The super long pillow case is for a bolster pillow. They used them years ago, a long heavy pillow to boost the top ones. I better stop I’m showing my age. I’ve got some beautiful embroidered Irish linen ones but no pillow😂😂. I just love vintage Irish Linen. ❤️

  17. I am thinking the bed could be placed in the attic room on the opposite wall and it would allow your guests to see and enjoy the fireplace. Remember most people don't get to have the charm of those fireplaces in their room. Perhaps you could put a small dressing table kitty corner by the fireplace to the left so it would have the window light reflecting down onto the table and the fireplace is still visible from the bed. Also a rod iron chandelier might look good in the hallway -the black would be smart looking. loving your videos.

  18. Josie I liked what you did with your garden kneeler the patchwork with the swatches. The large swatches you have could be placed and sewn in the centre of a bought cushion cover in the material and colour of your choice. The swatch would look lovely against a plain coloured cushion cover, maybe pick a colour from the swatch for the background. Just thought it saves time, uses up your larger swatches and may be cheaper. Hope you don’t mind me saying. I know you champion sustainability. ❤️

  19. I’m running late but I have three to binge watch yeah❤️

  20. Love “Selling Sunset” too! Such fun. Don’t worry about vlogs not being interesting! We find them very enjoyable whatever you do! They’re something to look forward to at the end of the day. Please, people, subscribe!

  21. Grand chandelier in the middle of the stairs, in front of window. It will sparkle and not steal the light. Magical!! 🤩

  22. The bed is gorgeous but it overpowers that room, I just feel like it’s the wrong shape. I think something with a much lower headboard or even a day bed would work much better and on the opposite wall. The proportions just don’t work with the shelf behind, fireplace and window. X

  23. The light fixture is beautiful but agreed, it needs to be larger

  24. Love your vlogs & the house is coming along so beautifully!! The bed positioning in this particular room is nice but I think appreciating the fireplace and making sure it's not obstructed would do the interior justice. Maybe opt for a different bed? With maybe shorter headboard than the existing one & placing it sideways so the fireplace is on it's side. Something to think about.

  25. Josie – You said you want to make the attic bedroom cozy and what makes that room cozy is the charming FP wall with the little window that you see when you enter the room. Having those appointments in a room is why you paid big bucks for that house and it would be a shame to cover it up. That fireplace wall is the kind of charming feature you do not find in homes today so I would love to see you celebrate the charms and quirks. I can picture a pretty painted fireplace screen in front of the fireplace and the bed on the other wall would not be competing with the architecture elements that are now behind it but it could shine on a plainer wall as you want it to without a busy background to compete with. That was a long sentence. It will just wrap you in the charm of that house! Just something to think about from a new pair of eyes. Whatever you decide will be lovely.

  26. Love the masks! So adorable!!! ❤️

  27. I just finished watching Filthy Rich myself.
    Thank you so much for your vlogs they always give me something to look forward to. <3

  28. Noooo. Move the bed away from the fireplace. Loving your vlogs.

  29. Beautiful attic room🗝️ I disagree with your choices for it. A big bed doesn't look right in there !

  30. Josie I think you are absolutely right about the lamp for above the staircase! It totally fits the character of this section of the house! Do not get a chandelier! 🙏 Great vid as always!

  31. I have to agree with previous comments. You and Charlie with your doggies are a pleasant obsession! With everything going haywire in the world it is nice to see two wonderful people living their best lives. The date night, the road trips, the evening walk around the house and garden ….beautiful moments that help us relax, even if it is 15 minutes a day, you are our bright light in a very dreary time.

  32. I also completely agree with Charlie again regarding the little chandelier, it’s way too small and it does need to hang lower. I like his idea of the Chandelier with candles! 👍 something larger for sure!

  33. Noooooo! When I saw you both putting together the bed, that is what I was saying to my iPad. 😂. The bed does not look or feel right in front of that fireplace! I remember Charlie wanted it on the opposite wall and he is correct!! Your guest room would be so much cozier facing that fireplace. Ok, time to start up the video again as I hit pause to comment. 💕😂💗

  34. What I would do to eat 2 pizzas and have your figure! But loved your vlogs as always they are a great form of escapism from work each day! 🙌🏻💕✨

  35. Hello Josie, thank you so much for the lovely vlogs. Your positivity is totally infectious and your style inspiring. I wish you both all the best and lots of happy moments in your beautiful home☺️. Regarding your hallway lamp ( intriguing project ☺️)… maybe this is not feasible or too crazy but …what about hanging 3 of those lamps in different heights!?!? As a little eyecatcher ?

  36. The stairwell is very narrow as well as you have sconces so if you put a larger chandelier it would be too much in my opinion 😉. Thank you for sharing! 👍 from 🇨🇦

  37. The bed looks so great in that room. Once the fireplace is covered, it will look fantastic! I love the dress your wearing so much on you. Every time you wear it, it looks effortlessly feminine and pretty. Even though you said you did nothing today, I must say that I absolutely loved today's vlog and found it very interesting! The mask turned out gorgeous! I like the chandelier… I'm sure whatever you decide will be lovely.

  38. Where did you find the mask shape? I would like to sew one!

  39. Your new home is such a hidden gem. This floral fabric is so unique. I love customised pieces as it makes every home more special with a personal touch. I cant wait to see more. Joanna

  40. I completely agree with Charlie about the chandelier 👌🏽

  41. I love your videos like this! Seriously, just watching what you do with decorating, gardening and normal days are the best. It's so inspiring and therapeutic 🥰

  42. Oh please dont stop your daily vlogs. They are so well done and a beautiful distraction during this strange time. I look forward to watching every afternoon.

  43. Josie, I just had to make another comment……It doesn't really matter what the content is because just listening to/watching you in that setting (the beautiful house and grounds) is so relaxing and comfortable. I absolutely LOVE all your content. I suggested you to my mother and now she is hooked and she doesn't usually watch YouTube. Please don't underestimate the joy your "YouTube life" has on your subbies.

  44. josie, hi i m hamidah fm malaysia. love yr vlogs and my daughter is jealous of u…

  45. It’s funny that Soho House is so popular in the UK but in Canada we have no idea what it is/like. I only know that’s it’s a hotel from my UK Youtubers.

  46. Josie, I had to pause so I could let you know that the light looks gorgeous on a short chain exactly where you wanted it. 🙂

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