The ‘Sqaud’ melts down over Omar’s exit

‘Varney & Co.’ host Stuart Varney argued Ilhan Omar’s removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee is not about racism but the Minnesota Democrats’ antisemitic remarks. #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. If there's one place you'd think professionalism would be is in Congress. Guess not. These people are nothing but radical drama queen leftist activists. Shameful and embarrassing people actually vote for that to represent them. Best thing McCarthy did so far .

  2. I recognise her: she's a lying Marxist.

  3. She's right about Israel, but kick her off anyway. Israel controls the US Congress. Ex Senator Albright

  4. Omar is outraged that she will no longer have intel secrets TO SELL to foreign adversaries. Check her home for Classified Docs.

  5. Seriously she's anti sematic her and her husband stole so much covid money

  6. 😢all squad should exit

  7. Twist the truth. McCarthy is evil. Fox a pathway to hell

  8. The “Squad” is melting down because they know THEY ARE NEXT!

  9. Do You the Circumstances that lead to Illhan Omar coming to America?

    Her Family were Political Elite, They were Corrupt Tyrants that Plunged Somalia into Chaos.

    They had to Flee The Country because The Omar Family was being Hunted by The Innocent Citizens whos Lives they Destroyed.

  10. Glad she's gone thank you for this coverage

  11. Someone please poor some water on these witch's…how are they still walking around…must have security on them 24-7. Deport them all!

  12. That's right…I agree with AOC…she's racist and should be kicked off…and deported 😁!

  13. She should had never Bern on the committee. Neither should tlaib or aoc.

  14. Hahahaha! The acting of these people like the whole world is about to be destroyed because they can't get their way! These women that are drama queens cast a bad shadow on all elected women and should be ashamed!

  15. Ilhan Omar married her brother and while married to her husband. I believe she is married to her father also.

  16. This is 'DIVERSITY' in FULL BLOOM!

  17. If only the squad were that passionate about the POCs,crime, drugs in their districts.

  18. So they're upset, i don't care.

  19. When you're in the corner, play the race card

  20. More democrats voted to oust Omar that voted to keep her on committee

  21. When you see the socialists melting down like that, you know we are winning.

  22. Awe the squads mad. Sit down at the kiddies table and eat your food childrens

  23. She was a racist just like you the Biden administration are all liars they never tell the truth makeup stuff and then blame Trump

  24. This has nothing to do with racism or color It has to do with abuse of authority That they committed and need to be removed. Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world red yellow black-and-white it doesn't matter, But what does matter is the evil that they commit against Him. And He is cleaning house.

  25. That is worn out.
    They cried wolf too much and noone cares anymore.

  26. Abusing the racist card doesn't stick anymore!💪😂

  27. The real story is how American haters luke this get positions in office! Wonder why our country in shape its in! Aoc is a disgrace to anyone who elected her! Lol they cry and yell too bad they don't fight for maericans or our rites like that! Suppose to be elected by rhe people for the people not for the woke or for self! Lol they talk defund police but they have security details with military and live in gated communities . They are a joke !