Wednesday , January 20 2021
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The state of the economy

Millions still struggle despite new hopes for the COVID-19 vaccines.

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  1. Republican will act if the relief transfers more wealth to the rich.

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  4. Yeeeeeaaaah buddy. Lightweight baby

  5. They took away our spirit ……its time we go back to work and take back our spirit and our country

  6. I almost started to watch this, then I remembered this station is one sided and isn't credible.

  7. The Lord will provide what we need. Have faith.

  8. Stimulus? I thought Americans hated socialism. Well unless it's for them

  9. When you support Biden you get what you ask for ASSHOLES SO 🖕

  10. Theft fraud’. FBI? ThTs a federal crime boob

  11. Once again, a Democratic President has to step in and fix the sh*tshow the last Republican President left behind.😑

  12. Places are closing because of the Corona virus😷

  13. Interesting, the economy is killing it here in FL, but we also haven’t had any draconian type lockdowns to destroy businesses here either.

  14. This is what the media and establishment wanted

  15. People living like they did in pre pandemic will be in big financial trouble it’s only inevitable.

  16. Stop about the freakin virus we’re done!!!!

  17. I'm curious as to why many people refuse to work of many places hiring..I get it ok low paying jobs is but it's even more a problem that you don't work AT ALL. You're not scared of the virus..YES YOU. Go apply and make some friends be social with different ppl. Don't stay home cooped up fooled by the government and secret societies that worship one world global plan.

  18. oooooo.. shrink by 1%.. wtf.. prediction is so dire????? it's 1%!!!!!

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