Saturday , July 24 2021
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The Threat To Poland’s LGBTQ Community | NBC News Now

Euronews breaks down what is happening in Poland after a series of events had endangered the country’s LGBTQ community. In recent weeks, a newspaper distributed “LGBT Free Zone” stickers, violence broke out at an equality march, and a government minister defended the archbishop of Krakow who called the community a “rainbow plague.”
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The Threat To Poland’s LGBTQ Community | NBC News Now


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  1. True love is not allowing a man to fall to his imminent death but to warn him he’s headed for the edge of the precipice. They have always had equality amongst other men when it was given to them by God. Let’s not confuse equality with superiority. I have never in my life seen a homosexual having been abused, never. I’m 32 years old. I see quite often on the other hand people who are afraid of being bullied by THEM for not accepting their lifestyle. Not THEM, but their lifestyle. Big difference.

  2. what we're talking about are people paid for by soros

  3. There is no threat to LGBT today in Western societies. You are officially no longer oppressed when the central banks, governments, academia, MSM are all pushing your cause, and when you can throw explicit parades in public and things like "Desmond is Amazing" can exist. The real threat is to Heterophobia – the vicious attack on the heterosexual majority, marriage and family – often from LGBT.

  4. lgbt intentionally provoke aggression. are they counting on war?

  5. Why you didn't show another side of their fight. How they LGBT community provocate Catholics on their parades?

  6. I'm not a fan of the lgbtq mainstream culture, but I don't agree with Poland's discrimination towards it either. 
    The LGBTQ+ community doesn't focus on the individual needs anymore, it has become a label and extension to the "mainstream" western ideology. I don't know why it is even called LGBTQ+ now, when 4 letters where just enough. Yes, for my age (I'm 18), I tent to be a more traditional person however I'm just trying to have some faith in humanity.

  7. Dont hate the people in this hate who is behind this "Satan" he corrupts the week minded and week spirited The LORD Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, let them go they know its wrong and will be judged accordingly to their sins as will we if we dont do the Lords work.

  8. We have a freedom of speech? May I say what i think?
    LGBTQ is a threat, a plague. In Poland LGBTq activists are a miserable, but aggressive bunch of provocateurs

  9. NBC You are joking or you are so stupid?!

  10. A "Rainbow Plague"?!?! Freedom of speech stops when hate speech begins. The people with such hateful opinions regarding the LGBTQ Community is the very reason hate crimes and targeted shootings continue to occur. If the Red flag Laws were valid at this time, just about every person that made a hateful comment would be flagged. Nobody with such deep-rooted hate deserves constitutional rights!

  11. These last comments from haters are absolutely DISGUSTING!

  12. The last time Poland needs is trans children and child drag queens

  13. Im from Poland and (beaten boy) it was PROVOCATION LGBT. The LGBT boy was beaten by his LGBT friends to get provocation. There was a many Policeman(More Police than LGBT person) , and NOONE of the COUNTER-PROTESTANTS attacked LGBT.

  14. Guy meets girl, girl meets guy……………..guy meets guy, girl meets girl………guy meets self, girl meets self……guy becomes girl, girl become guy….so much variety! PEOPLE ON EARTH – HATRED/LOVE

  15. Why are people here calling for the murder of the LGBT person?

  16. if they feel threatened, let them leave Poland. nobody wants them here.

  17. when you do a program on a topic, it may be appropriate to give the other party's views. it's to have an objective picture of the whole world, not just a one-sided message.

  18. Poland made the Prideful Gays people, and the perverted LGBTQ scared, is a welcome thing, a good way to show our world. God also had spoken against them, Gays will be thrown into the Lake of Fires. Not only were they disgusting people, but they are also useless to society.

  19. Poland seems to be the last European country with some common sense.

  20. Way to go Poland!!! And they make jokes about Polish people, you seem pretty smart to me !!!

  21. I was under the impression homosexuals were overall  safe, protected, accepted in Europe.

  22. LGBT =terror against humanity

  23. Much respect to my fellow LGBT+ people in Poland.

  24. And I thought Europe was ahead than the rest of the world. Absolutely medieval, shame on them.

  25. Go Poland!!! Keep this disgusting plague out of your country

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