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The UK plans to start administering COVID-19 vaccines this week

The British government is hiring thousands of volunteers to inoculate its citizens in the largest mass vaccination program in the country’s history.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Pubblico un estratto dalla relazione 11 Dicembre 2020 contenuta nel sito della FDA, dal titolo: “FDA Takes Key Action in Fight Against COVID-19 By Issuing Emergency Use Authorization for First COVID-19 Vaccine”, relativa all’autorizzazione concessa per l’utilizzo del vaccino Pfizer-BioNTech nella fase emergenziale del Covid-19:

    ”At this time, data are not available to make a determination about how long the vaccine will provide protection, nor is there evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from person to person.”

  2. "Vaccines wont be made mandatory", however you cannot:
    – Travel abroad, or further than 6km from your home
    – Run a business
    – Work to support family
    – Congregate with more than 6 people
    – Go to concerts or sports games
    – Receive Healthcare benefits
    – Buy property
    – Enjoy your right to Free Speech
    – Use amazon, facebook, instagram, twitter or youtube

    …Without your all new COrona-Vaccine-ID…

    Taking the vaccine gives consent to eradicate our freedoms… DO NOT TAKE IT!
    Did you know covid-19 vaccinations do not cure or result in immunity?
    Did you know vaccine manufacturers are immune to liability should their vaccines result in illness of deaths?

  3. Some stores are going to cards only no cash because of the covid virus. Who would have thought that a virus would have taken the world to a cashless economy and the implant of the chip. Hello…

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    Joel chapter 2 describes the Lords last day Army who will be activated to help bring in the final harvest.

    Gods Army is on the move…

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    God is raising up a mighty army, Joel chapter 2 describes this mighty Army of the Lord.

    Jesus is the Commander of his great Army.

    God is getting ready to pour out his former and latter rain of Glory onto his Army to bring in the final harvest of souls.

    Spread the word to help wake up this mighty Army.

    Each one of them have been in training for "such a time as this" since the day they were born, just as you have.

    We are spiritual beings, living in human bodies, fighting spiritual battles, while living human lives.

    Think about that real hard.

    There is a difference in knowing the path and walking in the path.

    Thank you Soldier, we are here if you need prayer or encouragement, google me.

    Carry on Soldier, keep yourself ready, for Gods Glory is coming.

    Millions of souls are about to be ready to be saved.

    Soldier up and stay on alert.

    TM… over and out…Huuraaa

    The vaccine is about to change everything. …

    I salute you Soldier of the Cross….

    Signs in the sun, moon and stars of things coming upon the earth. Jesus prayed a prayer that we would all become one as him and the father are one. It's in the process of happening right now. We are like in the upper room waiting on what I call Pentecost part 2. Joel chapter 2 describes the Army of God having the power of God on them so strong that Joel had a hard time describing it. But then Joel told us by the spirit what it would take for us to be ready to receive this former and latter rain of Gods Glory poured out on us. He said fasting and praying. Then Joel through the spirit tells us we do it and God pours out his final Glory onto his people. Why? To bring in the final harvest of souls, this is harvest time that we are in Soldier. That's why the devil has fought us so hard in the past few years and really hard right now, look at our nation and other nations right now. This week was the biggest harvest moon I'd ever seen, the ring around it look like a ring around Saturn. And now on December 21st 2020 two planets are lining up like they did when Jesus was born. God is showing us signs all around us and in the heavens.

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    Get ready now….

  4. I guess the apocalypse happens in about…28 days?

  5. 'Merica Furst!


  7. Why the Russians Rushin????

  8. He wouldn't let his own kids get it right away.

  9. What about Cuban vaccines and therapeutics? My health is not for profit


    Don't let them bully US to get it done.



    Don't let them bully US to get it done.



    Don't let them bully US to get it done.


  13. It's funny how they hate immigrants and esp muslim ones but that vaccine was produced by Turkish immigrants to Germany. Life works in funny ways.

  14. Dont take the Vaccine! It courses big damage to your dna,then nanobots in it what would controll you, and after 3 month you loose your brain… according to Kennedy jr…. he warns about it….

  15. Not taken it… Hopefully the britts will revolt…

  16. Get it to the people then this oppression can end

  17. The whole Covid-19 thing, their main aim it's to vaccinate people and make them zombies.

  18. 1. The vaccine is not safe for pregnant women or women planning on becoming pregnant within a few months of taking the vaccine
    2) The vaccine is not safe for those that are immuno suppressed
    3) No testing has been done to determine any long-term side effects
    4) No testing has been done to determine side effects if taken with long term medications
    5) It is unknown if the vaccine will cause infertility
    6) Taking the vaccine will not stop you spreading the virus but will only reduce your symptoms (for years the doctors told us to rest, take paracetamol and drink plenty of fluids to achieve the same result)
    7) You can't breastfeed if you have had the vaccine
    8) The vaccine has not been tested on children and may not be suitable for young persons under the age of 16
    9) The vaccine is only 95% effective….meaning 5% of people that had the vaccine still had severe covid19 symptoms….the demograph and outcome of those 5% of people are being withheld…
    10) Average age of death of persons in UK over past 10 years – 81years old….Average age of death of persons dying with/from Covid19 in 2020 – 82 years old
    11) If the mortality rate of 0.3% is unacceptable for covid19 virus….why is 5% now an acceptable rate for vaccine failure?
    12) If the vaccine is safe….why do the government and manufacturers accept no responsibility for death or injury resulting from the vaccine?


    Now if I gathered this info off the UK government website….does that still make me a conspiracy theorist, an antivaxxer….or a fact checker?

  19. "But when

    the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth." (Luke 18.8)

    People, come to your senses! Can't you see there is no place for Christ in this whole Covid-19

    scam? He's not there! And it can't be! It is the Satanist globalists who staged

    this whole show with, supposedly, a pandemic, the corona of the virus, which is

    not even in sight! So the masks are not needed either.

    "… beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are of

    God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world." (1 John


    Do not try to take a vaccine – liquid nano robots have already been introduced there, which

    will turn you into real zombies and, through 5-G technology, will ditch you

    completely without repentance. But the worst thing is that by taking this

    devilish vaccine, you will betray Christ! Think hard – you are playing with


    “And do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; but rather fear

    Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10.8)

    For those who do not take this satanic vaccine (mark of the devil) for Christ's sake, it will

    not be easy at first, but endure quite a bit and our Lord God Jesus Christ and

    the Savior Himself will take care of you as He never cared about anyone before.

    He will clothe and shoe you, and feed you, and save you from the eyes of the

    servants of the devil and will not give you up to anyone to be mocked.

    So "If God is for us, who is against us?" (Rom. 8.31)

    Christ is Risen!

    Truly Risen!

  20. So many racists in this comment section saying no to the vaccine don't you know it's black peeple who suffer more during this like come on

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