The White House and the Republicans remain deadlocked over the debt ceiling deal

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said they were nowhere near a deal as the June 1 deadline loomed. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #worldnewstight #abcnews #politics #joebiden #kevinmccarthy #debt ceiling

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Not a cent more for Democrat spenders!

  2. Biden should listen to McCarthy, he has a better plan.

  3. The BIDEN'S CORRUPTION gets a hard lesson to our great America ‼️
    Whom prefers to Spent money in UKRANIAN WAR.

  4. Enough of these damn games, our lives in this damn country are not a toy. Stop treating it like a toy

  5. There should be a WALL OF Shame if Congress lets debt ceiling go by and they stop paying ssa,military and govt pentions.

  6. not to mention the 100 or so DEMOCRATS and Progressives holding out. playing with Grandma and Grandps ssa..what a shame for all.

  7. People are on pins and needles now yall are supose to be helping the people not scaring the _ _ _out of them where's the stern reply on this come togather compromise get it dune people

  8. If we default every republican in congress and senate should lose their paycheck

  9. Can't believe in the words that come out of the mouth from the PLAGIARISER IN CHIEF.

    As for the aftermath of the default will be minimal at worst. But the Left wants to practice ALARMISM. The democrat still will not admit it's damage to the national economy due to their GLOBAL COVID hogwash fabrication.

  10. The Republicans want to protect themselves and the rich and screw the middle class and the elderly and the veterans when are you people going to wake up to this fact

  11. McCarthy is doing trumps agenda! It's never going to happen with that agenda

  12. McCarthy is loving all the attention

  13. Well well well Boomers, now it's your turn to suffer 🙂 we will see how you do without $$ in your accounts. Enjoy👍

  14. End Trump's tax cuts, you will not take what i paid into for 40 yrs.

  15. Republicans are holding a knife to America's throat.

  16. To you Republicians voter's,the Republicians is telling you to your face everyday that when they are in control they will run up the debt for the Rich corporates and donor's and will have a clear debt ceiling and you will be happy to be left out and for you to keep making the Rich Richer. but when the democrats are in control and they try to make the Rich pay their fair share and give the regular people of America a little bit of relief.the republicans will burn the world down to make sure you don't get relief and for their Rich corporates and donor's get richer.i was a republican for over 40 years and I didn't have time to worry about politics just voted for Republicians had to work 2 jobs and raised my children even with a college degree, until in 2020i went in my state which has been in control by Republicians for over 30 year's and did a freedom of information act and unfortunately I found out that I have been voting against my own state is one of the highest states that have poverty and uneducated, our roads and bridges are in a mess, every one place opens up there is two that closes.butmy senators are Rich and have many houses and fancy car's and boat's my god if I can get on here and say I was fooled for over 40 years my god you can at least say it to yourself.

  17. President Joe Biden has the power to suspend the Constitution as Donald Trump wanted to do for evil. JOE BIDEN can do it for good.

  18. And the great beast will fall

  19. And that’s why they’re doing it to weaken the army and start another Civil War and if y’all can’t see that you’re fucking idiots

  20. Don’t believe ABC..they are Biden’s communist propaganda…ABC is lying to America for their own narrative…Biden criminality, laptop, Ukraine, Afghanistan, energy dependence…they have lied about all of it to advance Biden socialism

  21. If only Biden would do his job and stop his Hitler cosplay…

  22. Culinary kitchen waffles and sorbet and more

  23. What you expect from the KGB Trumpets

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  29. No negotiation with Seditionists.