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The World Health Organization: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the crucial role of the World Health Organization, why Donald Trump is skeptical of it, and how his plans to withdraw the United States could have dire consequences.

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  1. criticizes everything about China, praises everything about its authoritarian leader

  2. Is WHO real or is it just another way to steal money

  3. Day 2 of the Biden Presidency and America has rejoined the WHO!

    Hoorray 😀

  4. 1, You can use the word "literally" hyperbolically.

    2, The WHO may claim to do all those things, but if it was acting in the best interests of China and deceiving the rest of the world, how effective can it really be at that?

  5. Trump sucks but the WHO did a horrible job as well.

  6. All you said about the past WHO is true, but since China came into the picture the WHO is nothing but a puppet for the CCP. Get in with the times! I love this show, but do your homework and don't get blinded by your hatred towards the Trump administration.

  7. The US abandoning the WHO is a clear sign that the modern Republican leaders – particularly Trump – have no fucking clue how to lead. Because – and this is big brain stuff – If we're not part of the WHO, we don't get to influence what the WHO does. Unless we're part of the organization, then we don't get to use it for own leverage. Every other conservative leader got this. It's not like Reagan was a huge fan of the WHO – obviously, based on his actions – but he kept America at the table. Because if you're not at the table, then you don't get to play the game. If you're seated at the table, then you get to argue, debate, cooperate, befriend, negotiate, lie, bully, cheat, swindle – whatever. But if you're not playing the game, then no one cares what you say.

    That's why America has always been a huge funder for the WHO – and for the UN, and for NATO, and the WTO. Because these are important organizations whose decisions and actions affect the globe – and when we're the ones paying for it, then we get to have the biggest voice.

    (Incidentally, this is also why the UK was part of the EU. UK never wanted to be part of the EU – but taking a seat at the table meant the UK could thoroughly screw with the EU's agenda and ensure that the UK could get its way. Brexit shows the quality of leadership in the UK has also taken a similar brick to the head.)

    Other countries would love for the USA to leave the WHO. France and Germany would love for the USA to voluntarily diminish its role in NATO. Russia would be thrilled to be allowed to host the UN headquarters on their soil. Because they're not governed by morons who don't get it.

    And yeah, there's also all the stuff about saving the world from health issues and improving life and health for everyone and treating all with the compassion that forms the base of civilization and generally not being shitty, terrible people – but since the current American conservative movement doesn't give a crap about morals anymore, let's set that aside.

  8. That reporter sounds so dead inside “in the middle of a pandemic… trump is pulling America out of the world health organization.”

  9. They are so great that currently, they can't even investigate the Epicenter of the Pandemic in Wuhan. Great.

  10. Only thing he does not consider here is how much money Bill Gates has put into the WHO, That the PCR test gives 94% false-positives, that the quickest vaccination happened after a period of 5 years, that science cannot be rushed, that studies show that masks or social distancing doesn't work, that your chance of surviving this PLANDEMIC is of 99%, that the vaccines that are being distributed are an experiment on human kind & that 5G and the effects of EMF are completely disconsidered, having in consideration that Wuhan was the first ever place for 5G to roll out and that. Anything I might have forgotten??? Oh yes, seems like everybody has forgotten about the common cold or flu and that a Coronavirus has never been isolated. There enough for you to digest. Get educated or get vaccinated.
    Much Love

  11. despite all the good of the WHO's current administration acted on behalf china's will facilitating the early spread of covid. whatever stupid Trump's move to withdraw funds from the WHO is that bit he got right.

  12. No one is looking for US alternative to anything.

  13. I'm tired of the animal jokes

  14. The head of WHO was maily elected by China, plus the guy justify China in everything, is like their puppet

  15. Who else heard "Pipeorgan Vagina" all the time during the beginning of the show?

  16. Oliver: "Was one of the most ill advised and dumbest things we could do"
    Trump: "Was one of the most ill advised and dumbest things we could do – so far"

  17. WHO issue is just a distraction… here's what yiu can expect in 21/22:

  18. I am "1,000%" sure that the President will see your show, understand everything you said and have a change of heart.
    Oops, I just remembered that he doesn't have a heart. At least he doesn't act as if he does. He probably had it replaced with a mechanical device a long time ago.

  19. As I had commented earlier.


    The U.S. funding removed allows for commercial philanthropy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS9CFBlLOcg) to step in an basically use an international and supposedly independent organization to push drugs and make money for pharmaceuticals.

    It's a wonderful world.

  20. If one thing of the shit from Trump‘s mouth is right, then it is;
    WHO is very „China-friendly“ , just because of China, Taiwan is not a part of WHO and UNO!

  21. Fun fact: the WHO is a continuation of the health committee of the League of Nations, which was basically the only part of the League that managed to do anything.

  22. John Oliver: "It's US's fault!" since the beginning of time.

  23. Hah, funny seeing this now, when the US is going strong to reach 400.000 COVID deaths.

  24. I think we're witnessing the fall of another empire… so sad.

  25. John let me help you make some episodes!

  26. Thanks for supporting the New World Order! Only an idiot can't see that the media is pushing for a one world government and one world DIGITAL currency. And only an idiot can't see what that does for American liberty

  27. And the WHO said “no evidence of human to human transmission”

  28. Australia and New Zealand need to take over the USA and show them how to do things

  29. johns getting really lonely.

  30. in the end he didnt mention even one of the problems about the WHO

  31. it does appear the vast majority of our problems track back to reagan. what a great actor. he began one of the republican assets…the double standard.

  32. Every country on the planet is taking responsibility for the health of its people and reporting their findings except for China. Why is that WHO? Why isn’t the WHO condemning China’s action?

  33. I don’t know WHO Donald thinks he is

  34. The broken hardcover scientifically behave because year ordinarily prevent into a fascinated narcissus. loose, squeamish chord

  35. Late night "funny man" shills for unelected global government group with ties to China IMAGINE MY SHOCK

  36. World Health Organization has been utter useless this year and is being run by a Ethiopian communist.

  37. Hahahaha basic orgy managment 8:04 to 8:19

  38. I'm so glad i didn't watch this until after presidential election were confirmed. Also! More news! There's another covid-19 has mutated (as all viruses do) and now we have a strain that is about 70% more infectious and easily susceptible. . .this sound really familiar.

  39. Small pox is NOT eradicated

  40. Please fire the joke writers for this episode

  41. Great segment and example of trumps stupidity

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