The world says goodbye to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Royal family, dignitaries and mourners from around the world paid their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II and gave Her Majesty a eulogized farewell after 70 years on the throne.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. The Queen and her Coffin…………..Why the GOAT. What does that Symbolize? Luciferian High Priestess of the Luciferian Brotherhood. When are the people going to stop and come to terms with the Facts that this Queen & Family has been responsible for Crimes Against Children along with the Crimes of the VATICAN?

  2. give back 600 years of free labour

  3. RIP to the Queen of Canada. She was our Queen for almost half of our nation's 153 year old history. And we are immensely proud to have her as our sovereign and head of state. Long lived the Queen. Dieu protège le Roi! Great to see our Mounties leading the procession.

  4. Africa wants their diamond back

  5. the corgis are the last 2 in a long line of corgis

  6. If there ever was a title of “Monarch of the World” it would be Queen Elizabeth II ❤️