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The world watches as President Joe Biden takes over

ABC News Foreign Correspondent Ian Pannell reports on how the Biden administration looks to reset global relations after a turbulent four years, and new challenges emerging around the world.

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  1. The U.S. is being watched only because this is such a farce. Racist to the core and puts all others above American citizens.

  2. This mumble dame ass will never be my president ! trump 2024 !!!

  3. The world isn't just watching, its laughing, because its all just a huge joke.

  4. Covid is going to get rampant with a million sick people carravans at border Biden going to let them flood n what a joke America down the tubes Trump got Vaccine not Sniffy Joe No America left hope y'all r happy

  5. 81 million votes? fake news. fake president. China puppet.

  6. He doesn’t know what he’s signing

  7. Good Luck, America. Really – good luck. You're going to need it. Not bein' "snarky" – I wish you all good luck.

  8. "I've got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun." -Joe Biden.

  9. This proves that no matter who the president is or what they do, they will be hated! i for one stand behind our president! May GOD Bless President Biden and may GOD Bless America!

  10. Joseph “PissPants” Biden…the true Illegitimate president. His demented brain doesn’t even know what he’s signing! USA is now nothing but a joke to the entire world.

  11. The world – “What a dumbass”
    Piss pants joe – “Where am I?”
    China – “we love you Joe”
    Fake news – “piss pants Biden is the greatest president ever”

  12. Fix Americans poor and homeless before you try fixing world poverty Biden ,SS checks government created wrong they should be double of what they are and politicians salaries are abused and politicians needs to slash them salaries in half ,why is America bring out last in Biden agenda.just sick and already the worst leader ever,joe Biden is not qualified to be President ,dealing a shadow governing should make Biden get removed


  14. Joe Biden cheated our election,joe Biden is not my President

  15. ABC = Always Bullshitting Continuously

  16. Take this man back to preschool! Election was rigged!

  17. America has no president now. Just an old man that poops his pants.

  18. At least Hunter Biden had the decency to wear pants to the inauguration.

  19. Biden won't get many likes because his voters are dead

  20. The world is watching how YouTube tries to keep in control the massive dislikes to his new fake President

  21. The most unlike person to ever steal an election. (Crap show)

  22. Dislikes are now flipping to likes. Just like how votes for Trump were flipped for Biden

  23. Chinese Joe & Democrat Mobs Are One Of America's Most Crooked & Corrupt Politician Scandals That Shook America & World.

  24. Best day I had in 5 years, thank u President Biden, for winner and getting us out of the mess we were in.

  25. Joe Biden coloring in his Spiderman book, don't go over the lines Joe!

  26. China fake news. Joe Biden sold our energy grid to China

  27. He looks like he’s signing blank EO’s 🤔

  28. Headline should read: "The world watches as President Joe Biden destroys the United States"


  30. “The next Republican that tells me I’m not religious I’m going to shove my rosary beads down their throat.”
    —Gropin' Joe Biden
    as quoted in
    The Cincinnati Enquirer Oct 2005

  31. Joe Xiden not my president.

  32. 50,000 jobs died in the first 48 hours.
    Doesn’t he say he doesn’t know what he is signing?

  33. There going to be begging for trump to come back

  34. Hey libs , buyers remorse set in yet ? Lol

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