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  1. Which logo and team name is your favorite?

  2. I think if the XFL would Succeed is to have NO WWE Involvement Whats so Ever maybe some Superstars could make some Rare Apperances to games as Fans and some XFL Players make some rare Apperances as fans at WWE Events but DONT HAVE THEM DO ANYTHING WITH EACH OTHER

  3. Where the memes I'm high and need to laugh. 🤣

  4. Spoiler Guardian will Win the XFL Bowl

  5. Dragons and Vipers are great. 80% of my diarrheas have been better than the other six generic names though.

  6. I hope it lasts longer than Alliance Football League.

  7. The Tampa Bay Randy Ortons
    The Seattle Ricky Steamboats
    The Dallas (WCW wrestler; the) Renegades

    And in 2001, the XFL had:
    the New York/New Jersey Bret Harts
    the Chicago Arn Andersons
    the Las Vegas Ron Bass’s

  8. What names and logos are better?..
    the 8 teams from 2001’s XFL?..
    or the 8 teams from 2020’s XFL?

    Birmingham (Thunder)Bolts
    New York/(New Jersey) Hitmen
    Memphis Maniacs
    Chicago Enforcers
    Orlando Rage
    San Francisco Demons
    Los Angeles Xtreme
    Las Vegas Outlaws

    Houston Roughnecks
    Dallas Renegades
    DC Defenders
    Tampa Bay Vipers
    St. Louis BattleHawks
    Los Angeles Wildcats
    Seattle Dragons
    New York Guardians

  9. Disappointed for no Chicago, but every team looks and sounds great.

  10. On Wednesday, the XFL unveiled its first eight teams, and now in the time-honored tradition of the internet we must judge these team names to determine which one reigns supreme.

  11. XFL. No. FFL Failed Football League. Just like ever other football league that is not NFL

  12. San Antonio, Okc, or Portland should have gotten a team.

  13. DC is the best. The Seattle Dragons seriously? There’s so many better names that relate to Seattle.

  14. Shithawks! Great big ol' Shithawks.

  15. Have these people learned nothing? How long did that other league last? What makes them think this league won't suffer the same fate?

  16. Idk I think the closest thing to being close to nfl is having more teams I could think of a different way to get close to the NFL and I'm not rich if you get a prison league going one prison from every state 50 teams we already pay for them they got nothing to loose and since they are already in prison they could do steroids that would be awesome and the prisons would get the money and that would lower our taxes

  17. Why would you put a team where there is already an NFL TEAM???? St. Louis doesn't count. Why not Vegas, Orlando, OKC, Memphis, Bismarck, Portland, Columbus, Austin, Raleigh….I dunno. OKC would rally with this. Big cities that want their own team.

  18. Ok we can give it a chance. But the first time one of the players decide to kneel during the National Anthem and no fines or suspension happens it gets the same boycott I have given the NFL.

  19. Just in case you didn't know the new rules. They say some are still under view. But this is what I got so far…

    More than one forward pass. The XFL could allow more than one forward pass on a play, as long as those passes come from behind the line of scrimmage. So, in essence, double forward passes would be allowed on some level. Offensive linemen would not be allowed to advance downfield before a forward pass crosses the line of scrimmage.

    – No fair catches (like the first time). The kicking team would have to give a returner at least five yards of space to catch the ball.

    – Closer kickoffs. Teams would be separated by five yards on kickoffs instead of 10 yards, and no surprise onside kicks would be allowed.

    – No extra points, but you can go for one, two or three. Teams would be able to go for one from the 2-yard line, go for two from the 5-yard line or go for three from the 10-yard line after touchdowns. This would have the potential to be one of the most exciting rule changes.

    – Overtime shootout. In overtime, each team would get five plays from the 5-yard line, and they get one point each time they reach the end zone. Turnovers would be worth one point each, too. Both teams would get five attempts, and each team's offense and defense would be on the field at the same time, on opposite ends of the field. (Think penalty kicks in soccer.) It could be fun.

    – Continuous clock. The clock would run continuously until the two-minute mark, at which time the clock would stop after all scrimmage plays.

    – 25-second play clock. The NFL uses a 40-second clock.

    – 30-second instant replay clock. No more long breaks for replay reviews.

  20. The vids are well done and the names are growing on me. From Vancouver, WA I'm throwing in with the Seattle Dragons.

  21. I look forward to the Renegades esport team sending a Cease and Desist letter to the Dallas Renegades lol

  22. Roughnecks with the oil derrick logo is the best. Renegades is solid too.

  23. Man we need a team here in San Antonio bad but oh we'll

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