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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes takes stand

ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis, host of “The Dropout” podcast, recaps Holmes’ second day of testimony and looks ahead to the rest of the trial.

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  1. "She talked about her origin story"… So now she is a comic book villain.

  2. Elon Musk = Elisabeth Holmes 2.0

  3. Elizabeth Holmes is an alto-ran. Get it? – "alto" ran?? Haha, aha, a, ha.

  4. People keep commenting on her looks. She's Slightly more attractive than mrs. potato head

  5. "She keeps eye contact with her defense attorney". The dead stare with her sugar glider eyes is her signature. She hopes she can hypnotize people into believing her baloney if she stares at their soul long enough

  6. i find it hilarious how no one laughed when she spoke before she was exposed. her clearly fake low tone is just hilarious. it's like a kid trying to sound like an adult. no she never had charisma and power of persuasion lol she was cold, aloof and just unrelatable.

  7. No offense but she is NOT attractive at all to me

  8. The money is too big for this to be just a simple fraud case. The so-called big inverters are big crooks themselves, and are unlikely to be fooled by this young woman…!!! ..The real story might be a plan by other companies to accuse her of criminal conduct, while using her technology to produce their own version…!!!…By the way, the idea of using few drops of blood to provide a wide range of test results is already out, and soon will be used worldwide.

  9. This anchor is a RABID BLACK SUPREMACIST!!!!!!!!!

  10. New words to impress, bamboozle the jury.
    She didn’t stumble because she is an accomplished professional liar, years of practice fooling skilled professionals. Hoping the jury is easy putty in her hands….a jury that is not sophisticated enough to have heard of her.

  11. So her defense is she's crazy…

  12. Elizabeth Holmes, the spawn of an Enron executive.
    Is Texas Liz gonna lie on the stand? As easily & as often as she breathes in & out.

  13. Elizabeth at Theranos: "I'm a tough Girlboss who runs the show!"
    Elizabeth Holmes on trial: "I was a young, naive women or was influenced unduly. woe is me!"

  14. That sketch does not look like Elizabeth Holmes at all lol!

  15. What about the "hey Jury keep me out of Jail Baby"? 🙄

  16. Judging by the court illustration I see Holmes is on full deep voice and wide eye staring mode.

  17. Nobody would care if her investors weren't wealthy powerful people. Millions of average Americans get robbed by the medical industry every single day but I don't see any of those grifters on the stand defending their audacity to bill $1000 for a single surgical screw.

  18. Holmes is not pretty, not sexy, I can't believe she thinks she can charm this jurry like she did all those old white guys

  19. SMH this is still going on

  20. Elizabeth could already change the world by making it the worst hell as she is!!

  21. Did she give up her deep voice on the stand

  22. She swindled so many smart investors and army generals so you can bet she can easily swindle this very average jury. She'll get away without doing any time or financial penalties. She should go to jail but she won't. Does everyone agree?

  23. She needs to do at least 6 months for her fake voice

  24. Who hires these cheap caricature artists? She's on the stand for hours, the least you can do is do a portrait. It's time the federal courts at least allow cameras inside.

  25. She is a very well-practiced liar and grifter at this point; of course she is going to be confident and calm doing much of the same on the stand

  26. I very much hope she goes to jail.

  27. don't fucking call her "tech entrepreneur"

  28. Elizabeth Holmes was a brilliant mind who invented an ingenious product! A product that from one drop of blood has results from the patient for all possible findings (should we take a gallon of milk from a cow to see if there are bacteria?)She made a company and became a billionaire (deservedly so)! To start a company and get a license for your patent, you have to go through ALL the state commissions, experts in medical products and medicines! Can you sell Aspirin or a blood pressure monitor if you don't have a license? For years the product was sold unhindered, because if it is something that does not work, doctors and medical workers would say immediately? Sorry boss you shouldn't have to get this, this doesn't work! No one has complained for years? However, some powerful people saw that they lost big money because of her, she was their competitor then they decided to destroy her! False witnesses, false evidence, one of the biggest conspiracies against a brilliant young female scientist!! Sad!!

  29. I love how the sketch artist captured her creepy 👀 eyes perfectly

  30. Just waiting for ABC to blame the verdict on “RACISM!”. We all know it’s coming💯🤮

  31. Just waiting for ABC to blame the verdict on “RACISM!”. We all know it’s coming💯🤮👎🏽

  32. The ghost of Christina's past, Steve Jobs can't even save her.

  33. I wonder if she still has the fake deep voice??

  34. She likes the attention. She's never been this far away from basic. She like yeah I like this

  35. Does she use her fake voice? Lol

  36. Lmao what's with this picture?

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