There is a lot of virtue signaling and not a lot of virtue: Former U.S. education secretary

Former U.S. education secretary Bill Bennett reflects on the value and importance of work on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  2. Parents raising their children to be welfare bums and moochers who think that work is optional.

  3. I love working. I like to see what I accomplished. Even my hobbies are work driven.
    As for dems and republicans getting along. My sister and children are extreme left. We make it a rule not to talk politics when we get together.
    Of course at our thanks giving dinner here come the attacks. No wonder the kids aren’t in my will and never will be. They are socialists so I assume that they don’t need my ill gotten money. Why? Because I’m sure in their twisted minds it’s not fair

  4. I disagree with the honorable guest Bennet and Kudlow. We HAVE LISTENED, that's why we're ANGRY. There are no friendly exchanges with madness, and the Marxist Democrats are mad.

  5. Chilling like a villain with Foxx and kudlow from Canada

  6. World Governments, POSSESSED with Demons!
    Antichrist, Next!
    Born-again Rapture, ONLY Escape!!

  7. I am keep open mind to read it .if it the facts and not a fantasy

  8. All the things we're losing come from our God. The people who don't have these things, don't have our God either.

  9. Just this Thanksgiving week I mentioned to a young man St. Paul's words "to eat you must work." He replied, "work is a choice." That's what our young are given as moral nourishment by teachers, professors, ideologues, activists, and politicians.

  10. Cuz I made work not cool and expect everybody to be handed everything nowadays cuz everybody's got a ISM or some kind of alphabet to describe why they can't work excuses that's all they have

  11. Can’t teach a 55 year old work ethic

  12. Jesus taight that work is HOLY….

  13. Working this the foundation of our lives, if patients are not raising children with the proper foundation and example the children will never live a good life, habits are the best foundation and should be taught in every home, you want something, you have to work for it, it not coming to you free, God Bless

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  16. Expectations: Everyone gets an education and everyone gets a job.
    Reality: Every one no longer wants to work and No one wants to make me a sandwich.

  17. It's because our government has systematically rid our society of GOD

  18. i've worked before but got no satisfaction from it

  19. Bill Bennett has been somewhat of a disappointment even in the Reagan administration. Why do they always have to grift? Maybe feeling inadequate as a man?

  20. Seeking wisdom from a good Republican redhats ?
    Yes, learn from them. Hillary named you perfectly.
    Remember, redhats are not Republicans.

  21. If we don’t have a 2nd Revolutionary War to get rid of this Tyrannical Administration, we will not have a Republic ever again! This insanity can’t be voted out as both parties are equally corrupt!

  22. It's Like Talking About It

  23. Kudlow hasn't worked a day in his life.

  24. No point in working if others are going to take it all away.

  25. Stop sending the decent jobs off shore!!!

  26. To obtain financial freedom, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis.

  27. Larry and Bill are two very agreeable friends and it's really nice to see. Happy Thanksgiving to you both… and the best you always.

  28. Far as I can tell the parents and the schools are teaching the children how to go to hell, there's no other way to say it except straightforward

  29. It's probably not true… But Kudlow sounds drunk all the time he speaks 😂

  30. So good to see Bill Bennett again! I have an original copy of the book he signed 30 years ago. Very much treasured.

  31. You learn to work at 4 years old or never!

  32. Virtue signaling is a modality of life. The inside needs renovation, but that's too much work, so they decorate the outside instead.

  33. I find it hilarious that people rather be poor and stay home than work for pennies. As a single man and the taxes they takeout of my check 33% and then 10% for everything i buy and then at the end of the year i have pay taxes on the stuff i already own. Not much incentive to go work these days . lol

  34. Hope you guys looked into AMK29X by now

  35. Now that FTX is gone for good I would not give up on all cryptos yet. And I'm not alone seems like even Amazon is now into it they made AMK29X if you don't know yet

  36. Well guess what we just had FTX crashing and now we have the new giant. Just few hours ago Amazons AMK29X asset hit the roads. I think they have a better chance to run these things since their funds are pretty much unlimited?