There is a 'reckoning' of credit card debt coming

ProChain Capital President David Tawil warns of ‘tensions’ between the willpower of the consumer and spending desire. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Thanks to you GOATTEEY11 for my package I got you legitimate and trustworthy

  2. Thanks to you GOATTEEY11 for my package I got you legitimate and trustworthy

  3. The banks need to balance their SHORT positions.

  4. It will be 67% owned by women, and blamed on men.

  5. May as well strike. There is no diesel fuel so you ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  6. Why not just print more money and forgive the dept?🎉

  7. There’s a Union that doesn’t give their workers ANY sick days? Crappy Union.

  8. People are using credit to buy everyday stuff like groceries. I would imagine most of Christmas will be on credit.

  9. they're begging to be fired. I'd comply.

  10. Like Maria’s straight talk and her hair.

  11. Hope they feel the pinch like everyone else!

  12. how come NONE of the reports talk about the rail workers have been out of contract for more than 5 years. 24 % almost brings them up to date. they just showed 28% raise inflation.

  13. This is crazy to me. I’m 27 and I maintain a credit to income ratio of 1:4. I got around 2200 of credit out and only 500 is credit card. One credit card. And I was born lower middle class and my parents couldn’t balance a check book to save their life.

  14. These are some major concerns to those who are into business and care about making money. I am surprised to see how most Americans voted they way they did this midterm, judging from how everything's falling apart in the country since creepy Joe Biden and his colonies took over the country. Shocking!

  15. I learned my lesson 25 years ago and have never had one since.

  16. Unions are completely trash! How about we stop paying them all together and see how They like it. I shouldn't have to pay more in taxes and everywhere else to make them happy. Let's go on a strike against them

  17. If you can’t pay off the balance every and avoid interest charges, you shouldn’t be using a credit card. The rare emergency should be a 1% exception; not the rule. If you rationalize that you have an “emergency” every month, you’re fooling yourself.

  18. The short term “ stimulus “ checks were not worth the cost long term ….

  19. Stand up for your rights worker's, No retirement from social security, put a dent in corporates pocket….

  20. Maybe Joe will have taxpayers pay for that to

  21. Can’t Biden just forgive it ?

  22. This guy is completely incompetent she is guiding him through the entire interview because he doesn't know what the f*** he's talking about

  23. When i park in the walmart lot with my old payed. For truck i see nothing but peoples cars and their good credit?

  24. We are sometimes forced to use our credit cards for some things we have to order because the good prices are not offered locally!

  25. Most people I know order EVERYTHING in the mail..I do not know how they couldn't ALL be in a debt spiral!

  26. Credit card company should not be reporting to the credit department

  27. They keep getting suckers to buy in and never is it going back up to what it was. Crypto is over! Government doesn't want it around. Gov is already in the works for digital currency they can regulate.

  28. Those railroad union workers are total a-holes at this time of whats going on in our country, to be trying to gouge for more and more instead of being content to get a reasonable deal.
    Good grief so now they want paid for when their sick? Tough sh-t! If you dont go to work, then you shouldnt get paid.
    Remember everyone, every raise and benefit that they get, gets passed down to us to pay for it.
    Railroad workers are already getting paid nicely, but a much larger portion of us Americans are not getting paid so nicely

  29. Ftx was a tool to rip ppl off and never have to pay it bk

  30. here come the democrats to bail them out with your money

  31. Imagine being married with such a voice, man! 🤢

  32. Pay off the cards people, only focus on the kids for Christmas your spouse doesn't need gifts just tell them you love them lol

  33. Thank you Maria for sharing, your hard work and dedication to getting out the truth is much appreciated.Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  34. Lol this guy sucks. We will not see a positive spending trend for the peak shopping season. Someone show him 2019 data please so he can adjust his rediculousness.

  35. My Father, Taught me to pay in Cash
    For everything !

    Or Wait, Until You Save Up for it !
    It's working out well
    I am entirely Debt Free !

  36. Credit card companies put people in debt with their excessive interest rates which should be eliminated.

  37. We’re a nation of professional borrowers and consumers.

  38. Joe bidens administration is hoping for a rail strike. So they have someone to blame for this miserable economy the democrats created.

  39. The ONLY thing Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing a good job at is, DESTROYING this country. The best part is its all on purpose.