'There's a cover-up going on,' Huckabee says amid Biden docs scandal

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee argues ‘none of us believe’ that the White House is taking Biden’s classified documents scandal seriously.

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  1. Delaying the news was wrong. But a cover up??? What about Pence????!!!!!!

  2. There is no cover up!!
    Dream on Fox News!!!

  3. Huckabee has never helped this party.he’s rogue.

  4. Lmao ya think? This is just getting stupid

  5. This is what happens when you have a corrupt, unethical, lying, thieving, traitorous, ungodly, unrighteous, incompetent, unfit, lil girl sniffing, can't read a teleprompter, gets lost on stage, shakes hands with invisible people, needs impeached and prosecuted, POS, alot more adjectives, dementia laden , China bought old man, controlled by Obama.

  6. There’s always a cover-up. I’m sick and tired of hearing about coverups. It looks like a lot of people have classified documents, just not regular people like you and me.

  7. Where were Huckabee and other GOP pols when govt documents, including classified documents were found in Trump’s possession?

  8. Who is running America?
    “In America, anyone can become president. That's the problem.”― George Carlin Lets not leave out those that voted…if voting even matters.

  9. What about Trump refusing to hand them over until the FBI had to take them back, oddly you are silent.

  10. A cover up? The Biden family doesn't concern themselves with little things like the law.

  11. 81 million covered up

  12. Why is this on Fox Business? What does it have to do with business? This should have been on Fox News, not Fox Business.

    On a side note, it is biased unfounded speculation.

  13. It's pretty obvious that Hunter Biden didn't receive millions of dollars flying around the world in Air Force ll with papa Joe because of his many talents

  14. The political system has safe sanctuary at Raven Rock or Mt. Weather so they feel cocky enough to push the envelope……something big is on the horizon, y’all be safe.

  15. Nope the coverup is Fox News

  16. Of course their will be I wouldn't belive anything coming out of the FBI and the white house is saying…but in trumps case they slander him left and right but Joe Biden crikets

  17. 0:16 🤣 yeah storing classified documents right inside the garage door stuffed in a cardboard box

  18. Trump, Biden, Pence all had classified docs at their homes for years. Doc location security is non existent. Lack of ClassDoc security and tracking is the problem. Is there a classified doc movement protocol? Is it enforced? Who's in charge of classdoc security protocol? Please ask for us.

  19. Going on for years and years. How far into the sewer to we get before we pull our head out?

  20. Best way remowe swamp creatures put 30000 volts power into the water all suckers will running away from swamp 😄

  21. The FBI gives Biden the “Hillary Clinton mishandling of classified documents protocol “ whereas President Trump gets the “Julian Assange Treatment” what a farce !

  22. A big garage sale at Joe’s place LOL

  23. Cover em up with dirt ,tyrants


  25. Biden is just acting senile. His whole presidency is a cover up for his relations with China .

  26. Sarah Huckabee is a cow and your son is a pervert. Now what you got to say about pence and his classified hypocritical slime that you are

  27. Joe doesn't know where his glasses are! There on your head Joe! Your looking through them Joe!

  28. We have investigated ourselves and we have found that we are innocent😂

  29. Joe Biden takes his crimes very seriously and will do whatever it takes to keep them hidden, he has MSM , the FBI and DOJ to make sure we never find out.

  30. Fox racist news has nothing better to do then hate on Biden 😅go investigate your crooked president trump bunch of bozos 😂.

  31. Fox racist news has nothing better to do then hate on Biden 😅go investigate your crooked president trump bunch of bozos 😂.

  32. They're all guilty of the same things. The only one who was really forthcoming about that fact was Trump. When everyone pointed the finger and got upset he shrug and said that there were many others that have classified documents. He was right again.

  33. "Screw the American People. I answer only to China."
    Joe Biden, January 24, 2023

  34. They're stμpid if they think they can cover this up, but something be stμpid hasn't stopped our government before.

  35. We must immediately encourage our representatives to immediately impeach this treasonous, 50 year con man and his lil rat boy, Mayorkas immediately

  36. Nothing but crap from Fox news

  37. Mike pence has documents they just found he and his wife or Democrats they are posing as Republicans I know who they are I'm telling you they are not Republicans. Mike pence is a traitor his wife is a traitor they're all part of the Clinton foundation they're all part of the Epstein islander corporation they're all part of the all the mighty eyeballs where they all set in the woods and robes and play with each other they're sicko people

  38. So Pence has documents too… COVER UP!

  39. Don’t you love how true Republicans get raided; however, Democrats get searched. 😂 Now Pence (a true uncover democrat) is also on the search zone. 😂 you can’t make this up!! Put Biden , Pence, BJ Clinton and Witchy Hilary all in the same prison cell together. Oh… and Obummer too… you know that he knew. As Joe says, ‘Come on Man!’

  40. Give me a break. There’s no reason to think there’s a cover-up.
    And, while it’s certainly valid to cover this issue, theses same people either ignored, or even defended Trump about the documents at Mar-a-Lago.

    Biden’s staff found them and the returned them. That’s the whole story.

    With Trump,
    1) National defense documents were missing, the National Archives asked Trump about them, and he didn’t return them.
    2) Investigators found videos of the boxes of documents being loaded that were shipped to Mar-a-Lago, and asked for them back.
    3) Trump did nothing about this for a long time.
    4) The DOJ got a subpoena to get the documents returned.
    5) Donald Trump claimed the documents belonged to him. Them he suggested the FBI planted the documents on him. Then he said he declassified them, which wasn’t true, however, even if true was irrelevant. The documents belong to the National Archives, by law.
    6) More time passed. Under pressure, Trump finally agreed to return the documents. Three FBI agents picked up 15 boxes of documents at Mar-a-Lago.
    7) One of Trump’s lawyers signed a letter stating that all documents had been returned. That was false.
    8) The FBI got a search warrant to retrieve the rest of the documents.
    9) The FBI served the warrant, and retrieved 33 more boxes of documents from Mar-a-Lago.

    It took about a year before the documents were returned from Mar-a-Lago.

    And yet, FOX News, and these partisan hacks on that network, not only barely covered that story, and many FOX News viewers weren’t taught told those details, but they even pushed the totally false narrative that Donald Trump was being victimized by the DOJ.

    So, while I have no issue with Biden being investigated, I am fed up with the made-up claims on this network.

    FOX News pundits defend the indefensible in one case, and then makes up unsubstantiated claims in the other case. It’s a form of evil.
    Prudent people will wait for what special prosecutors Jack Smith and Robert Hur find out.

  41. Hold this administration accountable ASAP, remove them.

  42. the same people that installed biden in office are now removing him from the 24 election .you will see them steriilze themselvs to appear as the responsable party for their new candidate .

  43. And on the next episode of "Classified Documents" madam vice president Kamala Harris Speaks about found Classified documents in Willie Browns House

  44. Huckabee is supposed to be some sort of pastor but he sure is not a Christian. He is only a political hack.

  45. Lol!!! And now…. Mike Pence too? 😂😂😂