Tuesday , October 20 2020
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These are the greatest days in American trade history: Peter Navarro

White House director of trade policy Peter Navarro says the ‘phase one’ U.S.-China trade deal and USMCA will bring jobs to numerous sectors and improve the economy.

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  1. the greatest President we have ever had or will have… the dems are not for the American people

  2. Proverbs 12:12
    "The wicked desire the plunder of evil men, but the root of righteousness flourishes."

  3. Is Peter Navarro a TV guy? He's the smoothest, most relatable, most informative guy of all from the Trump administration.

  4. $US 23,189.505,700,450,00 and climbing. Doing well in the money stakes here.

  5. I get the feeling this fox talking head hates to give Trump any credit…

  6. Trump single handily just brought China to her knees. One of the coolest things I have ever seen 😎

  7. Great News, America. And we appreciate you, President Trump!

  8. the American People should be dancing in the streets, President Trump promised and has delivered, again and again and again. Three years in Office, what a turn of events! Awesome!

  9. How much of this news do you ever hear on the Commie News Network.

  10. We shouldn’t be doing any deals with China. They will lie, cheat and steal from us – this deal will end up being a loss to the US.

  11. WTF are we going to do 5 years from now?

  12. And why have our recent past presidents been able to do the same that our Impeached President has done?

  13. You lawless uncivilised nation of albino hogs really believe you have the best bargain. China is laughing at your stupig mentality.

  14. And the man who gets 100% of the credit…President Donald J Trump. He never quits and rarely sleeps.

  15. President Trump wining ,wining and wining because Pelosi prays for him. Ha Ha.

  16. It’s called leverage all the presents before Trump didn’t use it. Maybe because they want this country to fail and they moved their money elsewhere.

  17. but MSNBC and CNN told me that Trump is destroying America 🤔

  18. It really appears the US GDP is now ready to grow from a 3% low to 4% on the high side for 2020!! All 401k's, IRA's, all Pension
    Funds and don't forget single-family Real Estate is heading higher in value!! I buy and sell in the Real Estate market and even
    in Upstate NY properties are selling in 1-2 weeks time, or less, if its a really good suburban location.

  19. too soon to even speculate …….

  20. Trump negotiates two major trade deals for Americans……..and the MSM reports on scam impeachment hoax,
    glad to hear some real reporting here. President Trump is the man and continues to just terrorize the Globalist agenda…..its a beautiful thing
    to finally watch a President work with some integrity on behalf of American people.

  21. Pres Trump has the greatest administration and Peter Navarro knows economics like no other. Thank you all.

  22. Peter Navarro has made the history.

  23. We're 2 weeks into 2020 and its been a momentous time for trading. GL out there market movers lets go!$$$

  24. T🇺🇸R🇺🇸U🇺🇸M🇺🇸P
    African American For
    Donald J Trump always

  25. Trump is doing everything great

  26. TRUMP is taking care of business with knives in his back.

  27. Just finished reading the whole trade agreement, does not actually create new jobs, has the potential to though. It gives some safety to big buisnesses that may want to trade with China and could create jobs that way, if the food and drug companies decide they want to export to China and get some solid buisness out of it, jobs could be created. Deffinatly made with big buisness in mind though. Also the Articles are very basic still and lack a alot of the structure and details of fullly developed Articles, this is to be expected but its the the great perfect song and dance that these 2 are talking about. It might be some day but it is not now.


  29. 😘😘😘😘

  30. I believe that this will run up the cost of living. I'm sure people will just love Trump when they have to pay more for goods and services.

  31. This time is different, China will not lie, cheat and continue to steal. NOT. Trump and his team were played.

  32. President Trump is the best President Ever

  33. Thank former President Obama! This was his constructive plan he initialized before leaving office. He spoke about it, he talked about and yes it took a few years to kick in full gear. No mistake about this. You cheerleaders are thinking this 4th grade administration had a lot to do with it, wrong. Great former President Barack Obama, smart, intelligent, classy, professional, the peoples President. Don't forget that.

  34. The US will rise like a phoenix with MR.Trump may god keep him safe..I'm ready and ill stand alone if I have to just go save our way of life


  36. So, are Republicans nostalgic for Obama's $19 trillion debt? Trump has it up to over $23 trillion in only 3 years. Talk about a stimulus package.

  37. Thank God America First is the mantra of 2020.

  38. I don't think people realize or even appreciated what good times we are living in right now. The economy is booming. We've got a president that is fighting for us. We aren't in any major wars. Only the libs are devastated.

  39. Charles Payne is the best guy in the news business right now in my opinion. He just does a section of news many ppl dont watch.

  40. Only the GOP is saying this. Trump got us back to where we were before he started his "good and easy to win" trade war. AND once again, that is NOT how tariffs work.

  41. See Mr Trump President is great President That's the right deal if we buy china then China have have bought are products so there is equal so we are not loosing any money

  42. No results of the trade deal yet, china does not keep its promises, and lets not forget how our farmers suffered due to trumps stupidity, we lost money from trade and we lost money bailing out farmers and their still suffering. This administration is very incompetent .

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