Thursday , September 16 2021
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These communities suffer most from rise in crime, says former police chief

Former Detroit police chief on Democrat-led cities battling a rise in violent crime. #FoxBusiness

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  2. Is this looting called equity…..

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  5. If people are prepared to elect corrupt politicians into office & demonize honest police officers. They have no one else to blame but themselves

  6. Apparently, the voters of this high crime cities don’t care or wouldn’t there be more recalls happening of course how would know the MSM keeps quite on those actions. Unprofessional Journalism at its best. We only have a state media

  7. Sad when democrats defund and abuse our police officers

  8. The Democrats are using crime, chaos, and violence to further their diseased ideology and narritive. The Democratic party is a sick and disgusting bunch of self-serving hypocrites.

  9. If the Democrats are not careful the people in blue States will start turning them red. Oh I'm sorry that's already happening. People are finally waking up

  10. Moderate Democrats is not the answer. Abandon the political parties completely. You can make decisions without political advisors.

  11. Stop supporting the political parties, re register as no party voters and no party candidates. Circumvent the corruption.

  12. They follow false prophets, the pastors are corrupt, aligned with mafias and cartels. The denominations contradict the Bible because they are not real Christians.

  13. Best chief of police ever! Thanks to him detroit has not gotten worse. It sucks he had to retire 😥😥

  14. "Shopping 🛒🛍️ for Social Justice."

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