Wednesday , August 10 2022

These security failures seem to be ongoing: Dave Marcus

New York Post Columnist Dave Marcus discusses capital police arresting Stephen Colbert staffers for illegal entry at House office building on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. I got some good boat club over here. 🤣😅😂👍

  2. It's in the preamble for the constitution provide for the common defense Right now the only people being protected are the ones that have been up for more than 20 years. There is nothing common people about that.

  3. They will not go to jail because they ben protected by the left the wuamp

  4. What riot?
    Still can't say the whole truth!

  5. I want to see all Steven Colbert's e-mails, sms massages and telephone call transcripts for the last five years! Also, I want to see all Adam Schiff's e-mails, sms massages and telephone call transcripts for the last five years! When was this terror coup and insurrection planned, with whom and how?

  6. David Marcus is a movie star , what’s a leading man doing at the New York Post? Hollywood calling!

  7. D-omestic terrorists
    N-ot fellow

  8. Dems showing all. They in control.

  9. bush and clinton the special military guard intel-unit cmnd & controlled by SAC phased out replacing eyes with treaties with China,Russia
    primarilly .Refer to this.

  10. Omg that lady needs to stop eating or chewing lol my pet peeve

  11. Any way best of luck for believing…

  12. Believe….. That's everything….. China Russian also..doing something but still your all believing your side thats also believing…

  13. Thanose. Still single against all avengers

  14. Just joke which side is still believing 😂

  15. It's a comedy, alright…

    just not the way they think it is.

  16. This is ok, it was just a misunderstanding. BS.FJB

  17. January 6th is just a bunch of crap. Last January 6th Kamala Harris and Biden tried to compare it to Pearl Harbor and 911 Excuse Me!! And a few days before January 6th Trump called for 20,000 National Guard soldiers to be guarding Capitol Hill but the day before January 6th Pelosi called many of them off and told them not to come. She's the one that made it easy for people to break in.

  18. Devided States of America! That's what happens when hate dominates. God I wish we could all be civilized human beings with gentle souls. Isn't that what we should be showing as example to our children?

  19. Bro looks super blasted in the thumbnail big respect

  20. The only thing funny about Adam Schiff is that he looks like a startled possum in the headlights!!!!

  21. June 18th Insurrection Right 👍

  22. The biden administration is a CIRCUS with only CLOWNS!

  23. Colbert incites an insurrection!!

  24. Exactly What is the difference of those comedians and the Jan 6th people that are rotting in jail??

  25. Apparently, Jan. 6 takes top billing in the minds of liberal leaders. Screw the economy, crime, southern border, energy independence, need I go on? WTF!?

  26. Nancy peloisi is embarrassing the White House security

  27. Democrats are proving that they are a failure. Chuck schumer yelling THE WIRLWIND IS COMING so vote Trump November. MAGA.

  28. These politicians are more interested in power and control over Americans

  29. Adam Schiff is completely clueless just like the rest of the Democrats in Congress.

  30. What in the Hell is actually going on in Washington DC?

  31. Wow. Trump is being. Proven to be a traitorous scumbag. Conservative Republicans testifying to Trump’s sedition today.

  32. The exact same charge as all the people on January 6th but those people are still in jail for simple trespassing

  33. Aside from the people who caused damage/violence on the 6th, others were arrested and jailed without bail for LESS than what Colbert's employees did……

  34. Colbert will laugh it off. There will be no consequences for him or his staff.


    The far-left practices repressive tolerance. And idea written about in the 60s by communist academic Herbert Marcuse. Go ahead and whine about it. Try to shame those who do it. They don't care what you think.

    Americans will need to learn new ways to deal with anti-American behavior.

  35. adenm c hiff is a dom bo zo. and lier.

  36. Comedy central presents…… "an insurrection"

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  39. Burisma. Porshenko. Yetsinyov.

  40. If the dog crew can get in who else can enter the building without credentials? Scary

  41. They are not comedy shows anymore; you said that right! They're all paid to take Trump down! They are so stupid; don't they realize the more their lies are said & published, the more we true Americans want Trump back to get our country successful & leading again in world affairs! Right now, we are the laughing stock & least respected!

  42. I've got a tooth ache funnier that Colbert's show.

  43. Arrest the one who owns these staffers! He is not funny anyway!

  44. Jan.6 committee should be committed ! They are 😈🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  45. 1 of Colberts staffers could have been assassin ! Never know what he might do!