Thursday , August 11 2022

They are trying to delegitimize the court: GOP lawmaker

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee gives his take on the recent Supreme Court rulings and Biden’s green agenda on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. They know they will lose on the issues if it's left up to the states where the people get to decide. That's why they depend on judicial fiats and mandates. When that doesn't go their way, then the courts are no longer legitimate.

  2. people never know how to avoid making mistake while trading, you need to get full understanding and knowledge it is not something you just gamble, Mrs Stacy.consistent and constructive. I am getting the best from it.

  3. The Green New Deal is a way for China to control the world! I can believe the Democrats are handing our freedoms over to China for their own wealth

  4. Each state needs to declare constitutional separation if government attempts to force anything on a state or its people that is unconstitutional.

  5. Love Senator Lee, such a good, solid, intelligent man!!!!

  6. Democrats are also trying to legitimize the existence of Unicorns … what's your point? 🤣

  7. I think it's about time someone called out the complete farce on the pandemic.

  8. I almost forgot…. Biden implemented wartime effort orders to fight the pandemic. Are those orders still at play? That will determine why the far left are acting the way they are.

  9. Absolutely no authority.

  10. Tucker Carlson said it best: a "power grab".

  11. Democrats only respect the process if it yields the result that they desire.

  12. The hell with your book, however begin rallying ethical and responsible citizens across your state against these treasonous terrorists within this Biden & Susan Rice regime! All responsible conservative representatives; Senators, etc need to begin informing their residents of specifically what's happening within the anarchist Democratic party and the degradation of America through these parasites

  13. When the elected members of congress threaten the Supreme Court and rail against them with such venom by stating that the Supreme Court is illegitimate, they are not upholding their oath of office re the US Constitution. They need to be removed from office…. DOJ, FBI, council of foreign relations etc. need to be cut by funding and personnel – none of these organizations look out for America or Americans. The feds need to get out of the private sector. Deregulate and get out of the way of the Americans and their ingenuity! Federal govt has become like a nasty parasite sucking the life out of the USA. Government is so inefficient…stay out of private sector.

  14. You are trying to find the reasons:- racism++ but the answer is no reason. It means they believe in racism. I met this type of people more and more in decision making, very very dangerous.

  15. There is no such thing as delegitimizing the court. You follow the law or you don't and perhaps one day, there will be a lynching and no more judges and just dictator mafiosa "law". Until then, the law is the law and no, your opinion is not relevant. You want a voice, write an amicus brief for one of these court cases and present your law, data, and facts. Your voice can matter. I wrote an amice to the Supreme Court, the Fed accepted it, and the justices became alarmed at what I wrote and threw out 4 cases involving Internet control. Then some rights groups legal counsel wrote me to thank me for overturning the cases. Over 100 legal amicus, but my amicus was on internet data, and covered zero law. That is, I showed the justices how the internet works for search engines.

  16. Yeah. Yeah.. just like u Rs voted to repeal Obammycare when u actually had the power. And the Educ Dept….and how u are 4 small govt, yet created the Dept of Faith Based Initiatives . Uh huh

  17. Interesting how Christians keep pushing public prayer demonstrations. Gee….what would the end game of that be???

  18. The time to LEAVE is sooner then later before the WOKE and lazy take your wealth anf HEALTH and it depends on the mid terms

  19. The real brain drain welm start if wr dont take back both houses by a strong numbers!!

  20. I'm blessed by 👆👆☑️ he got me 3BTC thanks dude.

  21. I'm blessed by 👆👆☑️ he got me 3BTC thanks dude.

  22. If Democrats steal the midterm Election, they’ll do more than just pack the court.

  23. No they are expressing their point of view . It is their right . Are you against free speech . ?

  24. No… The DOJ and the FBI did that themselves when they attempted to frame a sitting president… Oh and let's not forget lying to the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The Department of Justice and the FBI are public enemy number One

  25. Its just a bad day, you have all the tools to do it right, to mend your way or to walk in darkness eternal, is just a matter of keep fighting the good fight, that’s all.

  26. When scotus takes your rights away, and block information from people involved in a coup and a scotus wife was helping with a coup, then yes conservative scotus is compromised. They are also pushing religious dogma that has no place in government.

  27. God bless Fox keep growing , unstoppable.
    the left silence this for a long time now we exposed them it cant hide anymore..

  28. Thanks sen lee
    God bless you .god is using you in the midst of evil radical demokkrats.

  29. Woke dems delegitimize american peoole long2 ago…now they talk like they care instead of politics..