Home / News / ‘They Like Me Very Much’: Trump Discusses The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Movement | NBC News NOW

‘They Like Me Very Much’: Trump Discusses The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Movement | NBC News NOW

During a news conference, President Trump is asked about his opinion of the QAnon movement, and while claiming he had not heard the conspiracy theory he did acknowledge “they like me very much.”
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‘They Like Me Very Much’: Trump Discusses The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Movement | NBC News NOW


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  1. I will come back in twenty years to see how this video aged.

  2. We Need Strength in Are Country Not Weakness Amen President Trump Thank You

  3. 24 hours or less Jesus My Lord Damm That Would Be Biblical

  4. I have never seen someone play a great poker face jesus President Trump is the best

  5. funny thing is quanon is really full with pedofiles and just outta jail criminals and women haiter narcissist most of them total unintelligent people. Theyre use fake prophets but it was so funny when those fake prophets are went to trash like idiots do. Their stupid demon worshiping was so clear than muhaha. Their fake prophets from russia just fallen from their communist sky when their fake god lost haha. And it was even not the biggest shame in their small history haha. So funny when theyre loose every stupid moves what they do. Really their fake prophets are born to be loosers haha. Look how theyre loose on Corona virus. Theyre still denied it lol OMG total idiots. But thats how its going. Its like commercial of idiotism lol. Asom to see how theyre strugl with their fake god fake prophets fake religion fake alternative reality. I think putin created quanon for destroy NA but he will sunk with his own fake trends bigotry this is so funny. God is great and its great pleasure to see how His enemies sunk into darkness of nothing.

  6. Dear Q…we've found the guy you’ve been looking for matt gates.😂🤣

  7. Really scary this guy was our president

  8. George vw bush is not allowed out of the states.

  9. If he’s not president in 2021 the usa will be erased.

  10. Q, a symbol. Religion has there's, you all have yours, and not everyone believes in each other. How could you tie them all together?

    With a symbol, create one together. That was the message.

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  12. It's only a matter of time before these lunatics start to organize terrorist attacks.

  13. It has not been disproven. So there's that. The deep state is real. The awake know this. The brainwashed masses who are asleep think it's fake. It's really quite simple.

  14. 2021, man I miss him! I know some Democrats that are waking up and are ashamed of this current administration.

  15. This is so strange to see

  16. 1:40– He looks directly at the camera and gives a subtle nod lol

  17. And we are pause.👍😁🍿

  18. What is up with the orange things on his face?

  19. They hate seeing riots so much that they brought riots to the capitol! Such lovely, peaceful people huh

  20. Morons….Q and Qanon are TWO entirely different things. There is an actual Q division of the NSA, they're actually Q jobs that you can get. Its part of the NSA !! QAnon is the "fan club". They've been around since 1954….they were first made public during the Eric Snowden hunt….https://www.news.com.au/technology/secret-agency-8216the-q-group8217-was-hunting-edward-snowden-for-weeks-before-nsa-leaks/news-story/4816e7b26c1e4d721724b2e956fa01d1


  21. tRump says, "…QAnon likes me…."Just look how well everything is going for him…. no evidence, no inauguration, no 2nd term, no votes, no campaign '24, no home, no money, no pants, no plans, no faith, no family, no friends, no backbone, no policy, no wall, no chargeable offense on Hilary, no forethought, no reason, no explanation, no base, no way, no idea, etc. "I like to keep them guessing…" Oh brother. Just say you don't know what the fack you're doing. Bejeezus.

  22. This is the best I've ever seen trump speak and represent himself. I hope to hear more from him.

  23. This guy is the best president the world has ever seen and they don't even know it yet!

  24. Imagine if the leader of the U.S. had told people: Don't believe anything unless you first have good, solid evidence for it.

    Instead, we get this clown.


  26. ahh man no wonder America is full of conspiracy nuts, even the (now ex) president won't denounce this lunacy.

  27. Why is the media so afraid of Q? That should be a red flag. https://www.bitchute.com/video/SSRhh1rMRa3V/

  28. I'm still waiting for Donald and JFK walk back into the Whitehouse holding hands 😂these people just so sick

  29. Hail to our Chief Trump!

  30. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the tip of the Q.

  31. He answered with 100% muniplalation.

  32. Q Clearence is a level of secrecy in nuclear sector…

  33. His face when she drops the "satanic cult" is priceless

  34. Trump is the most human, honest and empathetic president in the White House in decades…his opposition to some of the evil of the establishment is why there was a full spectrum globalist corporate oligarchy, deep-state and anglo-american establishment coup against him. He won the election without doubt.

  35. The Gaynons are saying tRump is still president lol and these same folks believe Elvis is alive.

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