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‘They’re not angels’: Trump defends decision to abandon the Kurds

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to condemn his decision to pull U.S. troops from northern Syria.



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  1. They actually hold votes to condemn the president's decisions whenever they don't agree with him. They must stay busy holding worthless votes all the time. How about they do work that has to do with the people not one person's decisions hey let's hold a vote that will show Americans we don't support the president's decisions. It will have absolutely no benefit in any way but at least the people will know we hate Trump. We already knew that clown Congress how about doing something that has meaning.

  2. I am kurd, and I understand all what is happening, but I have never seen in my life so many media and people hating 1 president such as Donald trump.. all these other bad presidents and no one talks about them or hate them as much as they hate Trump… And all the facts and his actions tells me to hate him and how stupid and ignorant he is… But my gut and intuition says the opposite I almost feel that he might be good and just doing the best he can for his people and country and his doing it right, and everyone hates him for it… Just fking wait and see what he does give him a chance…

  3. I guarantee half the people commenting here have never heard of the Kurds. These same politicians were just last year complaining about how Trump is wasting money in Syria and now he grants their wish and not only do they throw a political fit saying trump is having a meltdown, they also vote against the pullout that they wanted so badly last year. Worst part is, people that support these buffoons don’t see it.

  4. Dumb cunt. Any serviceman who had the opportunity to meet them will say: these are the real allies we want in that region. They are not Muslim so there is no Sunni/Shia/Wahidi friction. And, they literally held the entire Northern front against ISIS and they broke their backs.

  5. You American morons need to learn the following:
    – Any deployment of military assets on another country without their approval is considered as an Act of War.
    – Arming rebels and insurgent in another country is an Act of War.
    – War and invasion are only legal when it is done in self-defense.
    – Any treaties that the US government had entered legally would be considered as the Law of the Land
    – Any military deployment that goes beyond the President's constitutional mandate must have Congressional approval
    – Only the US Congress can declare war via consensus.

  6. Poor poor Nancy. Just watch her grin.

  7. Syria tragedy was forgotten in the world’s agenda. The legitimate-authority gap at the northern Syria threatening Turkish border and 3.6m refugees was not really the world’s number 1 priority, until the operation began. Turkiye succeeded to bring attention back to Syria tragedy with the wise steps. With the agreed 120 hrs pause of the operation and hopefully the others putting in motion the promised actions, the path for the legitimate stakeholders in the region to be opened toward the real solution. Well done!

  8. where's their bulshit gunfire at that they took from the u.s. machine gun shoot and played it off as Syria getting attacked by turkey

  9. Chuck and Pelosi have pulled this act before.they run to the microphone and spew lies to their friends in the MSM.At this point it's now 24/7 breaking news panik all day every day anti trump hysteria. They have cried wolf too many times.i dont trust them! (I'm waiting for a reply like "oh and trump doesnt lie everyday!??") Blah blah blah yeah I know,orange man bad

  10. I've taken a break from the news for quite some time. All I can say is that all of these people sound like disingenuous assholes.

  11. Donald Trump is heartless. I'm ashamed he is the president of our country

  12. CEASE-FIRE? WAY TO GO AGAIN ABC……………..Keep Back'in Pelosi DumbAss's

  13. Rome is burning. This is our decline and it saddens me.

  14. trash like trump and his crooked kids arent worth the stress they put on good people like Elijah Cummings.

  15. ABC is an insult to reality…Trump 2020

  16. There was NO meltdown, liar.

  17. Pelosi is senile and a traitor; she should be impeached before she does more damage.

  18. It is not right to piss off a NATO ally who has sent 20,000 soldiers to help out in Korean War, in order to provide welfare to Marksist Leninist YPG terrorists. If they are so fierce fighters, they should be able to defend themselves. Imagine what we could have done with the $8.5 trillion that has been wasted in Iraq and Syria. What do you want? Schools to do bake sale, while our money is spent for Russian made kalashnikoffs and fancy uniforms for the YPG?

  19. wow! talk about trump totally missing the point of who the turks are. "You don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people."…Killing thousands of kurds would only add to erdogan's popularity in turkey….and then saying "Don't be a tough guy."…..ah….that's what got erdogan elected and what keeps him in power after all these years.

  20. Look at the face of the stenographer when Trump goes on about the Kurds and the sand. She has a look like she cannot believe a President of the US actually said that!

  21. Dear Editor,
    Can anyone remember when the "Mainstream Media" ignored Obama and Hillary arming ISIS to invade Syria? How Obama released 5 major terrorists from GITMO to recover one captured US Army traitor ? How Obama allowing the "Osama Bin Laden Brigade "to help take out Assad?
    Named after, You know, the same Bin Laden that Obama boasted about killing?

    The Kurds were total nomads up to WW I! Since then their MO was to occupy other other people's buildings, much like Hermit Crabs. So now Syria will work with the Kurds and Russians to police that region at no cost of money or lives to us! That should be good news! But the rabid Trump detractors will never give Trump credit for anything good.

  22. The US military suddenly gave up Kurdish, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the European Union, South Korea must be vigilant. The United States will not fight for freedom for the US own benefit.

  23. Turkey is a descent nation. President is right on this one.

  24. Democrats don’t give a shit about the American people !!

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