Thief walks into home in daylight, walks off with two $5,000 blankets #Shorts

A thief made off with an estimated $10,000 worth of designer blankets from a home in California.

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  1. I think there is a lot here we don't know.

  2. He knew something the public hasn't found out yet.

  3. 왜 5천불이나 하는 이불을 집밖에 내어놓았죠?

  4. A fat thief with a Convertible & who know his blankets Brands 💵

  5. nope her ex wants those gifts back!😂 tf!

  6. But I agree there is to many vehicles in the drive I think we were set up

  7. Shit I always lock the door behind me. Even if I'm going back outside in a minute. People are just walking around looking for any opportunity to steal something. You can't leave your garage open either. It sucks!

  8. Did he just walk into Ophree's mansion in Lahaina ?

  9. Driving expensive car but stealing blankets.
    $5000? for these blankets🤔
    even if $500.00 still too costly.

  10. If they have cameras they see him from enough angles to arrest him

  11. What tf is a Hermes blanket and how can it possibly cost that much? I call bs this is click bait

  12. Obviously a Biden voter

  13. where the commentors who always say usual suspects??

  14. Who the hell would pay 5,000 dollars for blankets 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 think they got robbed twice

  15. Who tf steals blankets…. The worst thief in history

  16. Who would leave blankets just laying around for someone to steal, geez🙄

  17. Doesnt look like you need it

  18. You want 5K from insurance for these Blankets?

  19. Good. Hope he gives them to one of the millions of poor homeless families.

  20. Am not sorry. Five Thousand dollars blanket.
    That gecorecy money
    Money for bills
    Donation for the poor

  21. Fr who pays $5000 on blankets? Theyre used too so theyre only worth donating to goodwill anyways.

  22. Does the $5000 blanket keep u warmer than a $35 blanket from target

  23. KEEP DOORS LOCKED Even in "Supposedly LOW CRIME AREAS …For Persons of HIGH CRIMES to Mid to Low :Evils Sinner-Corrupt Peoples/Persons, Humans WILL ALWAYS Steal and Demons Too no matter in what form yet EvilSpirits who care enough WILL NOT Let it b Caught on Any Cameras Camcorders not even Fotos unless Heavens OVERRULE IT.

  24. Way too random I feel like there's more to this story lol

  25. AND……he knew what the blankets were. How? Followed? Apparently knew where the blankets were….HOW?

  26. Holy crap! No one should leave their house unlocked!

  27. The person that sold blankets for 5,000 is the real thief!!!!

  28. The real thief is whoever charge you $5,000 for a blanket

  29. Why? Why not lock the doors? Contractor or not? It's obvious these homeowners lack common sense and the self-awareness to have their doors locked at all times. 🤦🏽‍♀️