Things are getting worse: Economics expert John Carney

John Carney and Alex Marlow provide insight on the state of the American economy on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. 20 RINO Republicans voted to keep government open🤔

  2. I always hear on this channel about what America owes China but you never talk about what China owes the US.

  3. None of this surprises me!!

  4. San Diego realtor here,
    Our industry is in free fall
    Lived and worked in SoCal 40 yrs and the real estate market is in absolute paralysis

  5. but biden and his buddy's keep telling us we are better off now then we were two years ago .

  6. Buying power of average to poor American way down! Wages are trash! Quality of goods way down! Quantity of goods way down for absurd high prices! 99% of goods and services have ZERO value! Capitalism is utter filth!

  7. Capitalism = Financial Fascism = slavery system of utter misery and disengagement!

  8. 65%+ of Americans are in utter poverty living trapped in decaying apartments! Cities are decaying! Wages are not livable! Capitalism is trash 🏚🏚🏚

  9. Companies NEED to pay livable wages for all jobs of $33/Hour and up as the new standard AND companies need to hire the bottom 40% into full blown stress free training and perks that are permanent 🗻🗻🗻

  10. When does this sick cesspool economy REALLY going to collapse?

  11. The obiden wants us to live like the 3rd world so we become their slave

  12. I travel to different areas of the US. I don’t see problems where I live however that is not the case in many other areas of the country. Many small business has no business or they are closing. Crime is up in my area! I expect to see a huge slow down immediately after Christmas before New Years!

  13. The only measure for the average guy is the averge income.
    Please explain how your critisism on Biden's plans relates to this measure.

  14. 80 million people who voted for this should be celebrating Because at least there's no more mean tweets , As for everyone else it's actually an American Even though times are dark we should always keep be hopeful for a better tomorrow

  15. Has anyone taken the time and taken an average high end stood alone that needs to be paid back. And ask yourself in the long run how much are they going to end up having to pay in their taxes in the future because they took the student Loa student loan forgiveness

  16. They are stupid, they can't even keep up with the power outage situation and wanna go all electric.

  17. REAL FACT:
    President Biden ended the 20 year Afghan War that cost American Taxpayers $2.26 TRILLION
    … (Total Student Debt = $1.3 TRILLION).

  18. Don't forget 10% to the big guy, for the 50 BILLION DOLLARS DUMPED ON UKRAINE !

  19. How could anything get better with stupid old Joe Biden in as the president of the United States of America 🇺🇸

  20. Market edges lowest it's ever been brushes going to invade us Russia's gonna set nuclear war wake up wake up now

  21. To bring those guys as economy analyst must be really illusion😂 those guys they never have any positive idea to anybody so to bring those guys as a economy analysis or something else,, again I will say this is illusion in 21st century🥱🤔,