Third day of deadly ice conditions affects millions of people

An ice storm sweeping across the South has affected millions of people, caused power outages for thousands and has left three dead in storm-related car accidents. NBC News’ Guad Venegas reports on the frozen road conditions and why it’s best just to stay inside.
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  1. This cold and ice is nothing. Just another normal day in the winterscape of Canada

  2. Ice is Icy …brillant news flash ⛸️🥌

  3. I think you should have to know how to drive on icy roads to pack a gun. Texas has their priorities messed up. Please just stay in Texas.

  4. Black ice is an almost invisible and thin coating of ice on the road surface. Because it is hard to see, it is dangerous. When the temperature drops close to freezing you can expect black ice – in sheltered or shaded areas of the roadway under trees or beside high walls. Helpful tools like snow chains and studded tires grip into snow-laden roads to create traction. Even with these tools, tires DON'T have traction on black ice. What to do if you skid on black ice?

    Black Ice Tips

    As soon as your car begins to slide on black ice, take your foot off the gas pedal. …

    Don't slam the brakes. …

    Look for trouble spots ahead. …

    If your car does begin to skid on the ice, turn the wheel in the direction of the skid. …

    Leave plenty of space between your car and the other cars on the road.

    Hold on to your butts

  5. 3 dead in texas? so is greg “wheels” abbott labeling it mexican ice?

  6. Lol the cars driving backwards

  7. It should be illegal to go to work in these conditions but bosses could care less

  8. I’m from New England does Texas need salt or something cuz they complain about ice but if they salted the roads then they wouldn’t be icy 🥶

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  10. You'd think automobile insurance companies would save more money by investing in road sciences, than paying out ice road collisions.

  11. Use golf shoes to walk on ice.

  12. That Z needs to slow down.

  13. DON'T YA wish you lived in HAWAII ? It's 80° again today, normal. Front door is wide open, French doors off the livingroom wide open. Not hot enough for ceiling fans. Nice soft tradewind breeze. Might go mow the lawn after the rain we had last weedend. It's a few inches long. Pull out the old John Deere mower and ride around before lunch. Life's a beach, but someone has to do it. I did snow when I was young and dumb. I prefer not to have frozen nose, toes, finger tips and ear lobes. I prefer to be naked in my yard in da sun.

  14. Crazy and Memphis Tennessee is about maybe an hour or so from my state since I live in Mississippi. That's nuts yeah it's pretty cold we been getting both rain and snow outside thats how it's been these days

  15. The vehicle crashing into a tree is like “get out” when they tried to infect our minds with their disease

  16. Jesus Christ don’t make mistakes! No N word it’s “doesn’t” no stupid it’s “don’t” he is 3 in one!

  17. Thanks for more episodes of, IDIOTS ON ICE!

  18. It's 80 here if Florida. I can't believe it's snowing in America right now.

  19. Yea driving backwards is smart

  20. Great time to live out your Fast and the Furious drifting dreams right Eug?

  21. Love the props, it's pretty crazy getting icicles the size we do in the Sierra's. I feel bad people think it's fine till they hit a bridge. Even in snow areas people hit the bridges and forget there's ice.

  22. God is very Angry at the Bible Belt .